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24.07.2013, 15:22
Each of the religions of developing one of the unseen energy flows. Each previous religion serves as a stepping stone to enter the next information flow. Red level (Judaism) - energetic image of matter - makes it possible to move in orange and yellow, ie in a sexy flow and control flow (the sphere of possession and scope of authority). Green energy flow (Christian) gives us an opportunity to get rid of matter and its attributes - sex and power over the matter, and through love go out to the highest invisible space. In these spaces Judaism goes through Kabbalah (logic), Islam - through accept Sufism. And here and there through out strictly individual relationship with the teacher. Christianity, however, gives vent to all through cosmic love. The teacher is placed in an invisible stream of creativity - it is Jesus Christ. Buddha gave the opportunity to go outside the system of the universe - black dot pralaya, or Son of Brahma for future work in the next deployment of the universe. Before disappearing into the black point of reaching its part of the state of Nirvana - Omniscience. When all you know, you have something you want, so Omniscience is an absolute vacuum or zero, and Nirvana is absolute death.
Nearly all religions, from the pagan gods sacrificed. The meaning of sacrifice - through appropriate rituals and symbols to create an energy bridge between God and man, as if to make yourself visible to God. In Buddhism, Islam and Christianity, such a bridge is prayer, because Buddha, Mohammed and Jesus were themselves representatives of God on earth, were sacrificed to the earth and its inhabitants. The bodies of the Buddha and Mohammed were here on earth, invisible subtle body went into invisible energy space, and their teachings serve as a bridge between this world and the. In Christianity, the sacrament of the Eucharist gives to directly get in touch with the Spirit of Christ through the bread and wine (the Eucharist). Through the sacrifice of the Spirit is heavier in order that we may perceive Him with our imperfect senses. When cleaning the spiritual principle in man perception of the Spirit comes directly from the heart, for example, when reading the Jesus Prayer of St. John Chrysostom.
As we mentioned above, in Hermeticism and Christianity, there are spiral. On one of the icons of Christ is holding a ball. The same transparent spheres are shown in the hands of the Archangel Michael and Gabriel. In the book "The Byzantine miniature" on one of the thumbnails shown schematically sphere, made of 2-hoops. In the mid - Land and Water. Upstairs is a small cross. Image refers to the 7-9 century. Scope - a force that is energy. Bumblebee in his book on the duplex area gave a mathematical calculation of the so-called modulator Corbusier. Duplex-sphere is formed by compression of the torus evenly on all sides. The inner surface converge in the central point of the sphere and begins to form in the bride around her, upon further compression of the surface formed by the spiral - a ball, a ball of the second sphere. This structure is a power tool that is transforming all forms of energy, and establishing communication between all levels of the material realm. Six-winged Seraphim symbolizes a duplex scope, transforming coarse energies of the Earth in a clean, thin, white energy that comes to the throne of the Lord. Jesus Christ in his supplication in the Garden of Gethsemane was a ray of white color - Tabor light.

Space is associated with the Earth through the heavens education - the constellation. After contact with the earth energy through the funnel turns in the opposite direction. We get energy back quality. The Earth's atmosphere - gigintskaya refractive lens. The sun creates water vapor from the lenticular body, which is why, when we connect to the cosmic energy, we need to flip the signs of the Zodiac symbols of the planets. Therefore, when working with duplekssferoy elements earth and air are reversed. Astrology, with which we are dealing, for our usual material things.
In man there are 7 energy centers, chakras located on the spine. The lower three chakras relate to the matter mooladhara, sexual and solar plexus, the top three - to the invisible world, which is close us. Heart Chakra - the communications center of both of these worlds, it passes through the love - that which is worthy of man. If you are in a spiral from the heart center go down, you will find a selfish sexual love. Climbing up the other spiral, you go out on the cosmic love. That is why the heart is the center of balance of your soul. Through eighth center - white ball on top - a person may come into contact with the cosmic consciousness. The black dot on the top - it's the black tunnel through which the subtle body after death go into the invisible world beyond. This pipe is displayed on the canvas Titus Brueghel (16th century). The person perceives the world through the lens of the eye. In the human eye, the image is inverted so the babies up to 6 months. see the world upside down, but in the process of contact with older child puts the world at your place. Visual pathways in the brain are crossed, the left goes to the right hemisphere, the right to the left, and at the same time retained the right ways. The eye sees both direct and crossed the images together.
Each item has its focus perception of his person, this is the most favorable distance from the object to the person with whom the person receives the greatest amount of information about the subject in a minimum of time, as if his whole being. Therefore, when working with images, icons and stones are always the focus. The flat mirror is a continuation of the world without crossing and therefore the image in the mirror at yourself you left hand you can see on the right. Mirror and therefore can be a tool output in the lower subtle energy space, it applies to magic to meet the physical needs.
- preparatory exercises
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