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24.07.2013, 14:16
   There are many good books and read them interesting. But! I have read and what? .... What's next? How and what to do next? Where exactly to begin? agree that existing still printed version of courses suffers this problem, even though I tried to expand it in the output circuit components. In the video course I give in schagovy practical embodiment of the circuit output to the astral plane.
    I assume that the current rate (printed version) - is the foundation that contains the basic schemes and ideas of practice, showing the physics of the process of astral exit. A video course is not only a profound and extended version, but also a step by step practical guide. Ie, for the development of the practice of astral exit you will be desirable to examine contents of the first seven lectures on the training program, to understand the physics of the process, and then work it is almost in line with the video course.   
    videokursom Before you desirable to explore the first 7 lectures training program. This will allow us to "be subject" to understand what I'm going to say and what to show.
Videocourse presented 2 versions, as a movie in dvd format on 4 discs (sent by mail) and in the format media player (downloaded via the Internet )
   This hands-on course with the idea - "do, do what I say." No need to invent anything and invent.
   Conditionally split practice time at 4 weeks of classes. At the same time, in parallel implementing the following areas:
- Practical testing of the circuit elements on the astral output components to form in your body sustainable fiziomotornogo skill.
- practical implementation of the scheme astral exit options and possible nuances features. Let us learn to (finally) to determine where the astral, and where the glitch and master practical skills to move and navigate in the astral plane, learn how to quickly enter the anchor of the world's daily practices.
- Practical calculations of all the elements of biorhythms, the energy diagram of the organism, astrological, external factors, the state of consciousness, physical and emotional health. In other words, we practically define you - in what condition should be your body and your mind at the time of the exit, that we should really do that would get a state which external factors hinder or help you, as they provide or eliminate.
- practical exploration of daily practices (passing). Almost all have 2-3 week experience predastralnye state and then there is a problem with many of awareness in the astral plane, the presence of will-awareness, the ability to keep the situation manageable reality. These practices are designed to perform them simultaneously throughout the day - in transport, in the breaks in his spare time, just when moving from one place to another. Believe me, that in real life this is a person goes from 5 to 20 percent of the time. Constitute a basis for the development of the practice of breathing, relaxation, energy, concentration and meditation, here and now, the establishment of anchors and anchor points. This will allow you to achieve the controllability awareness, improve the efficiency of its work, both in the physical life, and it will develop the properties that will be required of him in the astral plane. Accept that and physically difficult to call LIFE is a state where we arrive in the evening if we can not even recall the details of day we live. Does it make sense to live. Correctly says Gurdjieff - the "life - just a dream."
       Man must learn to live . Learn not only to walk, talk, dress, apply makeup, to acquire knowledge and skills, but also learn to think, realize and control your reality.
    practice - for each day and week you will have a clear plan - what to do, what kind of results you should get. Day and the week, of course, relative. Everything is determined by the time a resource for classes and the result achieved. And real life can make adjustments. For ease of understanding, let's say that you are separated from the astral plane 30 steps, each step in detail painted and displayed, you can only do this step. Someone will make this easy step-by-day, someone can just 2-3 days - each has its own characteristics and real opportunities for learning.
 You will need only one thing - it's almost work.   
 Nothing is more accessible and more understandable with respect to the astral practice - the reality is nowhere.
  For the convenience of practicing, many charts and diagrams, as well as descriptions of exercises for practitioners are attached to the video course in the form of text and graphic documents. In addition, the annex provides a schedule of practicing techniques and exercises.
  has nowhere to put it! 
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