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24.07.2013, 15:56
A couple of these episodes contributed to my formation: without this, apparently, was not. The fourth law states that every magician should at least once try to convey his art student who has passed the test. I was 22 when I found my first student - quite early, but that was the case. We met by chance, and so it was that I had in front of him to use one of her best spells to pacify Sixpawed shapeless creature who slipped into the world following the spirit of the one right person. Seen for a long time etched in his memory, and he firmly stuck with me. The boy's name was Keshka, and he was fifteen years old and as many winters ... and springs. I gave him a lot at once, but it's not enough, he demanded more and more, acquiring information instantly. In fact, at that time I was spending a month, he missed a week part-time. He was attached to me - it was the fragile and sincere affection, which can not be achieved by any average spell. And here I missed - I'm too attached to him. Education fascinated me, the process of liked me more and more. I gently Friendly sculpted out of it a kind of self, only cleaner and better, and this class gave me a terrific fun. And his speed and accuracy confident admired me and pushed for the opening of more and more areas. By understanding the skill Sapien, he was delighted - and began to make such progress that I just shook his head and marveled. For any week he learned Seventy-Two Transformations - and I had even forcibly, "the collar" shake it out of the images that he took. Keshka always somehow naive attitude to the dangers that threatened him. For example, in the form of a dog was walking for half an hour and more, it strongly holds a special feeling. But any more or less competent magician, unless of course he was not suicidal, does not remain in this form 10-15 minutes longer, as even in an hour or irreversible changes in the structure of consciousness under the dog's brain, or other creatures in Grigorievich

eat as you are. This is generally the case, but in general training can achieve great things. Yet often had upset him. Chescu just incredibly lucky - he managed to make a mistake in the spell and got off lightly. Once it by mistake instead of a harmless soul righteous learned from the failure of some prehistoric chimera with membranous wings and aggressive intentions. While I was walking backwards and making passes hands feverishly, what would it cleaner and turn dematerialize as he swung at her, loudly shouted: "Pshshla, get out!" And it is either out of fear, or where to slam his krylischami and disappeared in the failure, which I immediately rushed to close. Then I took apart the hysterical laughter of fear - not for myself, for myself, I have long ceased to be afraid of, but for this kid with zakushennoy lower lip and straight bangs on the left eye, in which I have invested too much to lose like that ...

As I said, in Sapien, he was no less able pupil than in breathing or Neologike, but perhaps he was too fond of the battle for the sake of fighting. When using the methods he appreciated the beauty of more than brevity and practicality. For the sake of graceful transformation was a risk, often forgetting about the basics of defense. The first time I catch him hard, and then waved his hand and even began to play along. The guy has his own style, I thought, why should he impose anything. As they say, de gustibus non est disputandum, abeunt studia in mores ... And when he attacked too vyurnym way, I was included in the collision, trying to beat him in his manner, but somewhere in this disassembly just hard to broke the enemy shorter and practical spell. Our styles differ cool - as a club and a sword. Sword - it's good, it's noble and beautiful, but the club golly practical. This is what I tried to tell him, but to no avail. Whatever he was doing, what would be a serious thing not read it constantly looks through a sort of playful childishness, and it was seriously worried me.

However, in its own way, he was brilliant, and is constantly growing as a person and as a magician, and I was thinking about these lessons. In his sixteenth birthday Innocent was particularly struck a couple of times and even took me seriously, so I had to work almost in full force to the usual tie him hand and foot binding spell, and then let go with a smile.

... All in all, it was all too good to last so long. Once I felt that Chescu very, very bad, but where exactly, could not figure out if someone stopped me. I have a couple of minutes, he desperately banged on my door, apparently did not even have the strength to get through it. I pulled him in and struck his mind - the entire left half of his face solid bruise energotsepi in the right half of the breast stuffed with some trash, a lot of small hemorrhages throughout the body ... He could not even say a couple of times I had to hold him by the neck and his arms to relieve him of all this filth. And then he began to whisper: "The movie ... two at once ... do not have time to shut down, Mirror does not work ...". There had to be a reason that the two magicians in downtown immediately and without warning tried to kill his brother. After a while I found out. Maybe it's my fault - not hammered into his head as follows laws, especially the third. Yes, it's mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Dura lex, sed lex. Poor guy Keshka on his final evening entertaining his fellow tricks that have nothing to do with sleight of hand. Direct violation of the Third Law - the death penalty, and there is nothing you can do about. Reason I knew it, but my whole being resisted the thought of the death of the beloved disciple. A Keshka stood nearby, waiting for my help, I was hoping for. Well, what could I do? Scold him, to punish - what is it made sense now, and he himself knew what he had done. Transgressirovat it? Found, it is only a matter of time.

Around the same time is just what I was not. Somewhere nearby, though it is not clear, I felt those two, and something else, but to find out there was no time. It became clear that the collision has, in all likelihood, not be avoided. I said, "Go into the room and shut yourself ... dayhard." He nodded, a bit awkward turned and fled. I've got all doubts vanished, and I'm sure with a malicious stepped through the door to the two men.

"What Huff you doing here?" - Abruptly I began to speak, but realized that wasting my time. Their eyes were made of glass ... glass too, even for mages. "Matrikaty" - I realized with disgust, and once it became clear that beg, plead, trying to explain something - it is useless.

(To be continued).

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