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24.07.2013, 15:54
Subsequently, I am so is trained, I had no trouble moving multiple ghosts at once.

And I also figured out the churches. Strange, but I can move freely around the mosque and the synagogue, and only to the Orthodox Church could not get closer than eighty five steps.

The first time I truly used his knowledge of the case. In our class was a sleazebag who constantly bring me. From 6th to 10th grade, every school day. Constantly shaved head, big as a bull, are constantly surrounded by the same bastards like him. With the approach of the prom, I learned that he is going to do it to me a peculiar nastiness. Wait I do not. I managed to get a few hairs from his head, and some other ingredients. At my current level, I would not be worth anything to kill him snap of the fingers, nor is it would not be necessary - there are many ways to relieve aggression without resorting to such drastic measures. But then I did not know it, and besides, I was overwhelmed with rage. The most difficult thing was to get the blood of virgins in general is always hard to find blood. I solved this problem by just cutting the hand the sleeping little sister.

And, plunging both hands into a hideous to look, feel and smell the brew, trying hard not to lose, I read one of the few known to me then spells, bringing deadly harm. When finished, the sweat running down my face rivulets, and the feeling was like after a good days work. To the point I was afraid to make a mistake.

The next day he did not come to school. And the next. It was a thrill - do not expect a sudden meanness all the time. And then we regret to informed that our classmate died prematurely of a heart attack. I guess no one regretted it all breathed freely, even his friends. I could be proud of their own hands.

One only clouded my success - both react to this teacher? I was expecting a surge of condemnation - in short, a negative reaction. However, it only seemed particularly looked me with no ice, no expression eyes and just said, "Good job. However you used too complex., Let's see how it could be done faster, easier, and better." And we made out. In the world, as it turned out, we know at least a few dozen ways to kill, and that's the idea is not the limit.

As for the eyes, they are all magicians are - empty, cold, expressionless. This is a professional feature. According to eye with the right skills, you can read all the way to the secret thoughts. Therefore, it is important that they do not have to read it. This is especially important in the Sapien - fight the magician alone with the brother in the craft. This, though rare, but it happens. One of the last chapters that I imbibed under the guidance of a teacher, it was Sapien. In training, it looks like this: two sit facing each other, one begins to speak the spell having to send the other to the other world. The second task: to determine the spell to the end and saying reflects, most go on the attack. More than once I tipped over on his back, gasping for air, with blood gushing from his nose, and the teacher slowly tsedil: "Bad. Do it again." It was hard, but then I was like oh that's handy. Hard - hard in the battle, but staying alive. Non licet in bello bis peccare ...

In practice, it is much tougher - mentally recited spells and very fast, guess they need to be the eyes and the rate does not match a bloody nose, and life ...

As time went on. I graduated from high school, enrolled in college. There were no problems - I removed the answers to the questions of the goals themselves masters examiners. With fellow students not converged, and in school I did not have companions. Finally one day I played in Sapien teachers and knocked him to the floor. And then he said to me: "Are you ready for the last lesson." And at night, by candlelight, in the mysterious and solemn teacher said something that can not be forgotten, like this: "I learned a lot from you - even more than he intended. But this is a superficial level of true magic. Now I will put into your hands a few Great Spells of what I know: Transformations, reflections and others. But remember:

You do not have to change a single stone, not a single grain of sand, until you know for sure all the consequences of their actions, good and bad. All is in equilibrium. The person who has the ability and the Transformation of Creation, can upset this balance. This power is dangerous, very dangerous. Its use requires a lot of knowledge. It can be used only when absolutely necessary. After all, the light casts a shadow ... "

And I remembered them - two hundred words, most of which were never delivered. The conversion and creation, evocation and appeal to the Unseen, and more, so there is no counterpart in ordinary language.

"Good-bye - he said then. - Before you reach the rest himself, then - your road ... I do not need you." When I tried to protest, he stopped me and movement of the hand, not looking at me, but somewhere in my direction and said quietly and firmly: "I do not think he is anything about the attachment. I am totally indifferent to you. I worked with you only because this is the fourth law "- and stood up. I got up and. "Dayhard ..." - He said, and disappeared. "Dayhard" - almost silently responded to me, but it was not. The more I have never seen him.

By the way, the magi's always saying goodbye, "dayhard." In English it means something like "die hard." But I believe that a different meaning here. Maybe it's not even a word of ancient speeches. He has a lot of meanings: the "now" and "die," and yet this word is the number 729.

On the one hand, following the departure of teachers I have experienced severe discomfort: now had to rely only on themselves, no one is standing close by, ready to help, to intercept a spell on herself. There is no one has to insure me from the nameless creatures norovyaschih climb into our world every Collapses space spell ...

But, on the other hand, I was given complete freedom. No one will control me. Nowhere to wait for help, but nowhere and condemnation. Power corrupts - but I am opposed to this struggle. Amused as he could. I remember one of the favorite pastimes was being invisible, walk around the streets and throw childish pranks like churning hats or hitch on the back to some staid Maine kitten back to the coat. I threw this lesson when I was shot down "KamAZ" - you can not blame the driver, I was invisible, but it still did not notice, so that rocked the car - and all. I grunted, howled, losing consciousness from the pain, rolling on the asphalt, and then I have moved some cars. In general, until I got to the sidewalk, I still have a couple of times great to have touched, I did not see who - because of veiled eyes of blood. I had to spend a few terrible minutes, which seemed like an eternity until the regenerated tissues of the mouth and I was able to help a few words of their survivability. Then lounging in the heat of the house, I took an oath from the likes of fun and really left them.

My parents, lovely and nice people, had no idea of ​​my knowledge. And after the lesson, and I was generally take care to avoid drawing attention to himself, became quieter and more humble, struggling hiding his intelligence and strength from others. Sometimes it was very difficult - to mark time with all around the complex problems seeing clearly the way to its 5-6 decision, some of which are unknown to the professor himself.

(To be continued).

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