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Parapsychology - 2

Man consists of the seven main bodies entering into one another:
1. Physical
2. Essential
3. Astral (desire body)
4. Mental (body of thought)
5. The body of causality (causal)
6. Atman
7. Absolute Spirit
Since the energy of each body is different in quality from the other, each body as it runs through a thinner more rude. So the water infiltrates the sand. Physical body consists of a large number of cells, each of which serves two purposes - maintains its own existence and sends a part of itself to maintain the whole organism as a whole. Complex homogeneous cell built into the tissue or even a whole organism. All bodies riddled group of control cells, providing respiratory or nutritional function. Each cell is living a certain period of life, then dies or as a blood cell or a split. Despite all this body constantly maintains its shape and structure. This storage process is zfirnym body. The etheric body is an exact replica of the physical body, it is as if the body has a constant form. Inside the etheric body is the astral body of emotions and desires - what a day makes us commit

reckless actions. The mental body building plan our activities in

during the whole life, as it were, reasonable structure behavior. Inside the mental body is the body of the causes, and so on, in each other.

In Russian fairy tale about an immortal Kashchei in symbolic form such a structure is passed bodies, Ivan breaks the trunk, he jumps out of the rabbit, hare duck, duck egg, and the egg is needle - causal body is breaking, Ivan kills Kashcheja.

During sleep our astral body leaves the physical and starts traveling in an invisible space, carrying out the desires which were not sold during the day, and thus, as it were freed from the internal energy stress. In the dream, the desire to control a person. The man sees the event, but can not influence them. Some people are able to control dreams, and so can act as necessary. In the state of deep sleep (sleep without snovedeny) man separates from himself the mental body. The ancients called sleep "little death" and death - a big dream. At the death of the man comes through the top of the etheric body, which is some time near the corpse. Then decays, and exits through the astral body, and after a period of decay comes the astral body and the mental output. Each such body gets the appropriate energy flow and communicates with other similar bodies. All these streams run through an entire universe, the earth, and the place where we are. And as well as in our body includes one another.

After the death of the body part of the subtle energies remains with him, because they can not get through because of the subtle energy shell permanently located at a certain distance above the Earth. These subtle energies are formed due to the death of small creatures, which we constantly consume from food, air and water, or when we walk on the ground. With the death of every creature of it, too, highlighted some subtle energy body. All of the energy which remains at the bottom, with the water to penetrate into the soil and the respective resonance frequencies of the respective captured minerals. When we extract the minerals from the earth, they captured this energy information begin to radiate outward, into a looser compared to Earth space.

On the border of life and death to a person there is a problem of immortality. For the unbeliever, this problem gets very serious and some people in the last hours and minutes start to believe in the world that is outside the visible life. In most countries, the role of the conductor to the underworld perform religious ministers. Thus, religion frees a man from mental suffering before death, and the man goes into the invisible world is ready to see something there.

On this subject, there are a lot of books. Charles Twidale, in his book "The man lives or the life on the other side, in the light of human experience and modern science" (London, 1909) gives an overview of the biblical sources of the appearance of invisible beings in the physical world and the witnesses, describing the same event in his time.

Raymond Moody in his book "Life After Death" described 150 cases of separation of the subtle body of man after his physical death for those individuals who are able to bounce back. These persons, many of you have talked yourself. In his book, "Letters from the Other World" British novelist Elizabeth Barker describes the output in the invisible world of beings who in life did not believe in immortality. They were there in a dormant state, and none of those present could not wake them up. Imagine a person extracted out with a blindfold and ask him to describe what he sees. Same thing with the belief in immortality: you just open your eyes when get into the invisible world. There are people who go out into the world during his lifetime. They can communicate with the souls of dead people and how to give answers to what awaits us after death. In the world of science reported many cases of communicating with the living relatives of the dead.
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