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Yogic exercise
Of Hatha Yoga can take more physical exercise to maintain the normal operation of our physical body. The first step is to learn the complete yoga breathing, and then need to work with abdominal muscles to massage the internal organs, then - the study of the spine: twisting pose, yoga mudra, posture fish. For the recovery of the tonsils useful posture of a lion, for the treatment of eye and ear - pose crows, which also due to the long delay of breathing helps a person to work in an anoxic space, trains heart. To align all the muscle groups and create a harmonious shapes useful pose pulling on his toes as high as possible up on inspiration and lower down on the exhale, heels touching the floor (10-25 times). There is one universal exercise to keep your body tone and align energy Kataysky channels. Lie on the floor, under the head, under the neck, put a roller to the neck muscles are completely relaxed. Make full yogic breath, tighten the muscles of the anus and stretch the entire body upward while inhaling. Tense facial muscles, neck muscles are relaxed. The scoring of breath to breath. Then exhale through the nose abruptly air and relax. During exhalation, send the energy from the top of the head down the wave through the body to the tips of the toes. With the next breath energy rising from the bottom up to the top of the head. So a few times, until the breathing calms down. After that, turn off the inner monologue (listen to the monotonous noise: the ticking clock or with his own breath - inhale, ham - exhale) and begin to view their internal organs, disabling thoughts. See the muscles of the head, neck, arms, back, chest, abdomen and legs. The transition to the internal organs: esophagus, stomach, 12 duodenum, small intestine, large intestine, bladder, genitals, liver, Selenka, pancreas, kidney, ureter, diaphragm, lungs, heart, intercostal muscle. In a moment of relaxation possible exit from the body of a partial or complete. In partial output is a feeling as if your body starts to rise vertically, and at the same time, you feel it as your physical body. At full output you see your body from the outside. Fright immediately returns it back.
Mental relaxation
Select a nook in the bosom of nature and move aimlessly, not timing with time. At your disposal is to be an hour of free time. When complete obstruction of you (cry of a bird, tripped or someone you crossed the road or pushed, and went up to meet you), you have to turn or go the other way. In this state there is complete mental relaxation. You get out of the flow of subjective time. The subjective flow of time - a chain of events that you build in front of you, predicting their future actions, as if breaking up your entire day on the number of expected events. Any obstacles to the realization of these events are perceived by you as a personal insult. Fighting through them, you break its energy security, tear your field.
One hour of such a physical relaxation, at least once a week, removes all internal terminals, eliminates irritation, gives you the opportunity to feel the limits of information flow. All the obstacles in your way are these boundaries. Modification of this exercise - walking together. When walking, you listen to your partner's moves and how to get in his mental state, rasryvaete it start to feel his mood and attitude towards you at the moment. This exercise empathize.
-Working with four concentric rainbows
Houses on the wall you need to draw concentric circles corresponding to the four kingdoms. Inside - the kingdom of man, then animals, plants and minerals. Each realm includes eight concentric bands over the rainbow, from red to purple and 8th - white. The width of each strip 2 cm overall diameter - 128 cm, and the width - 3 cm - 196 cm in the center - a black dot on a white background formed by white zero human kingdom, goes on to the periphery of the purple stripe, blue, etc. to red, followed by a white band in the animal kingdom, etc. the colors of the spectrum.
Outermost - the red stripe of the mineral kingdom. Color intensity increases from the center to the periphery.
Sit down in front by the focal distance, and begin to look at the black dot as long as on the periphery of your vision will not appear bands of bright color flashes. Then close your eyes and see the space between the eyebrows. There is a brightly colored concentric circles. Keep your eyes closed for as long as the image is completely gone. Exercise should be done when you turn off the interior monologue - listen to the ticking clock.
In the second exercise, you start rolling his eyes along each color bar in the center of the periphery of the counter-clockwise, starting from the bottom axis. Opinion should smoothly roll along each strip without jumps. Coming in from the outside of the red side stripes of the mineral kingdom, screw the look inside, each band start from the bottom, and so get to the black point in tsetre, this time clockwise. Head motionless, only rotate the eyeballs. The idea is disconnected from the clock ticks, the emotions are shot relaxation of facial muscles. After such a spiraling movement slowly close your eyes and your eyes and observe the effects.
Hatha Yoga Pose
To perform this pose early in the morning to sit in the lotus position or another comfortable position facing north. On the left side - the Moon (below zero, cold energy) on the right - the Sun (positive, warm energy). During deep full breaths mentally begin to pull the energy in the form of thin beams through the left nostril of the moon down on the left side of the spine to the tailbone, through the right - on the right side of the spine, just to the coccyx. At the bottom of beams collapsed as two rolls. During exhalation, the energy polnimaetsya up and down the spine at the back of the head crosses - lunar energy goes to the right hemisphere of the brain, and the sun - to the left. At the top of the energy is also minimized to two rolls. After accumulating enough energy, you combine the right and left hemispheres in tsetre and descend the energy down to the coccyx. Then, back - up. Since several times. Then combine the moon and the sun in the sky, central light above your head, and send your energy beam through the top of this luminary. "Ha" - the sun, "tha" - the Moon, "yoga" - the unity. Hatha yoga - the union of solar and lunar energy.
The awakening of all the centers. In this exercise, we are working on the ascending
present energy flow. Resolved first two bottom center: tailbone - the sacred and the sexual plexus center (muladhara and SWADHISTAN). During deep inspiration is drawn inside the anus, as high as possible, gently and gradually. All the muscles of the anus inside the cut. During exhalation, the anus gently opukaetsya down and relax (open from 1 to 5 minutes). There is a warming of the lower centers (chakras), sensation of warmth.
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