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24.07.2013, 15:59
Attack and defense

(Removal of appliances intense psycho-emotional states)




Modern man has a hard life. He always gets into some stressful situations. Many factors contribute: the hard rhythm of life, lack of physical activity, the discrepancy that an individual has, to chtoon would like to have both external and internal conflicts, large and small trouble. And then there's some kind of diabolical ... damage, the evil eye.

Unresolved problems lead to emotional tension, which, in turn, lead to a variety of unpleasant diseases neurotic character.

Known: that the basis of many diseases is weakened by the activity of mental adaptation.

Typically, neurotic reactions and states are the result of high mental stress or drastically affect stress factors beyond the physical sensations that lead to maladjustment social status of the individual.

For the appearance of any neurotic disturbances have a value of three factors accompanying mental stress: - bio-constitutional type of personality and character to respond to their environment, from which depend primarily on the shape and form of neurosis;
       - social factors and individual basis of personality;
       - the presence of past trauma and related neurotic disorders: the revival of which perhaps under the influence of external

stimuli. Man - this is a self-regulating system, with its enormous regenerative capacity.
       But why is identical in strength unfavorable factors in one person may cause psychological trauma and disease, and another - triggered psychological defense mechanisms?
       person's ability to adapt depends on developing throughout the life of the features the individual, the person acquired the volume and nature of knowledge, focus of interest, emotional and volitional qualities, moral attitudes. All this creates customized features you need to anticipate and actively overcome the adverse mental factors.       

The system of mental adaptation is dynamic and is always in development.       

The immediate goal must will be a revival of the adapted behavior.       

Biological organization of the self-regulatory body is such that they are adaptive in nature. If the initial state of the system is not preferable energetically balanced, it will continue to operate so as to eventually reach any of the preferred state.  

      In other words, there must be a balance between the energy of the human body's own energy and external energy. If such balance is not achieved, there are reasons for various diseases.       

Consider the speaker adaptive processes when exposed to the stress factor.
       At the first stage of reflex activity is inhibited, broken intervals of conditioned and unconditioned motor-defensive reflexes, reduced orienting reactions, disturbed sleep phase frequency.

This state is defined as the occurrence of protective inhibition. At the second stage, the adaptive reserve mobilization of the body: the conditioned reflex activity is optimized, activates the synthesis of proteins of the brain, normalize metabolic processes. In the third stage once again dominated by manifestations of power deficiency, impaired metabolism and function of the nervous elements appear microstructural changes in the nervous tissue.       

And definitely, for the person subjected to prolonged exposure to stress factors, it is preferable to state the mobilization of the second phase. But how can I stop at this stage, what are the factors we need to consider for removal of neurotic states?

       These are:       

- Correction of traumatic emotions as a major factor in the development of neurosis;

- Change in the evaluation criteria for external traumatic circumstances that lead to stress, which can be characterized by the phrase We can not change external circumstances, but we can change our attitude to them. "

- To develop a system of protective reactions aimed at suppressing the negative emotional states generated by the distressing factor. Using certain techniques a person can learn how to remove the emotional stress.       

- Development (education) certain behaviors to reinforce anti-stress mechanism.

- The use of guided meditation to improve mental adaptation.       

- Preventing the transition of adaptive responses in pathological (lozhnoadaptivnye). In the transition of adaptive responses in pathological there is active development of psychological defense mechanisms. But this gives rise to new traits and behaviors that are contrasting with respect to the same personality traits or undesirable for normal development. Is a violation of the most delicate and highly specialized functions: individual elements of self-awareness (self-control, self-esteem) and social consciousness of moral conviction, the higher emotions, etc.) An example of character pathology, which appears under the influence of traumatic situations, can serve as a complete rejection of their beliefs, blind obedience to the opinion of authority figures, unjustified cruelty, the substitution of a sober outlook of the subjective perception of reality that is shifted in the direction of fantasy, willful suppression of the perceived information, which is defined as traumatic.       

It should be noted that the development of emotional and stressful conditions determining factor is not the strength of the stress factor, is not the real situation, the environment, and psychological assessment of the signal in which great importance is the ability to control the situation. Even pain can be perceived as a positive emotional state, even a strong tension does not lead to the development of stress, if completed the expected result.

       If there is no control over the situation and there are no ways to avoid or overcome it, it is perceived grading systems of the brain as a negative and accompanied by a strong emotional arousal, causing the body goes to the "emergency" level of physiological adaptation.

       However, not any negative effects even at long repetition causes psychopathological condition. Stress occurs only when the psychological and physiological adaptive capacity of the body to limit overstressed. Usually emotional arousal promotes active search for a way out of a difficult situation, selection of optimal behaviors, decision-making about a specific mode of action that leads to the goal.       

A negative emotional state reflects the incompleteness of the action and promotes brain activity aimed at the search and selection of other options to form an adequate performance. Intuitively, analyzing the current energy situation, you either are forming respectively the situation their beliefs, look at the problem, and thus bring its internal state to a state of comfort, or are going to take action to change the situation to such a conclusion that matches your submission harmony.

  (Materials from the book "pharmacotherapy of neurotic disorders", A. Waldman, J. Alexander A. "Medicine", Moscow, 1987) 
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