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24.07.2013, 15:54
Confessions of a magician
 The letter came from Chelyabinsk. No signature and return address. Quite possibly, some of the budding writers decided pomistifitsirovat edition and now is looking forward to what will come out of this venture.

We have decided to offer his message to your attention: ideas anonymous correspondent deserve.

If you take everything seriously - for God's sake, do not intend to discourage. Apprehend just as fiction - I think, too, will not be disappointed.


Peace be with you, but will last your days under the sun. I do not know why I address this to you, and why I write at all. Apparently, it is the will of Providence. Maybe I just feel better if I speak for at least someone.

I run a great risk by sending the letter. You could say signing his own death warrant. But my condition is such that I have become indifferent to death. Maybe I'm just too tired. Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant!

I ask you to take it seriously - too much in this piece of paper enclosed. I'll use the commonly-used, even though we call these things differently. So it will be easier.

At the thought of writing to you prompted me those ads that appear regularly at the end of your paper. They naive simpletons ask to teach them the art of magic, promising to be "diligent students", etc.

I do not want people to have formed an opinion about magic as an easy way to happiness and power. Understand, this world is arranged so that nothing in it is given freely. For a while I was thinking in how best to bring it to your consciousness, and came to the conclusion that a better argument than my own story, to be found.

My teacher found me when I was 13 years old. Just at a time when there is a becoming a man when he determines his future path, he often unaware of it. After 2-3 simple tests, he realized that I went up to him. For some reason he instilled confidence in me, then I realized why. I missed the goal that I could devote myself to which would be worth to apply my skills. Such was the desire to learn all that the teacher showed me at the beginning of training. I gave the self-improvement in this respect, all my spare time. Best student probably would be hard to find.

The basis of the magic of its laws are to be performed by magicians all regardless of background, color accessories and skill level. The third law states that none of the magicians, never, never, under any circumstances should not open yourself to someone else. From this simple truth: those who publicly declared that they de sorcerers and magicians, really are not. Because the penalty for violation of any of the Acts - the death, and sometimes something worse. Exclusion from the Third Act are only a combination of teacher-student and magnetic mag. But the second is rare - except in special cases, we prefer not to talk to each other ...

The rod applied aspects of magic - spells. It is long, do not make sense in any earthly language phrases. None of us knows what is the mechanism of their action. But the fact that these sounds have a definite impact on real lead the way. Some of the spells are effective only at a particular time - the time of year, the location of the planets of the day, or in a particular place. Sometimes it is necessary to adopt a certain posture, often folded into a cunning figure fingers. Incorrect pronunciation of the text spells fraught. At best, it simply does not work, at worst, the consequences are dire. It is believed that the spell - the remains of some ancient legendary speeches, but no one else but me, it was not possible to find patterns in them, even with the use of modern computer technology. A few brave souls who tried to make their texts and say, a bad end. One of them was my teacher ...

Thus, qualification magician is largely dependent on how much he knows spells and how fast he is guided in their applicability. This I learned quickly. And wonks to swoon until trained his memory.

The longer I worked the magic, the more notice of a strange. Some of them were pleasant: in PE I was easily overtake athletes classmates did not zapyhayas while. Minor scrapes and scratches heal on me instantly. At the request could not sleep for a long time, while remaining alert. Once stuck his head in the water and timed. When he felt the first signs of suffocation, got out and looked at the clock - was sixth minute ... A truly believed in himself when he fell from the fourth floor and got off a couple of bruises.

However, problems began to arise. I became ill endure direct sunlight and heat. Once we now classmates decided to go to the Orthodox church. The closer we got, the worse I felt. Nakata headache, nausea, sudden weakness. It became difficult to breathe, every joint and gut-wrenching burned. The closer we got, the worse I felt. And when the light from one of the crosses, blushing brightly, blinding me, I cried out hoarsely incomprehensible horror, turned and ran ...

And - mirrors. I have ceased to be reflected in them. I had to constantly avoid them, as they lay in wait for me everywhere: at home, in shops, in the fitting on the school walls, everywhere! It was just a nightmare. I had nowhere to get away from them.

Not surprisingly, I learned the art of special zeal build illusions. As I remember: we're sitting next to the teacher, I move around the room a phantom, and he quietly tells: "Tight - I can see through it. Remember - sound, color, smell, touch, taste ... So ... Shadow you forgot shadow! Stop, I can see through it again - do not lose your concentration. " And so every day, but soon I was passing freely mirrors, corner of my eye proudly watching his reflection, which is purely the result of my efforts.
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