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24.07.2013, 15:57
As for me, for me, except the mental turmoil, the story did not have any effect. In the Circle of my behavior, apparently, was acquitted of passion, fervor of youth, and the wish of my disintegration has not been stated. The terms are not used his jue vitae nesisque ... Even taking care of my mental equilibrium, offered me a new student. Of course, they did so not out of compassion, and for purely practical reasons - it would be better if I'll do business, and I will fill with depression and bear bad intentions. They probably expected me to give up, but I would not give them the satisfaction. Taught by some guy in the village, did not even ask his name. I was irritated by his slowness, dullness, although it was probably no worse than others, just after Chescu me any worse than it would seem. For a month he rattled off the most necessary and waved. I'm not sure that he understood at least half of what I was saying to him, but somehow I took it calmly. I learned another lesson - no one to love, and then will not hurt, because there will be nothing to lose. And learned well. Now I can train another one - only allowed three attempts, but I'm unlikely to have'll take for it. I do not have this neither the desire nor the spiritual needs.

Perhaps we should say something about the political hierarchy of the Brotherhood. As such, there is no clear system, management or any other attribute of any organization. There is a circle, which includes the 17 best magicians of the planet, which at any moment can contact any of us. The circle does not have a clear responsibility or liability. It follows, for example, the execution of the laws, any breach of which he is immediately made known. Here is the wish to all magicians who are closest to the apostate, to take measures for its disintegration, that is slain, and the destruction of the body. What is done with success. Created impromptu team usually 5-10 people, and lead sentence. A crowd that was more reliable, and sometimes among the apostates across quite nimble types like me. In particularly difficult cases, to not wasting people are turning to professionals in applied aspect, sometimes the real giants of the business. I had the opportunity to meet with teams and even one day work experience in one. There I realized how little, in fact, I know of Sapien - all good artists always when they suddenly realize that everything they own is very small compared to what can create and offer nature. Head Team, Japanese Hirogushi, a small quiet man, a really soft radiated kindness and love of peace, seemed so harmless. But the whole team was dying with laughter, watching as I try to get it. He gently in the bud, put out any aggressive action. Around him, as if spring is elastic cloud - when you try to attack, you spins and throws without causing harm and to attack immediately disappears. But this style is more the exception, most vigilant (the so-called professional players) prefer a quick brutal style of preemptive strikes. These guys are not so much work to help them have resorted not more than four or five times a year. They do not receive any compensation, they just can not give anything that they do not

 could take. Vigilance work purely out of love for his craft, and I would not want to meet them in Sapien, though learned a lot on the "internship". I was taught to fight in a new way - tougher, more real, more despicable, but effective. Despicable, but useful techniques was not less than the regular and open. In short, I learned how to beat the corner.

There I met a beautiful dark-haired girl, and me, with a wink and said that I should remember it well, it does not de-forgotten. I went through his memory, but he could not remember her, but also something vaguely reminded me that we have crossed somewhere. "It is then knocked you when you defended your puppy ... apprentice" - willingly explained to me. - "You can congratulate her, it was her first real deal." My anger for the day is almost over, the law is the law, but I still could not be close to the one that killed Chescu, and soon left the hospitable vigilant.

The circle has another mission - he is holding the eco-balance of the planet. The fact is that according to some equations which have reached us of this, a certain mass of inorganics can contain no more and no less than the living organisms than it is defined. The growth of the human population and cause pollution response blind reaction of nature to reset it. While this reaction can put out, but more and more difficult. For a long time in narrow areas of Africa managed to localize the disease known as AIDS. Now there was a break, but not before - new troubles. There was an outbreak of the disease, which we named Aurora, like AIDS, is transmitted only through airborne droplets and runs much faster. She managed to completely eliminate, but what it cost, know all the magicians in the world. Over the last year there were two Abraham is when the Circle of keeping control requires combined power of all the magicians of the world. Within a few minutes I worked with countless others, feeling settles around the vibrating energy.

Now ... I'm over thirty. However, I look for 20-22 years, and it is not for me any work. I can look at as much as I want, my body retains strength, agility and freshness of early youth, seeing an eagle, all the teeth are intact. My body - a sample of impeccable health, it does not wear out with time. Worn and tired of my soul. The point here is not the functional features of the brain - I remember every day of your life like yesterday. The point here is spiritual and moral fatigue, which oppresses me with each passing day more and more. Esto, quod esse videris. The first time I tried to amuse themselves relevant spells, but when their action is ended, it became even worse. Alcohol and drugs do not work for me, so I can not even afford to go on a binge, like a normal person. Probably, I'll lose my mind - and this is something new, never heard of a kooky magician ...
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