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24.07.2013, 14:14
   Middle-aged people are in the astral plane and the possibility of self-realization. Indeed, when a person has realized the primary needs in life - family, home, work, education - then raises the question of human self-realization yourself as a person. People are beginning to ask themselves the question - why do I live, what I imagine of yourself as a person, what I can do in this life.

  People are coming of age and older are too much in the astral plane. Anyway, as is the astral plane of reality in which all of us you have to go after the physical life. In this section of the astral plane is of interest. Man used to know what may face ahead, he tries to be ready for it. And it is a way out of the physical body can actually realize that our physical body - that's not all. And life does not end with the end of physical existence. The very understanding of this can completely change a person's life. And what awaits us next? Which is the world and how it works? After all, he, too, has its own laws, even astral. And I'll find a place there? You can, of course, waving his hand at all, relying on God, or on the off chance - come what may! In heaven, so in heaven, in hell - so to hell! But maybe it's not so simple, and not the way you imagine. There really have something to think about. After all, it is too late, the time is. And it would just be stupid not to use such an opportunity.

   many of my students use the astral plane for the development and deepening their practices and hobbies. Starting from martial arts and ending with extrasensory, healing, magic, esoteric. Of course, the astral plane, could not be better suited for this purpose. After all, along with the physical senses, they appear more and Astral. And the roots of all the practices, as a rule, have no physical and astral nature.

    Equally interesting is the astral plane and creative people - musicians, artists and poets. Astral out - this is not just another non-physical reality, this and other feelings, emotions, experiences. I can say that in 25 years of practice I have made ​​astral than one thousand astral outputs, and each of them still remember because they were so emotional.

   huge interest astral output for a people who believe. Essentially, all the actors of every religion live not somewhere in heaven, namely, in the astral plane. In general, the astral - it's patrimony religions, namely religious egregors are the strongest in the astral plane.

      Did I mention that I understand atheists . They are not atheists, they just do not want to stupidly believe. It turns out, does not have to believe, if you can meet in the astral plane, and most all to see. My mother is 10 years out into the astral plane, and is familiar with all the saints and angels. Many religions of the world, not only do not prohibit, but rather teach astral practices that people would talk directly with their saints. In place of our church, I would on the contrary, advocated the development of the astral plane, let people communicate directly with God and the saints ... Is that bad? However, why should there be clergymen. Also an interesting question. If you set the record straight "and". Should eat everything. Although it is somehow silenced every way that astral practice in the past century is very widely used clergymen, in the same Seraphim of Sarov, the saints and miracle worker.
church is a mechanism mood Che ¬ rights to higher frequencies. There give him something abstract. He comes to church, and does not find any familiar object, everything else is not that at home. And the very purpose of this building is an abstract ¬ but not everyone will understand why all this is necessary. How would take human hair and lifted. Icons, al ¬ General has, services, and so on - all done in a way that would pull ¬ man of the society. Initially, this was the purpose of the theater. But then in the theater began at ¬ shows scenes of everyday life. Out of the house, came to those atr ¬ - and there all the same. Thus, the theater has lost its purpose "pull out of the swamp."
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