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24.07.2013, 16:06
 It will take some time. You will have experience and you will be well oriented in the world of energy. But there will not be a level of relaxation, where you can completely remove the induced impact. Hardly ever attack is not limited to loads of comfort. Often the level of relaxation is achieved by a certain force:

the more relaxing, the stronger the flow of energy is on you.
       And then there is resentment in my heart. Someone whom you perhaps will never know and the whole world. After the load has to withstand enormous.
       raises the question, "Why all this, why am I?"

Resentment and stifles the desire for revenge. Who? How? Resentment still strong because it is sure to be supported by external influence. And the only way not to perish in these circumstances, it is actively removed induced feelings, go to inner peace. Do not hate to be your guide, and a sense of inner harmony and, with it, the harmony of the world. Hatred is not a magician touches the attacker, but it will hurt you.
       In practice, when you shoot induced negative states, there is some self-programming - along with the induced removed and their feelings. This causes an internal protest. Do not want anyone to forgive! And as feelings arise in the classic version of forgiveness, "If you hit on one cheek - turn the other." Ideally, there should be no self-programming. How can that be?
       Do not panic! In fact, it is a false feeling. You do not forgive anyone. You learn to own energies. You learn to defend themselves. You were involved in an evolutionary program that takes you to a new level of energy. And at some point there is a sense (personally yours, not induced) will seem new, strange, is not peculiar to you. Maybe they are akin to Christian forgiveness, but realized at the higher energies, they will give excellent protection and open outlook on life, which at the beginning of the way, you can not even guess about.       

Try to remember and to simulate a state where you are actively shooting resentment. It is identical to the state when you wake up in the morning and discard at will oppressive feeling from a bad dream. Remember acquired a sense of inner peace as a result of these small victories. These feelings determines the energy of Pluto, which we will have to study and learn the most, since access to higher levels of study Pluto gives man dominion over himself and the world. This is the energy with which the working magicians.
       But the gardens of paradise is fiendishly complicated path. And after some time, you are sure to find yourself in a dead end. Why do we need some kind of mythic power over the world, when you have a terrible headache now? Why the hell did you raise the energy level when you and that's all it is, is missing only one thing - to put you at ease some demon. Only here's the problem: if you fall behind one or the other will immediately appear the same.
       Ask yourself, "Whose fault is that I have such a good and kind, constantly bombarded with such bad people, why the world is so cruel to me?" Let's try to find the answer to this question. In addition to working out a purely physical response to an attack, we need the knowledge of the laws of energy cosmos. Without this protection can not be effective.
       To help us come astrology. To make it easier to navigate in difficult situations, to understand their feelings, understand yourself and build your own horoscope. Make it your own. After studying the quaint picture of your karma, you will become more aware of the processes in the development of the individual. Solution to their problems, you will find a small piece of paper, striated with intricate lines.

Learn to read only horoscope. We know that is not always to translate a prosperous private life. And yes, even with a great family and a good job, some people look for other ways of implementation. But it is also a vital part of the original program throws us into a whirlpool of events, making it impossible to even think about the happiness of the traditional sense. If there is a conflict or a problem, a person is looking for someone to blame. Meanwhile, the blame is usually your energy, which is often very active and, literally, attracts negative emanations, involving you in a conflict situation and that you want to avoid. The meaning of these events can be, and is, so that you can more fully realized, to feel their individuality. Embodied in this capacity, as you would have previously consented to everything that is happening to you now. You want to understand how to implement the external world it is this energy, and work off the set program. But rimenitelno to our topic, we are interested in the opportunity to master the situation, to make it manageable.
       Drafted horoscope tells about the potential that you have been given from birth. It is no exaggeration to say that a number of negative phenomena is powered largely lain dormant abilities, failed creative destinies.       

Despite the fact that the energy program was originally defined by the arrangement of the planets at the moment of birth, a person always has the freedom to implement these features, which is determined primarily by the level of proficiency of its energy. Astrology through the symbolic language will give you a technique by which you can trace the development and implementation of the individual.       

There are astrological methods that provide the ability to make specific findings as to how to manage themselves, their health, behavior and interactions with other people.        


It often happens that the sect is all the crossroads, where there are psychic, seeking out their abilities, and the person who needs to know the essence of its energy.       

Typically, a person is brought into a sect or poor health, or the strongest interest. but in any case, the goal is defined by the need to raise the level of personal power. Often it is not even recognized and perceived intuitively.
       But anyway, you start to work. This is the mildest type of interaction of the two "classes". In everyday life, everything is much easier and far more cruel. Frankly speaking, the person who acts on you, does not have to have any physical or mental health. Often he undergoes strict energy impact and is not able to distinguish between induced state of their own. And he does not have to show you no sense of tact, no sense of proportion. But you must be present protection. Any. You can not hope for a humane approach to him. When we talk about human rights, we do not talk about this area of human relations.

The only way to preserve the right to a dignified existence, is to learn to defend themselves.
       extrasensory In groups, sometimes in sects, you can get a basic knowledge of the field of psychic influence. Worse, when people are not quite ready for promotion and unaware of the attack.

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