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24.07.2013, 15:19
Raymond Moody in his book "Life After Death" described 150 cases of separation of the subtle body of man after his physical death for those individuals who are able to bounce back. These persons, many of you have talked yourself. In his book, "Letters from the Other World" British novelist Elizabeth Barker describes the output in the invisible world of beings who in life did not believe in immortality. They were there in a dormant state, and none of those present could not wake them up. Imagine a person extracted out with a blindfold and ask him to describe what he sees. Same thing with the belief in immortality: you just open your eyes when get into the invisible world. There are people who go out into the world during his lifetime. They can communicate with the souls of dead people and how to give answers to what awaits us after death. In the world of science reported many cases of communicating with the living relatives of the dead.

In the East, there is a philosophical system of a multiple birth of one and the same person - reincarnation. There is a technique of introducing people into hypnosis and lowering it by year of birth and the time for it. In this state, one begins to see its realization, describes the surroundings of the time, and calls himself its former name. Each person after death is in the hereafter a certain amount of time. The term of his being there depends on how he lived here. People leading a dissolute life, and also not seeing anything in life, getting into that space is constantly drawn back their unfulfilled desires on the ground. For such people in any period of history, there are always conditions for the realization of their base desires, as the structure of the eras they are not interested. According to the law of karma, each person must fully realize all their desires, goals and expectations. With each such implementation it Relevant to close the windows in the resonant energy body, and he becomes more and more free from the outside world. The more resonant windows in the human energy body-ka, the less freedom of action, acts of man.

People with the same desires very quickly come back, getting into the moment of conception as an invisible form, realized the future of man. Those beings who are interested in more general spiritual issues perceived by zpohu whole life of the world, its internal structure, so they are born, and further the knowledge of the era has to go, and this requires several centuries. There is one interesting saying "genius born once in 500 years." Longer interval between incarnations people involved moral issues.

With faith in the immortality possible and selfishness, and to squeeze into the invisible world. This problem has troubled our writers and poets. One of these creatures - Lermontov's Demon - a creature with a devastated soul who can not find peace anywhere. A. Tolstoy speaks of man, to change his soul to the devil in exchange for a full immediate execution of all desires. Since the desire to do right, to wish for more than there was nothing, and the man began to suffer from its own emptiness. The resonance box is automatically closed and the man found himself in a prison of its own self-interest, as it was closed on itself.


- TIME: Present, Past and Future.
The problem of time has long been interested in all scientists: mathematicians, physicists and philosophers. According to the teachings of the East while subjectively and in the human mind consists of a constant current flow of events, mysteriously connected with each other. Man's thoughts follow one another procession, and a person is very difficult to stop their flow. This problem is related to hypnosis, one of the conditions of which - focusing on the monotonous noise. In this state, every sound is similar to the previous and subsequent. Lost sense of novelty and the brain is automatically disconnected from the outside world and goes inside.
Astronauts at one stage of their training are placed in Surdo camera - space that excludes information from the outside world. In this condition a person turns itself inside out, ie deduces the vnurtenny world outside and begins to perceive himself from the party. Since its surroundings clean, he through the resonant frequencies begins to perceive the events of far-off worlds. By the same procedure is based practice Indian yoga, immured in a cave deep underground without access to light and sound. A person ceases to perceive yourself as a person and is divided into many beings outside itself and thus can not see past incarnations.
Man lives in the real world, based on past experience and predicting what he will do in the near and distant future. The real world - a hair that separates the past from the future. The spoken word is a thing of the past, and the unspoken thought is in the future. If one can not predict their future behavior, to build a picture of his future work, he panics and can ill mental illness and even suicide. The worst thing - is when a person does not know what awaits him on.
The child is full of a mass of unresolved problems and hopes, the world around him - unlimited space for their implementation. Owned by an adult and a child asks, "And then? And then?" Because it scared worried about whether there is continued beyond the end. All children believe in immortality, so for them there is no limit.
Otto Weininger, in his book "Sex and Character," said the man's memory is outside of time, it is static and not subject to change, time flows continuously. Human memory covers both his real experience and expertise of all its past transformations. A man coming into the world with the experience of this opinion, weathered during Adam. It is this memory of reincarnation creates a structure of behavior, desires and hopes of the people, the whole range of his behavior, responsibilities and boundaries of its activities.
In biology, there is a law, ontogeny, phylogeny repeating: individual is in the process of fetal development in a very small space of time repeats the development of a form (experience millennia). The same thing happens in the mind of the person at his perception of the external world
- The so-called education or training. Man spends his life studying minimize repetitive events in a single, unifying them and pulls them on a subconscious level, as an automatic action, thereby cortex of the human brain as a sphere of its activity, is released for the perception of new developments in other areas of perception. That's why the person at the time of the extreme danger of consciousness is very clear. In the form of pictures swims all his life, and it only takes a few minutes. All the rest of the time between the key events we have been monotonous, repetitive actions.
The more new event takes place in front of a man during the day, that weight becomes a life and the longer a person lives. At the same time as the clock runs minutes. The novelty of perception - a highlight in the information theory. Informativeness of events depends on the novelty of it for the perceiver.
Vernadsky proposed the idea of ​​the existence of psychic shell around the earth, in which there is information about the past and future of the planet.
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