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After that opens third center - the solar gossip (Manipur) by Andrew's cross. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart, arms raised, palms up, parallel to the back, fingers back. As such, the man, as it consists of two halves with the center at the navel. From space through the left hand clockwise (according to the rule of thumb), start threading the cord yellow, passing it through the hand to the solar plexus (behind the navel to the spine), and in the right leg down, deep into the earth. From the ground, in the left foot yellow thread the cord, it passes through the left leg in the solar plexus, then a right hand and goes up to infinity (Fig. 5).
After that, you start to uncover the throat tsetr (adenochakur), it is revealed on a direct cross. Stand with your toes and heels together, hand in hand, the left palm up, right - down. Through the left hand is screwed cord of blue infinity, parallel to the ground via the throat Prhodila tsetr of the clavicle on the spine and through the right hand goes to infinity. Bottom from the ground up the spine and into space passes the white cord (Fig. 6). Around the chakra cords are as if they zukruchivayut chakra.
After the disclosure of throat tsetra begin to reveal the heart center (Anahata). For this upper chakra (vishudha) must be made to rotate in a clockwise direction (as viewed from the outside), sending energy down to the heart center, located in the center of the chest and spine. Sunny Centre (Manipur) raises your energy up to the solar center, rotating counter-clockwise. Both streams are merged together in the center of the chest to the spine. Vishudhas blue and yellow Manipura give green heart center. Green Center rotates counter-clockwise, and sends its energy to the center of the head, the third eye. On top of the center of the cosmos through the crown of the head is screwed into the white cord. Two counter-flow forced to work the sixth center (ajna). This center consists of three parts. Its axis is directed through the nose and the pituitary gland to the occiput (the visual centers of the cortex). The pituitary gland - a film projector, the visual centers - archive of past experience, the film - the visual images in the optic thalamus, the inner surface of the nose bridge - the screen on which they are viewed.
Thus, third eye can be represented as rotating cones blue vertices converging in the pituitary gland, the base directed toward the screen and the visual centers in the back (Fig. 7).
Once opened the sixth center, we force to spin blue cones: Front counter-clockwise back - in a clockwise (as viewed from the front). The energy thus diverges to the periphery, charging the appropriate field. Then we begin to rotate in the opposite direction cones. And since several times. When the eyes are closed in the nose a blue screen, the outgoing forward, forming astral tube. At the end it will be an opening through which a new world can be seen.
The concentration at the tip of the nose. Hindus have a good exercise: the concentration at the tip of the nose. The left hemisphere of us is responsible for logic, right for intuition. Usually we perceive the world with one eye, the other plays a supporting role. Experience going through the eye, forced to work one hemisphere. Whether we like it or not, we are constantly flowing information from surrounding objects. Squinting at the tip of the nose, we are merging the experience of the left and right eye, both hemispheres begin to work together. Visual axes that intersect the tip of the nose and going off into the distance, the Forked items disabling our consciousness from the outside world. The brain as it begins to work independently. There is a glow around objects. Then there are clubs blue and gold colors, and there is a brightly colored image. Sitting in this position should be at least 20 minutes.
-Washing the body and the energy of the space oruzhayuschego
Sit upright on a firm chair. On top of the space is empty at the top of its rotating clockwise cord white. The bottom out of the ground along the spine miss cord white counterclockwise. At the top of both the cord meet, forming a dense white shining ball. Get the ball to spread the energy from the top down - first on the skin of the head, then the neck, chest, abdomen, back and buttocks, arms, thighs, legs and feet. Then the white energy penetrates deep into the body and begins to saturate the bottom up muscle feet, legs, thighs, buttocks, back, abdomen, chest,
arms, neck, head, face. Further energy is even more deeply infiltrating the brain,
throat, lungs, heart, abdominal organs and pelvis. Finally, the energy
get into the bones of the skeleton from the bottom up: bone feet, legs, hips, pelvis, spine, ribs, shoulder, arm bones, skulls. Now, all your body is permeated with white energy. Send out a pulsating images of your body in all directions to infinity: forward, backward, left, right, up, down, deep into the earth. Feel how the energy of divergent and convergent clubs on all sides, sparkles and shimmers. Reassemble the pulsating images of your body from all sides in yourself, pick up white energy through the body directly from the stop on the shins, thighs, buttocks, stomach, chest, arms, neck, head to the top of the head. Lift up the rotating counterclockwise cord into space and down through the spine hour deep into the earth. So you can wash your body any energy over the rainbow. Red energy excites warms, as well as yellow, green gives a feeling of peace and tranquility, calm blue, purple gives clarity of thought, and the white cleans all the cells of your body and refreshing. There is a feeling as if you washed in the crystal clear water.
The concentration on the body
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