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24.07.2013, 16:01
    The problem of mental adaptation is directly related to our subject, and I have to dwell on it, as a class, which will be discussed, will require you to maximize the mobilization of spiritual and physical strength. This balancing on the edge of the body. And, perhaps, you will not be without psychological crises.
       course, this is not good. Let your little consolation is that you are not the first and not the last you have to learn the laws of the universe in their own skin. Until you've had a lot of people who do not understand the true nature of the forces that control the world and society, while at the same time felt the impact of these unknown forces and such of them tried to find practical recipes behavior in such situations.
       Unlike the theory of bio-energy contacts topic of mental adaptation rights under the impact of stress factors have long been studied comprehensively. But it is easy to read theoretical calculations, but it's so hard to pass himself that way. The whole theory does not mean anything when you yourself are in a critical situation. Still, choosing from the variety of traumatic head one factor, namely, the astral attack, let's try to see all sides of it, to simulate their response to a situation that lends itself to slightly adjust and, ultimately, to create their own reality, to create it not as a dreamer, leaving tons of problems and cruelties of the world in their closed world of illusions and fantasies, as well as a magician, able to manage the strong energy flows. Starting to practice meditation, you will after some find that there is a direct link between the external and internal harmony of the world. If you shoot the internal stress, you automatically shoot and relevant external tensions. To learn this is difficult, but worth a try, because your whole life is entirely determined by our perception of the world, and how harmonious it will be depends on how you perceive reality.


Astral attack


People endowed with extrasensory perception, always lived. Earlier this strange mysterious power used by witches, sorcerers, shamans ... To influence people's thoughts, control their desires, to heal various diseases without medicine has always been the main work of magicians, priests, yogis.       

Now we have the word "psychic" and the impact on the human body is called "bio-energy". Current knowledge allows us to estimate with any specific physical laws is the transfer of energy in the bio-energetic effect. The basic physical principle here is the principle of resonance. To influence a person enough to resonate with its internal energy. This is called telepathy. In the literature, the person sending the signal is called an inductor, "a person receiving the signal" percipient. "       

 With telepathic communication inductor feels his client and may affect it. Do not just "read" thoughts, but sees, hears, that happens around him, he's everything that a man feels, he knows all that he knows. Interesting point: associative can remember episodes from the life of man, which he had forgotten at the moment and there is no memory richin to remember.

       How is telepathy?
       Man describes both physical and wave nature. Wave characteristics seem consists of two energy components. One of which is determined by the position of the planets at the moment of birth and disappears after a person's death. Second - carries information about past incarnations.       

 Psychic meditating on someone's image, comes to contact with the first wave structure, the second for him or not available at all or available on a very limited range. In order to make contact, the inductor tries to clearly imagine the image of another person, but not only imagine. This process involves something more than just an idea. With telepathic communication is the union of two people of consciousness. And the relationship is one-sided. If the inductor, being in touch with you, for you have all the information, then you do not know anything about it until then, until you begin an active influence. But even then you can not guess about it, and write off the strange feeling to change health and mood, the weather, etc.

       Telepathic communication - it's communication at a distance.

With a psychic is not the man himself, and his energetic image that can be manipulated. Percipient perceives the simulated energy, both external guidance.

       The human body - an unusual, unique creation of nature, the essence of which is laid a powerful defense mechanism, to the end we have not yet learned. But with great potential, a person vulnerable to the elements, case, disease. Resist any disease, solve any problems, find harmony with nature, with their inner world, to learn to control emotions - a challenge that we address today.       

Is inherent in all of us a desire to believe in a miracle. Unfortunately, the path to mastering the energies of a long and very difficult. Faced with problems of their own for the first time energy, we are using the terms "disease of the body," "mental illness," without thinking about what are the problems of a weak level of knowledge of its own energy.       

 What are the only disease treated either with extrasensory methods. Per person for the first time confronted with this, the results make a stunning impression. But after all the methods that are used in the treatment and assault have a physical nature. Of course, not everyone can be treated, but work out methods of psychic impact of all those little it has, by all and sundry. With an energy attack that takes place often clumsily and without special knowledge, we deal almost every day. It is unlikely that someone could avoid it. A serious protection no one.

       You suddenly fall ill       

Do you suspect that you jinxed? Or put the spell? If this is the case, then other than the victim you will not name. Using an object to wait for an attack from anywhere. The police psychics is not engaged, as to prove who is attacking and that really attack impossible.       

We can not prove, but the signs of an attack, we are able to evaluate themselves.

       What is an energy attack?       

Otherwise, this phenomenon is called astral attack, as it has no physical basis. Untwist the potential victim can be different. Often the attack is held as short-term deterioration of health, both physical and mental strange sensation.

Sometimes these effects can last for months, years. A person usually gets used to it as to its nature - poor health, a few over-sensitivity, impaired nervous system. Of course, this might not be associated with psychic effects. It is necessary to have a lot of experience to distinguish induced state of their own. Characteristic of psychic impact is that the client is usually an intense inner monologue, talking to himself. This is a special mode in which the client's listening, as if pulled by a conversation. From the normal state is characterized by the fact that the idea is very easy to put into words and sounds in my head. In the normal state this is not clothe their thoughts into words.       

If such communication last very long and hard, the client is usually not very surprised when he was starting to talk to some voices (meaning telepathy.)
       At this time, you can believe anything. In fact, that God talks to you, Supreme teacher, dead nature, alien, etc. Do you believe in the unlimited possibilities of the contactor.       

The reaction of a person to such effects may be different. It all depends on how much a person is able to accept this form of communication.
       now I just list some options for the attack: the mental attack, improvement of various diseases, the attack in his sleep, the imposition of the respiratory rhythm, heart failure rate, reflex muscle contraction induced by voice and images, Astral Sex.
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