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24.07.2013, 15:58
And time is not standing still, fugit irreparadile tempus, and at some point I clearly felt that my knowledge need systematization. In addition, I became slower, more solid, long before the action began to meditate, become reluctant to take risks. I have a glimmer some ideas about the connections of magic with traditional sciences. This problem is, according to legend, once Segoy whose crystals are now center in the head matrikatov. This guy is rumored to be very seriously knew physics and mathematics for their time and allegedly even gave a general equation that links all seven fundamental interactions, considering four of Physics, one magical and two imaginary. It is said that Einstein magic was horrified when I realized why he is discovered and announced that "it's so simple, that the world is not up to it" and did not reveal the secret to anyone. I do not know whether this is so, but the fact that he traveled to the River of Time, it is a fact, and now nobody can. And where then Segoy gone, no one knows, not even his soul in the World Nameless - nobody has been able to call her out. Data analysis is an indirect paradoxical, his life is not the end of the line ... but also to continue with her.

So I went down the same path, but in spite of the enhanced class, I felt a lack of knowledge and skills in the field of higher algebra. It must be born mathematician living and already from the cradle to babble equation. Also had a lot to consider, and then I found this guy, too magician. He was not a very good magician, but a good programmer, and things got better. We learned from each other. In general, these metal boxes with electronics, which are called computers, a great future. We often sit out at night for the display, spoiling a lot of paper and time, but the case has progressed. We found some similarities in the texts of laws, specified constants calculated the special tables for facilitating the work of casting a spell. In addition, we have calculated theoretically, and then tested experimentally several new real-name. It was hard to imagine such a success. Docendo discimus.

Occupation distracted me from your grandmother's disease, which has already knocked 90. She was sick before, and I was assigned the jokes and quips from her occasional ailments. Now it was serious - just expired her life on Earth, and I saw her go off the chain - do not follow, do not break, and just go out. Here, I do ordinary words could not. After the last point of a person's life can be prolonged artificially only through the life of another person. That's the way our world. Moreover, for each year of life of the object donor loses about 8.54 years of his life. More precisely, this constant is equal to 8.538848832, and that while the maximum precision with which it was possible to calculate. In general, it is quite common in spells and equations. It would be nice to find out its meaning and measured, if at all you can do.

I could not take the risk of exposing the death of an unknown person, even for the sake of her grandmother. And if it is a child, and if this is a happy mother, and if ... Even if it's a simple man, he has a right to life. All I could do was to make it easy and quick death, she died with a happy smile on his lips.

Upon returning, I found his friend dead. He tried to take a tour in a parallel world and died in transit, incorrectly calculating the output. It happens all the time. Eternal memory.

I have lost interest in the work. This paper is the result of a vain attempt to occupy myself. I'm not here revealed nothing that might damage the Brotherhood, that's probably why I'm still alive. Maybe I will destroy this list or send it to the moon, or the sake of jokes, purely because we send to you by mail, and laid on him a good spell, so that if it does not come to the right place, the perpetrator drank, how much a pound is dashing.

I have to ask you. If this letter did not vanish without a trace, and comes to you, then - print it as a warning or a doctrine, but simply that people, guys, girls read - do not kill yourself, do not do magic, do not let ads like "respond, magicians black and white. " Suddenly someone from the Brotherhood will not disdain and find you, and you will approach him, and he will teach you to this ... Currently live quietly, calmly, when not many to choose from, the road ahead is such a simple and clear - home, family, work, children - as many as 70-80 or even more years of serene existence.

What is the simple happiness - me it will not come. I've forgotten how to love, I have no relatives, friends, favorite things - so why do I then immortality is that for the life of me has awarded occupation magic?

When this letter reaches you, I still will in any event not going to read it on your pages, as today at the appropriate time, if I'm not mistaken in the calculations, my voice takes me to the world of nameless. If you suddenly come out, I may be true, but it's unlikely - no one has ever returned from there.

May your road is clear.

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