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24.07.2013, 15:56
Confessions of a magician - 2
And then one of them started talking voice broken speaker:

- We sent the circle. Your student has violated the law. He has to die.

- Maybe, but what do you want here?

They looked at each other, then the one that is lower, remarked:

- Tell us his real name.

- Ask the invisible - the evil I grinned - and get out of here before I kicked you out of the skulls of crystals of this, or that you have there.

Matrikaty take care of themselves, but the instinct of self-preservation are poorly developed. Therefore, the threat has not made a strong impression on them. Besides the stairs next to the old woman began to rise, God dandelion. It did not bother us, because conversation was bessvetno and silently, and to the casual observer, the entryway was empty.

Then again spoke long:

- Do you clean before the law. Do not be blotted out. We do not need, leave. We know that the apostate here.

Shorty added with a grin:

- That's it, go for a walk yet, but we'll work.

- Get out! - Scared I yelled and threw out his left hand. It became clear that this was no matrikaty, and something worse, because we matrikatov no sense of humor. Black Palm operates smoothly, and Shorty immediately crumpled into a cake, but I'm not sure that he suffered from it. But I was suddenly struck hard on the right, a good shot is always a surprise. Bumping his head against the wall, I noticed that his hands were folded in granny Double Cross Alzura, and barely escaped the re-butting, which would put me as surely as ... however, it does not matter. Long advancing doing something crafty with his hands, which he was for some reason four, someone else out there thundered up the stairs, but I did not give up. Time - and there was around half a dozen of my phantoms, muttering, waving his arms and creating chaos. Two - and the "granny" naughty voice squealed and rolled down the stairs, changing right before our eyes in a pretty nice girl, and then I took a long one. No words, great punched, but I have moved the line beyond which a person becomes a lightning killing machine on the outbreak in each hand. Anger and fear increased tenfold my power, I felt in excellent shape. Long established with a visible effort on the sides of two of its turbid translucent images, which could not, of course, I was fooled. Three - I remembered one Keshkin reception, a somersault on his hands and both feet long driven to the place where the idea he was supposed to be a crystal. He passed out for a while, and I slashed the kinks with the knee in two snouts coming from below, but missed. Then went over the railing and working as all four limbs and the words, put three more, then two jumps back to the door and stood in suspense, holding out both hands with fingers spread. The girl had disappeared, long writhed and moaned, and shorty no signs of life. Bottom is also no sound, and I even started to think that kind of carried by, and even put his hand to the face to wipe away the blood.

And then I was hit from behind with great force, as the locomotive. Mage, apply the blow, obviously used to be once. Apparently, he walked through the thick wall behind me. But I could not at that time to think about it - I was lying flat on his back on the dirty cold floor, being on the verge of losing consciousness. Everything was floating around in a red mist inside were ringing and crackling. For a moment I even thought that I was back in the Dream World, but the obsession has subsided, and his place was taken by pain throughout the body and especially in the head. I could not even collect my thoughts, to look around without opening his eyes or dzhantirovat. Ignavia est jacere, dum possis surgere, and then I, at the same time turning around, tried to get up, and even looked up, but here I was, apparently, was hit again, as all around flickered and went out, and I was temporarily stopped to see, hear or even think.

... As I later learned, Keshka did die with dignity, as befits a decent student. He put a spell on all the walls, doors and windows, and those guys for a long time could not enter. Then he thought of to put on my amulet, which lies in its usual place, which extended his life for a couple of minutes. In the end, he took one of them with you to the world of nameless before him sent there. I can be proud of it ...

This story affected me greatly. In six months, I generally was not himself, for some reason, trying to find his teacher until he learned that he was tragically killed by trying to cast a spell, the text of which was drawn up by him. Eternal memory.
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