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24.07.2013, 15:17
CONTACT constellations and planets. The distribution of energy in flow, rainbow.
PYRAMID - food, air and intelligence. By inverting the pyramid.
Asceticism, and POST. DISEASES cause.
ADLER: inferiority complex.
A man takes everything that surrounds it, through the impact of energy flows of different wavelengths falling on our senses and registered by them.
The energy in space is allocated by threads, the so-called resonant frequencies. The ancient Egyptian sage, which in Greece called Hermes Trismegistus, five thousand years ago in his "Emerald Tablet" is given cosmic laws: what in heaven and on earth is that which is above, so below. Of these laws implies that many seemingly incompatible phenomena, both in their scope and in the location, could be in a resonant chain and be known almost instantly on the law of analogy. The key to the knowledge of the resonance energy flows - a rainbow. Once we are able to determine the amount of power under the law of the rainbow, you immediately learn to know the energy flows and manage them. The man and the universe represent a single global process of perpetual motion, as well as the exchange of information.
According to ancient notions of man is connected with the cosmos through the planets and constellations that run it from the moment of conception until death (physical). With the birth of a man surrounded by energy shell, spreading around the physical body at a certain distance. This is the "money" that he can can get the value of the outside world. Previous experience of the individual who gave the spark of life to man now, this energy creates a shell windows of resonance through which a person emits energy beams that connect with the objects necessary for the individual (Fig. 1).
At the time of man's connection with the closure of the external object proshodit energy and obtain a closed energy system.
However, the other resonant windows do not work. Set and the number of resonance windows determine the goals and objectives of a man, his desires, and the whole meaning of life.
In the body of the energy produced by the constant work of the heart, lungs, and the so-called vascular and neuromuscular beam. The heart and lungs are working without a break in a person from birth to death. In the womb, the fetus is supplied with power system through the umbilical cord of the mother. At the heart of its reduction sends a pulse wave arteries. The expanding area of ​​the artery strikes the adjacent nerve fibers, the nerve sends a pulse to the next muscle located. With the reduction of muscle fibers formed a quantum of energy that runs through the pulse wave along the beam. This is the so-called centrifugal Chinese channels. In most places on the energy density of the centripetal channels rushes to the brain, which serves as a collector, since it does not have the muscle fibers. Gathered here, the energy flows down the spinal cord, spreading along the intercostal nerves, both in Brooks, and serves on the floors internal organs. On the first line of the channel of the bladder, located midway between the inner edge of the blade and the spine, there are representatives of all 12 pairs of Chinese channels. The so-called energy system in the body. As we have said, a man - a system of disclosure. It affects the whole cosmos. 12 signs, for two hours each, in turn, affect a circle on a pair of channels. On the human body, there are representatives of the organs through which the internal organs interact with the environment and constant stimulation and is regulated by it.
Pinna is a set of resonant plates, each of which has a connection with your inner body. The whole world around us is constantly heard, all the sounds fall into thousands of resonant streams, stimulating the ear and stimulating the internal organs during the day. On the iris are different sections and color density. Color coming from the outside world iris, different influences on the brain, thus also encourages internal organs. Each area of ​​the iris is an internal organ through his brain. The same areas have representation on the head and sole. On the stomach, there are the Chinese point of anxiety, boosting that can be identified rastrojstvami energy in the channel.
As we have said, each person has a certain amount of energy that it consumes during the day. Conventionally, this energy can be represented as a triangle with the base downwards, divided into three parts (Fig. 2). The lower part - the food, the middle - the air, the upper - intelligence. The more a person eats, the more energy to digest and consume the less there is for the intellect. That's why the person engaged in creative work, does not eat during this time. And thus, the pyramid base is turned upwards. On the same principle constructed posts and asceticism. In the fasting state man himself artificially cuts from the physical world, and his energy is associated with invisible threads (a starving hallucinations). By the same results in asceticism in the systems of the East.
The cause of the disease.
The man - a social. And should divide itself into two parts: one part goes to the service of society, and the second - on himself. Child large fontanelle is directly connected with the cosmos. According to yoga in the East, at a certain stage of development (spiritual), the hair on top of his head fall out, the skin starts to itch, the skull apart and formed a hole through which you can even enter into the head tuft of grass.
In operation, the programs the people of their future actions in the cerebral cortex. The bark of this program of action takes place in the subcortical for its implementation. A certain group of internal organs, hormones, enzymes and nutrients to create a mosaic of people, is a framework for future action. In this case, the pinch Chinese channels through which energy flows. At one point the excess energy in the other - it lacks. In the course of an action frame of action is destroyed. On the other hand, the implementation steps may occur after a long period of time, and then the excess and shortage of energy in the channels affects the nearby tissues and organs. With stagnant thoughts implementation does not occur, and the organs and tissues begin to fall ill. At night, during sleep, with auditory training, there is complete muscle relaxation, the energy flows freely through the channels, there is a potential equalization, a person better. Thus, the grind, the constant thought of congestive, chronic trauma create wireframes of the disease in the form of energy contours strict definition of the form that a person with psychic abilities can detect.
In the process of professional bodies, human tissue used to a certain rhythm, which for a long time is rigidly fixed to the body. Cells and tissues adapt to the specific energy load. But when the person in the course of his personal life suddenly affects unexpected life situation, such a rigid system breaks down, and the person gets sick (stroke, heart attack, mental illness). Disciple of Freud psychoanalyst Adler built the interesting system of a creativity of a person. He believes that the disease does flawed personality, and to compensate for this, he creates a hypertrophic creative tool (inferiority complex).
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