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24.07.2013, 14:15
   You've got to understand that astral = a tool like a spoon - fits all. They can eat any food. We should not give him a non-existent features.    
      Please note that the majority of schools that now exist in the direction of astral practices that do not fit the astral practice as a system, and try to use the human condition, which arise in a trance, and during sleep. To make sense of this, I will give an example - in India there are yogis and fakirs have, ie magicians. So, with such magicians often and you have to have people who want to learn astral practice. Hence their frustration. Unfortunately, we live in an age of public relations and astral also trying to turn into a means of entertainment, the opportunity to walk through walls, to travel anywhere, to experience feelings and emotions that are unattainable in the physical world. In fact, for these schools does not matter what state you are - a dream or a lucid dream, the state of oxygen poisoning or toadstools. One criterion - these schools only use the effect of altered states of consciousness, and they have no opportunity to further develop the practice. The main thing that a person has received an altered state of consciousness, distinct from the physical, then they have fulfilled their money. In fact, I do not get tired of repeating that this astral not even close to similar phenomena. And it's not the most important thing in the astral practice, do not specifically pursue external effects. Well, you will pass dozens of walls, flying around ten most interesting places. I assure you that in a year you get tired of it all. Astral is really limitless. And in both content and manifestations. At a certain stage of the study astral, I realized that one I do not take the subject of astral want a system like-minded students. And to teach astral need the full depth.
      This video is the first in the video courses. It is dedicated to the practice of astral exit. This is the initial stage of development of the astral plane, the actual system itself and the initial output data necessary for self-development of the astral plane. Questions of spiritual development and improvement is in the course of study in the text, only 21 lecture.
      in the near future plans to release the video course for the sessions of the conclusion to the astral plane. This topic has not yet disclosed in the course of training, and interest in it is big enough. I believe that my students not only have themselves to easily go to the astral plane, but also to conduct sessions with others, teach them. In addition, these sessions can be conducted not only in order to eliminate human astral projection, but also to move it in time, as well as to conduct healing sessions .. These sessions are much easier to work with the information obtained from the astral plane, if you wish you can even record on tape.
      third in a series of video courses planning to do a course on magic. In the astral plane there are no physical laws, there are astral principles. The control system principles astral = this is the magic. Just people trying to implement it on the physical plane, some who have some ties to the astral plane - it is possible. But for effective action in the astral plane and the impact on the physical world, the knowledge and skills needed by each astronauts. Do not see it as something negative or black, those who read my lecture knows that bad I do not teach. I'll try just about to release a series of commercials is the astral plane, with emphasis on the fact that anything negative and negative astral in itself does not carry.
       So, actually, what interesting things I can do for you in the video version, and if it was worth all the effort.
  First.  existing variant courses for more than 4 years, and despite the constant additions to it, there is a need to revise it on the basis of actual practice. Especially - the practice of astral exit, it does not grasp neprilozhnyh dogmas and personal process that requires personal perception of certain techniques, evaluation of practice, based on the characteristics of the body or mind, the specific conditions of the practice. An important role is certainly played by the creation chat and brainstorm practice questions in it, it is possible to look at the process of training your eyes and take into account the many nuances of practice, a more detailed approach to the most important key points.
 second. Videocourse voice acting is not the lecture material presented on the site. Video course is devoted to practical training to the astral door. With respect to the curriculum - it is a practical implementation of video course materials for the first seven lectures program.
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