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24.07.2013, 16:03
Try to understand how fear manifests itself at the level of the physical body. Maybe it's a sense of external influence or internal tension? Maybe some tense muscles. Pay attention to your facial muscles and the muscles of the eyes, try to relax them.
       Often, it can feel that it is not able to relax any muscle group completely. Or you relax one muscle group, the voltage goes to another. Therefore, total comfort is not achieved. It may also occur following effect: you start to focus on their feelings, and suddenly there is a feeling of fear caused seems your meditations.
       In this case, change the setting from a local analysis of his fortune to another exercise. Not concentrating on anything concrete (on any group of muscles), try to remember and to achieve the maximum possible at the moment of comfort.       

Shake, at least for a short time, "shake the delusion." If there is a sense of external influence, try concentrating on the easy external influences, most relaxing. And do not forget the fact that I have to attend the greatest possible comfort.       

 This way you can remove negative feelings that deprive you of peace of mind. Do this as often as possible in transport, in the breaks at work, at home watching TV ...       

It is generally accepted that it is impossible to inspire a person desires to do or make something that does not correspond to his nature. And the inductor always refers to those features of nature that are present in percipient. And so it is. But if the attack lasts long enough to appeal to the basest instincts, and if you can not track it, it was only a sense of beauty and harmony of the world relations will help you avoid the direct road to hell.
       Here is a small example to show how the psychic attack if it induced a sense of harmony with your: in the morning on the way to work saw you draw a hungry kitten.

Feed him you were not able to because in a hurry. In the absence of an attack you regret it. These feelings have arisen in the shower. But there were very easy, almost imperceptibly.
       Attacking pity can be so strong that you will die from it faster than this kitten will die of hunger.
       There is no doubt that the induced feelings should be removed. However, before you begin to work actively with them, it is important to understand how they were your own, as there is a high probability of self-programming, though the worse.
       Sometimes your emotional state may be completely unrelated to induced stress. For example, you may feel severe irritation, hatred for the man, who was like. The question is: "Why is that?" However, you can deduct these states of fatigue, illness, or something else. The person often can not distinguish between an attack from the usual circle of his own thoughts and emotions.       

      The most dangerous option appears when you try to uncomplexed to express their emotions, focusing on the external induced impact. Then, any infringement by others causes a reaction of protest burst of irritation or screaming tantrum of his own helplessness, crying. Freedom of individualization - is sacred. But take a look at the people with whom you have to deal with. Their feelings is also an important factor. In addition, if flighty behavior becomes the norm, you run the risk of becoming completely intolerable creature. Protection in this case is the awareness of the fact of an attack.       

Start with the question, "Why is that?" and try to understand the situation. As far as it is dramatic. As far as your feelings correspond to it. And try to remove the irritation. Do not portray a smile on your face and hide himself the anger and resentment. It is no good does not.

The internal stress in the absence of adequate discharge necessarily spill in the form of a nervous breakdown, or in the form of some disease.       

Stress should be removed on the other. Action:       

- Focus on the state of inner peace;       

- Removal of the senses, to treat them as external.       

 And another method of protection may be advisable for those who have mastered it well enough exercise. The attack, in addition to the emotional charge, is also a quantitative characteristic, that is carried out with some force. Note the force of impact and thus build her defense. Negative emotions induced by the inductor and either completely ignored or sent to the inductor. In this case we see the so-called "return stroke". Its effectiveness will depend on your level of energy. It should, however, warn that using this technique, you employ very different energy than the inductor.

 In this case, your aura is clean, completely independent of the induced feelings, ie there must be a response to these feelings. For example, if you are going strong flow of energy, which can be described as hate, "you do not have to generate a reciprocal feeling of hatred. Then, you attach to the flow of energy, without closing them over.
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