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24.07.2013, 15:20
- Connection between man and the environment. Minerals, plants, animals
Man - disclosed energetichekaya system. Ancient magicians were able vostanavlivat during their magical vibration chain operations, which includes at this time constellations, planets, birthday person, animal, plant and mineral spirits connection, elements of Water, Fire, Air and Earth, and so as to increase the weight of his own thought, to materialize it. And they themselves have created the right event for them in the comfort of the room.
In ancient books of magic given time, according to which every plant, animal, mineral, and people are connected to the respective constellations, planets (Palyus "Black and white magic," Paul Sedir "Magical Plants").
-Work with plants.
First learn to work with trees. To do this, select the most powerful, green tree with elastic and shiny leaves afar pass him. You should feel sympathy and kindness to him. Then begin to approach the tree as long as you feel it most strongly. Getting up near a tree, how would send the whole body on the trunk and crown and merge with it to a tree. Feel the tree's roots, the movement of juice from the ground up on the trunk and spreading them over the leaves of the crown. Then feel as space goes down through the air and down on the leaves and stem flows into the roots under the ground. So accomplished a great circuit between heaven and earth, and their exchange. After that, connect themselves to this exchange by identifying himself with the tree, and try out a movement upward and downward energy. This way you can treat yourself to wash ourselves from all the dirt. You will walk away from the tree Washed. Feel like leaves on a tree pat your hair, feel the crown crown. Before leaving, do not forget to thank the tree, its trunk pat hand, feel affection for him, as for her child.

Maple invigorating, soothing willow, poplar gives clarity of thought, a feeling of space and perspective.

After working with trees work out with houseplants. Find the optimal distance, without touching, stroke plant by hand, then stand up straight and feel for what center (chakra) plant sends a wave. Rinse energy plants and thank him again.

Plants and still perceive the world through animals and humans. Moreover, they provide the energy balance around. So you have to pick up the plants in the room that you are cute and place them on the appropriate places. If you learn to feel the plants, then they will be able to find a place and understand the energy pattern they create.

In your kamnate always a focus point energy flows. Enter the room to stand up and turn off all their thoughts, get a blank sheet of paper on which the invisible world will write their characters. Then go to your room in different directions and feel the most energy dense areas. In these places you can not be all the time, you can not put the bed and desk. In the room there are always two points: positive and negative. In them you can solve their problems in life, after sitting at the right moment for a while. Will give a positive charge with a shortage of energy, negative feelings need for contrast, when you need to clarify the situation.

-Working with minerals.
Take any stone better transparent, and look at him absent-minded look. After a while, the stone in front of your eyes covered with a silvery haze, and even, perhaps, with a halo of color. Pull the energy from the stone in the energy center (chakra) that meets him in color, and it rakrutite this energy counterclockwise strelki.Zatem let this energy will be spread out over the body chakras. You will feel

As each cell, each organ begin to fill up the energy of the stone. You
as it will wash out of energy and a good rest. (For more information see
- ART. The problem of creativity. WORKING WITH picture.
In this age of collected a lot of information embedded in proizvedeiyah Arts. Each work is a world view of the artist, the era and the environment in which he lived. Therefore, when dealing with a painting or a sculpture, we can enter at a time and see the reality, in the form of vivid imagery, everything that happened there. You can go beyond the picture. Creativity - is the output of an invisible flow of information, read the information and the materialization of its other in the form of a work of art. Each Product of art multifaceted and many-sided. Anyone in contact with it, sees it as his own, personal, open it yourself. Before you remove the information from the invisible thread, the artist enters into ecstasy - a sense of the unusual pleasure, cease to notice the reality around him and sees something that is not seen by others. In this state, the artist perceives what is conformable to his nature, and if it is not implemented on the Earth, it can get crazy. The images will tear it from the inside, because the artist gets extra energy. Burbot in his book, "The Past in the Present" speaks of the information flows around us and of religious experience hrastianskih devotees who know how to get information from these streams.
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