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24.07.2013, 15:58
Why do we go to the astral plane? That we meet there? What price do we pay for it?
Written by Dan, published: 2004-03-07
 What is the "Astral"? From personal experience.
  Prior to that, it seemed, I had no issues. Not burdened by the terms of the Russian-speaking community of magical, I just called it "mind wanders out of the body through the various levels of a common information field." It sounds much more prosaic than the phrase "I went to the astral plane" ...
 Travel "consciousness outside the body."
 Place you brought me the essence of the conductor, I provisionally called "one of the levels of general information field" because that's what it doing - being (soul) SHARE INFORMATION there.
 Somewhere like a big bazaar.
 Be prepared for the fact that, of living beings you will be there in the singular.
 authoritativeness With all I want to say that exposure to any entity (in the "astral "or not) is not possible without
 a) extensive training with a knowledgeable person (read Carlos Castaneda.)
 b) matching substances, disconnecting your mind by 80-90% - in this case, your "I" is released from the control of consciousness and can be, wherever he wants (very dangerous - CAN NOT GO BACK.)
 in) a solid knowledge of where and what you are going.
 How do you know whether you achieved the "astral plane."
 a) You have to go back with the information. Because the essence will talk to you - whether you like it or not. In the altered state of consciousness, it is possible to take a pen and paper and write down everything you say.
 b) Give the entities to manifest through you.
 I have been instances when accidentally met in the astral soul artists drew pictures of my hand, and in one case, a young man, who died a violent death, he asked to write the story of his life.
 c) Do you feel that you have received information passed on to you at a tremendous rate. One minute conversation with the essence turns three hours of recording of the alphabetic language (no matter what) after Saenz.
 Once reached the point that a group of entities that have worked with me, invited me to learn the symbol table, which at the time was to record session information much easier .
 few tips:
 Do not be fooled by the subject that everyone with whom you will meet there - kind and wise as Mahatma Gandhi. Full of crazy everywhere. Take possession of your mind, and your family will find you writhing on the floor with the terrifying screams and mugs. Do not let this happen. Obsessive voice chase IMMEDIATELY.
 Most entities do not see you as a living person. And so can start to treat you accordingly - as an equal, bodiless. And invite you to take a walk somewhere you will never find a way into your body.
 therefore better to firmly say immediately about who you really are.
 If you visit these places regularly, but do not know what there is to do, then You can define the scope of some entertaining information that will bring you joy, and nowhere will oblige. For example, I said aloud, "Is there anyone with the Great Silk Road?". Then he picked out the strongest voice responded, and have only spoken to him. How much communication sessions one trader of the aforesaid geographical location has taught me to weave a wonderful yarn bracelets and beads.
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