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24.07.2013, 16:05
Attack and defense - 3
The attack in his sleep       

This phenomenon is of particular interest. If you work on a sleeping man there is an effect that can be called an induced sleep.

       Methods of improvement - dreams (images). Practice shows that in the waking state, the person is quite possible to deal with imposed images. If the sight of the image there is a (face, figure, landscape, etc., moving or changing images), you can try to ignore this image, as if to erase it. In that case, if the muscles are tense, you relax your muscles. If you hear some voices (meaning the telepathic connection), you can not listen to them. And the tense muscles, and the images and voices are themselves energy, which is for you outside. So relaxing, you shoot it as much for you in this moment possible.

       In the dream, it seems, may be included unconscious defense mechanisms. However it happens, not at once. Therefore, first it seems that protection as such, does not exist. Syndicate this man sleep in a sleeping state takes as a given. Removed at least some critical attitude to what is currently happening to you. In the you can not relive the incredible adventures and absolutely no doubt the reality of what is happening; experience a variety of feelings: the feeling of freedom, flight, to fear, to the point that you go mad.       

But no matter how bad dream you dreamed about or what you may have experienced the horror of a dream, as soon as consciousness is awakened and you plug in your will turn defensive reaction. You begin immediately forget sleep, and all the feelings associated with it. We need only remember that it is protected and actively take external action. If you do not, you can remember a dream for a long time, sometimes for life, and often recall it later with a good feeling. "I remember that I woke up with a vague feeling of terror oppressing me, but it was not the usual horror from a nightmare, and imposed an emotion that can be reset at will.

It passed almost immediately, as soon as I got up, and I do not think about it "/ 4 /. This characteristic condition of the person under attack at the moment of awakening.
       Keep in mind that the psychic, meditating on the image of a sleeping person can not be sufficiently the degree of control the force of impact, as there is no control consciousness of a sleeping man, and induced power can be somewhat stronger than is usually the case.
       If the attack man UNINTERRUPTED so a few nights in a row - breaking the structure of sleep. Initially, longer and much slower phase of sleep . This is because the psychic meditating on the image of a sleeping person and prevents these wake him. Bedtime increases, there is still a sense of nevysypaniya, decreased body resistance, which can lead to nervous breakdowns.       

However, with time is fulfilled, and protection for this type of attack. First of all, you no longer attach any importance to dreams. And even in his sleep at the unconscious level, begin to differentiate their energy from someone else.
       achieved a certain level of relaxation. Therefore it is quite possible a complete rest.       

It happens that after you wake up you will not want to forget the dream. It is a strange way your life affects your consciousness. This occurs when a psychic during his meditation comes into contact with the upper energy level of the percipient, carrying information about reincarnation. This level is unavailable for manipulation. Information is simultaneously inductor and percipient. But it is not in the form of pictures of past events, as well as a certain energy, which corresponds to these events. If the inductor is sufficiently versed in the energy flow, it simulates some images, respectively, received energy, in other words, starts to fantasize. Therefore, the information that percipient sees in a dream is very much distorted.

        If you do not sleep - do not complain of insomnia.        

Some people dream takes place in the phase, which is between sleep and wakefulness. This is an active phase, which prevents normal rest. No loss of consciousness. There are just relaxing. Achieve sleep not spontaneously, but intentionally leave this state. This kind of meditation: being in a state of complete rest, you focus attention on any tension that arises in the body, at any feelings for any thoughts, and try to take them as a manifestation of the external energy. Striving for the ultimate in relaxation, the main maximum comfort.  
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