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24.07.2013, 15:25
Art of transparency
Has been said that the human body is fraught with enormous opportunities. However, most people do not know not only how to use these features, but even identify them in ourselves.

I think the wrong phrases like: "This gift is exceptional" or "He has a gift." Just this man has found an approach to one or more capabilities. Among them are telepathy and clairvoyance, and telekinesis, and more.

In turn, the body of every opportunity, because of the enormous resources of the latter, you can develop and grow, turning it so the arts. In the books of Carlos Castaneda said about achieving the dream of art and art of stalking (change in perception). There, indeed, described the stages of development and promotion of human possibilities on the way to perfection - to art.

This article will consider the development of "art transparency" (IP). Revealed a possibility that I did, and he himself experienced it and, watching her and developed. There is a promotion of the arts, but has not yet reached perfection.

SP is that people looking for a person or thing to which this affects the ability to not notice it. More precisely, for them the person or object is barely noticeable. Of course, he did not rayed and becomes invisible - it's just different. In my opinion, our body is able to capture the energy that radiate as living organisms, and the "non-living" nature. Carbon capture is through the eyes, but not directly impaired. Anyone who has mastered IP, reduces own energy glow, blending with the environment, or even becoming a "dimmer" her.

The art of transparency has several key aspects. The first - is the possibility of the man himself. The second - at a sufficient concentration prloiskhodit connection to personal and egregor involtatsiya from the last to the man. The energy enhances human capabilities. And the third - is self-hypnosis. So we come to the most important thing - to practice.

How to practice to master the SP? I do not promise quick results, as every man - is an individual system with the features and subtleties.

So, first you need to present yourself clear. In this case, the term "provide" vklyuchaeit has three elements: to feel, see and learn. When I introduced myself really clear, that I had a kind of strange feeling weak - this meant that I felt. See - this is to imagine that you are looking at yourself, transparent (you can look at yourself from different angles - on this later). And to know - is to have the knowledge and confidence that you are really transparent. In the language of Don Juan - Carlos Castaneda's teacher - the word "report" would have sounded: "express intent".

I myself am in the beginning of the experiments to facilitate the task of imagining a transparent wall. Then I passed through it - and it became clear. To enhance the effect, you must also simultaneously provide a wall mirror to others, around their bodies. Application of only one of these elements leads to the desired result.

There are other ways of appearance of transparency. For example, one of those that I also applied - is to submit herself to cover the emptiness inside. Then imagine that the shell crumbles, and you remain transparent. At the same time, in the beginning part of the Frontend does not want to fall, but after a few repetitions of this problem disappears.

After many experiments with different mirrored walls I came to the conclusion that the easiest to use and most effective system - a diamond of the walls. In this case, the person was in the middle diamond and sharp angles of a rhombus are located in front of and behind the person.

After repeated exercise in understanding the FE, I noticed that when I see myself clear, then I look at myself from the "assemblage point", but its position is not standard, as described by Castaneda, and shifted to the left, a little higher and closer to the body. ("Assembly Point" - a small region in the energy the human body, similar to a large luminous egg or ball, which has a higher luminosity than the body itself. Its position depends on the state of human consciousness). After another nekotroe time the assemblage point moves in the same direction even further - according to the state of my mind at that moment.
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