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24.07.2013, 16:04
Often the mental attack occurs as a continuous mental conversation with the voices that stretches for many months. You can discuss family problems, friends and strangers, newspaper articles and movies, laugh and argue with some voices. And that in itself is not bad. The bad news is that you have been attacked, and you do not even try to defend himself. Continuous talk quickly tire. I want to rest.
       But not always a person can disable the invisible interlocutors. First of all, we must simply try not to listen to the voices when the conversation does not seem interesting to you. How it will turn out? If it works - you can congratulate you. If not - turn the program:        

"Total loss of interest" in the process of talking to the topic of conversation to the other party. If you are actively do that, then after a while the sides will gradually shut down. Properly performing this exercise, you start to work with the higher energies, which should be protected for you. Remember the feelings that you are experiencing at this. They will help you better take other induced state, up to relieve pain.

       The imposed rhythm of breathing
       imposed rhythm of breathing almost impossible to remove. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is extremely difficult to distinguish your own breathing rhythm of the imposed. By an effort to remove such states is very tiring, but not unreasonable. And in this case, the maximum degree of relaxation is important. But do not just relax and relax imposed on foreign energy. This is reflected in the fact that you are tracking the imposed rhythm of breathing and completely obey him, no matter how awful it may seem to you. But at the same time azhno remove anxiety, fear, muscle tension, which, of course, to some extent caused by hyperventilation, and often have reinforced the attacking side.
       If the attack comes at a time when you are in bed, take the position that protects the lungs from hyperventilation: roll over on his side and cross your arms.

       Imposed by the rhythm of the heart       

Since the imposed rhythm of the heart, in contrast to the usual arrhythmia, has a physical cause, but only energy, then it should not take drugs, but at the level of energy. Sorry, can not remove it by yourself.

 is one - to patiently wait out the discomfort, or in any way disturbing the normal rhythm of life. This kind of training for the heart muscle. And he moved quietly enough. The challenge is to distinguish from the normal state induced disease. Therefore, if you are not sure that there was an attack, it is best to consult a doctor.

        Another option attack - astral sex.
       I think that all who enters the telepathic link any group, in one form or another are exposed to this kind of attack.
       As with any other kinds of attacks are encouraged to relax and "catch a buzz "In any case, even when they go on a long and exhausting time minimal impact. Treat it as you just have to attack. And quietly. Once again - all kinds of astral attack - unprovable. Do nat who turns - is impossible.

       Fixing attention
       this harmless reception is defined in psychiatry as nonsense attitude.
       This is reflected in the fact that a person suddenly starts to feel extraneous views, the presence of someone behind, experiencing uncertain sense of common changes that change the perception of time, space, self, there

 yl sensitivity to external stimuli. That is perceived by the outside world distorted. Often, this feeling accompanied by a sense of fear. This condition is the basis for the subsequent emergence of more severe disorders of perception and thinking.
       possible to separately identify the reception attack "fixation look." Opinion, involuntarily stops on some people, or on some parts of the body. For example, you can track in the hands of passengers in the subway. Add to this unnatural state of mental and even attack, which could be perceived as, for example, a sense of thickening the atmosphere around your head - and you can imagine the condition of the victim.       

Changing the perception of space can be expressed in the fact that there is a fear of open spaces, fear of closed spaces, a sense of unreality surrounding.

Here, as with any other form of astral attack on your biofield actually imposed extraneous external power for you. And your task is simply to accurately track the changes of the light energy to remove, if possible, a sense of fear and even for a moment to try to "shake off the delusion." Sometimes, it is difficult to remove the multi-pronged attack while you are busy with something. Then you have to put up with some discomfort. But as soon as there is free time - sit down, quickly focus on the internal state, to obscure and unpleasant muscle tension. Any tension robs you of a comfortable state. With its multi-pronged attack will be difficult to focus simultaneously on all of the induced energy.

For example, it is difficult to keep track of headache that is constantly changing configuration, enhanced, reduced, moved to the eyes, temples ... plus psychic attack, which appears as a thickening of the atmosphere around the head plus the imposed rhythm of breathing, which deprives the desire to defend himself. Your job is to track down all the stress, but do not try to remove them.

 Once this goal is achieved, you should no longer paying attention to stress, to try to reach a comfortable state. Instant - easy change reality - and you discard all the induced energy. This dinner. And let the attack will not end, even if it will take some other form. But you'll be treated differently to it. Try again and again ... This is called active meditation. This may be for you a very interesting exercise.       

 Brad - this conclusion is not in accordance with reality.
       Here is an example of a typical nonsense attitude:
       "In the one case in which I was asked for help, the victim said that it pursues a telepathic suggestion. I began to find out the source of the harassment and he said that it comes from people who live in the apartment next door and have a habit of sitting in a circle, concentrate on it. I asked him why not do it. He did not know., I asked him how he knows that they are doing it, and he could not answer me. He just kept repeating that they do it, though admitted that she had never in their apartment and did not even talk to them about it or do not read exchanging greetings in the morning on the stairs "/ 4 /.



    Arnold Mindell - American psychotherapist, in the book "Works with dreamers body" gives a very interesting art work with your biofield, and here the same technique of pain. There is no doubt ease the pain in this way you can not always. But for someone technique may prove interesting.
       By "the dreamer's body," AM understands the aura, in other words, our energy aura.
       essence of the method is the meditative process. You need to focus on the feeling of sickness, to understand what it is manifested where he was. This may have nausea, palpitations, fever, eczema, stomach cramps ... anything.
       "Penetrate to the features of different stresses in your body, find out whether their character is changing with time, experience them. Whether your pain is some kind of configuration? How is it spread? Studying the pain, try not to move. Just lie and feel it "/ 3 /.       

In the second stage are requested to focus on the pain and increase the pain.       

"Gently tighten your muscles, feel the pulse in my head, itchy skin. Not brush body, do not do anything that would weaken your discomfort, on the contrary, freeze and feel. Experienced pain in this way - is like dealing with a rare, unseen animals. Your goal - to step back and carefully observe what is happening, without falling into the temptation to explain the pain or to avoid it. If you find it hard to strengthen the bodily symptom, it may mean that you can not feel it to the full ... "

        If you are able to meet these requirements, then after a while you reach the limit of their physical capabilities, the limit of what can survive. And then with the experience of their pain and you switch to something else. You are once again starting to see, hear and move. And at that time you give full freedom to your imagination.       

If you hear a voice, ask him a question, answer it. If you fancy some scene, follow the situation closely. If your body begins to move sp
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