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24.07.2013, 15:55
But I found another passion - the girls. My fellow students in pain, not knowing how zakadrit girl, and to me they were just hanging garlands. It was not difficult from a technical point of view, especially as I have never used such crude methods as privorazhivanie or closure of the system of exchange of the recipient itself. It was a lot easier if you know something on the theory inculcate trust. But one day I ran into matrikat, and once was enough for me, so you get a mile away any suspicious girl.

Finally I found a real pleasure in cultivating the art of magic, for there is no finer pleasure to human nature than creativity, skill, passion and sense of beauty. Advanced nature, naturally.

Anyone who thinks that they can be a magician, and did not know the math, thinking incorrectly. I had to wade a great many books on higher mathematics and applied astronomy. One should always make calculations yourself, do not trust all these astronomical calendars - they are always full of errors that the spell can be just the opposite. I remember it securely ... after a single case.

In addition, it was necessary to engage and Latin - each language has a certain number of words of ancient speeches, but Latin - especially. Then I had to expand their knowledge of anatomy, biology in general, physics, chemistry, and many other sciences. I lacked basic knowledge, had to regret bitterly that the school has missed time. And it all had to catch up.

Ad cogitantum et agendum homo natus est, and this is indeed the case. Sometimes for days, squinting, I was sitting out in nature, fiddling with some flower, trying to penetrate his secret, find out his real name. If you know the actual name of an object or a person, that power over him many times stronger. Usually it's a matter of a few hours or days, if it is an ordinary man. And it is almost impossible if that person - the magician. The real name of the magician knows only three - himself, his teacher and the Invisible. The latter can not be considered, therefore, are two ...

I traveled around the country in search of new knowledge, truth and untruth extracting them. Met with many magicians, and learned new things - where, in exchange for his work, and where force or fraud by others. Something which had come himself. There were, of course, and the lining, but rarely. However, on the back of my scars that do not bring any spell, and the right eye I had already twice rebuilt.

Knowledge are everywhere - approach and take it, you only need to see. In one village I found the grandmother Trelistnika spell, the words of which were integral parts of senseless text in Russian. She treated them swelling in heifers - well, it's like a microscope to hammer nails, no idea either by law or regulations. Blatant ignorance.

A couple of times had to deal with people who do not have any idea of ​​magic, but with beautiful, downright arching her abilities. One of them, a short, balding man with watery eyes, by profession, by the way, the guardian of order, I mean the police, when he wanted to achieve something from a man sympathetically asked, "What, my dear, heart hurts?" Only native opened his mouth to send a well-wisher away as suddenly noticed that he had something very painful in the chest, on the left, so that dyhnut downright scary, and, as a rule, once agreed with everything. Have heard this question to me, but unlike others I was gasping because they do not get tired of repeating myself spell Mirrors, and on the neck I hung a protective amulet, great ancient contraption, were able to pick up the ancient stones on the case. Art, which is now almost entirely lost. Magee, unfortunately, with each generation becoming more ignorant, I am here's an exception. And as I extracted this amulet - another story, another time will tell somehow ...

Met with individuals with a colossal conceit that, knowing the first four of the Law, the basics of simple lines and a couple of tricks of medium complexity, imagined themselves almost lords of the universe. Such I tend to leave them in a naive delusion ... if they are willing to share with me their scanty knowledge. If not - had to demonstrate to them that they were to be Sapien is no good. Then, after a brief but brusque and efficient session because they are usually laid out, they knew how to confession ... Seven words, known as kink joints, unleashed tongues even rusted scars taiga grandfathers. I was not overly violent - with intelligent people I've ever negotiated. But the angel, as you know, was not too - tried to kill me, and I killed, without sentimentality. It cost me some effort not to succumb to the temptation to switch completely to power method call, a simple and fast. Later, I learned to extract the information I needed, without resorting to such methods.

Twice I had to deal with the same, as I do, "gatherers of knowledge." With one we have left, as best friends, after a one-hour of fruitless exercise, and the second left me with those same scars - I had to try a kink on itself, yes ... The guy was nice, but did not know what a black palm, and it cost him his place under the sun. Anyway, I sent him to the hereafter.

One way or another, but I am very much up in the art of magic in the two years he spent in traveling. I think that surpassed his teacher at the time of separation. I learned a lot of new, and I knew before, perfected and brought into some kind of system. And that's when I started to create ...

I've been in places that are called parallel universes. Only the skill and training of protected me from the cruel injuries psyche, because there is no logic and color, space and time, breathing and consciousness. I have watched over the majestic ancient powers on which the world rests. Here, for example, the ability to watch the sunrise on Saturn's moon Titan does not seem a great achievement, although I took a few months of work, and then a couple of hours a terrible fear for the first time to watch it. But this is really one of the most beautiful paintings in the world.

My trips to nowhere and had a practical side - I found there new spells, further reinforcing my arsenal, and it is constantly enriched, causing, in turn, new flows of secret words, and so on. I was reckless - my first mistake could be my last mistake, but I was confident as ever.

There were also embarrassing episodes coming off me from my studies. My sister and I went away for a long time, and now I got a telegram saying that she was seriously ill. I came quickly as he could, and found her in a very serious condition. But not this surprised me - it energotsepi were savagely crushed and torn by some bastard who is familiar with the guidance of spoilage. It took me about an hour to bring it back to normal, so I did not know the key, or who have brought nothing. Then I gently questioned her family and found out that the last time her uhlestyval a "terribly bad type," received her resignation. After about forty minutes I walked through the door of the apartment of the scoundrel and collided with him face to face. Unshaven face, his haggard face, dirty T-shirt ... He immediately realized over my eyes, who am I and why he had come, and rushed to escape. Maybe he wanted to jump down from the third floor, I do not know. I wiggled his fingers, and he swung and hit the floor, but then, somehow in animal sobbing, jumped to his feet and began haltingly whispered a spell that was supposed to break my neck arteries. Closing his eyes and lifting up their fists, I read about myself spell Mirrors, turned and walked out. When I left, he was already being coughed up blood. I do not think he survived - bastard got what he wanted me to.
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