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- LOVE, FAMILY, CHILD, A Lesson in Love, Tantra, egoism and altruism, love-VICTIM
Love is built from the inception of the world and begins to inanimate nature: the attraction and repulsion, sympathy and antipathy. Love itself is illogical, that is, is not subject to reason and logic. Love built on the principle of all world religions. For true love one must be prepared internally. That is why it is such a rare gift. Love is romance and poetry. The man should be disclosed cosmos, plants, animals and the surrounding brethren. Love - is unselfishness-ment. As expressed by famous poets - love gives nothing trebuyavzamen. From this love is supreme delight. The perception of love
each person individually and depends on the level of his spiritual EVELOPMENT. The lower limit of love - love of the physical, carnal, the highest - a full merger with the whole world around them, dissolving in it. Love begins in a small cell, where two love. During the life of a person gains experience, fired on their own mistakes, covered with wounds, scars, begins wary of the people around them, automatically placing a wall of alienation between themselves and others. Every love in normal conditions it takes several ztapov. The first stage - a whirlwind of feelings without question, a complete trust in each other, a constant presence near oschuschunie loved one. Here, a constant monitoring of loved one, to notice all the little things that quietly passes by the same person in a normal situation. That is why love is not protected and easily vulnerable. And very often his partner does not know what offended him. Skip str11-20

In all religions, as well as in black magic, there are certain formulas with which are connected to the invisible entities to obtain their energy. Using these formulas (prayers, mantras) man off from himself extraneous thoughts, feelings and desires, creating a rhythm and is included in the resonant current. From this stream of invisible energy plan down to our visible world is condensed so that it can be felt by our physical senses and even see. And then calling it uses in its sole discretion with certain rituals. In Japan, the practice of Zen state, which includes the complete renunciation of oneself. Upstairs in the unseen spaces, there are so-called egregors - energetichekie bags certain shape, the structure of which depends on the system of spiritual knowledge, which is preached in the world. The representatives of this doctrine through prayer, mantra, mantra send energy flows from the earth and constantly nourish egregor. Representatives of central egregores are founders of religions: Buddha, Christ, Moses, Mohammed. In the Middle East, there is a sect of worshipers, propopoveduyuschaya Zoroastrianism. The central figures in this doctrine - Ormuzd, the personification of the forces of light and Ahriman - the forces of evil. Between them is a constant struggle. Finally comes a time when these two creatures reconciled with each other and there will be peace on Earth.

Jesus Christ by his death on the cross and resurrection of meek humility demonstrated by example the truth of its teachings and followed him into the invisible space of spirit flocked by thousands of his disciples. In a state of misery, want, distress, people are turning to prayer to the one who does not reject anyone, and in each the most despicable man sees a spark of God. Through his teachings and principles laid down in it, Christianity has spread around the globe. The missionaries who preach this doctrine in different parts of the world, with faith and hope were dying at the hands of those whom they called to love. Jesus Christ commanded his disciples to heal the sick, raise the dead to validate his teachings. If you take the church calendar and the lives of the saints, that every day will find representatives of the teachings of Christ, on the invisible plane are always ready to help you if you refer to us. Thus, there is a constant around the Earth energy grid at a difficult moment connects the believer, and renders him spiritual help in the physical. All the churches on earth are on the energetically active points and serve as a connection between the visible world and the invisible space above the ground. When worship is climbing energy flows through the prayers of the Christian egregor up and sinking down from egregor to the faithful. The top of the dome of the church - this is the point where two energy vortexes, rotating in opposite directions.

Ambrogio Donini, in his book "At the root of Christianity," gives a comparison chart of all the religions of the world (according to UNESCO) with the population of the globe 4 billion. The number of Christians of all currents of 1 billion people., Of which 600 million - Catholics, 150 million - Orthodox, 600 million - Muslims, 550 million - Buddhists, 600 million - non-believers. Now trace the development of the Christian religion in centuries. Since its inception, was a unified Christian religion, in which the priest gave a vow of celibacy, but as the sexual energy is the most powerful and trudoupravlyaemaya znergiya in man, went various sexual perversions and excesses, and so in 1054 separated from the Catholic Church orthodoxy, where the priest had the right to marry and, thus, observed one of the tenets of Christianity: the husband and wife - one. From the beginning, Christianity was a constant struggle against the faces of the images of the saints, the so-called Icon-borstvo and finally in the sixteenth century, Christianity was separated from another branch -

Protestantism, and later - Baptists. Protestantism denies the church, church service, icons, and believes that, with certain rites the spirit of Christ may be included in each of us. Making their services, Baptists are connected to the sexual flow and dissolve in it, there is a collective sex, and promotion to the spiritual plane stops. Icons serve as agents of the Holy Spirit on earth. Through the old icons can go back centuries and view the events of that time. In addition, any icon, regardless of the time of occurrence, you can send a wave of energy - to provide information that you will do next, or treat you. The healer can heal through the icon of other people, taking the energy of the left hand, dropping a shoulder and the right hand on the affected body of the patient. Before working with the icon you need to enter yourself into a state of pure love of a child to his parents, just be dressed and remove all unnecessary items from the icon, you can keep only fresh flowers and minerals. In order to gain more power is desirable in the morning to go to church, say a prayer before the icon, dedicated to this day, to light a candle.

The six main prayers:
"Our Father"
"Archangel Michael"
"Jesus Prayer"
"Prayer of the Mother of God,"
Directly relates to a healer prayer alarm icons by name. (Prayers, see Appendix 2).

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