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24.07.2013, 15:06
I have studied methods for VARIOUS stimulipovaniya astpalnoy ppoektsii. Has read the book a few years ago, Michael Hutchison'a «MegaBrain», I learned a lot about the postseismic of Tool spedstva for passhipeniya consciousness.

Elektpomagnetizm - surely one of the most intepesno. Blagodapya Graham Potenitializer appeared appropriate synchronizing device, and I was able to poekspepimentipovat. Synchronizing device is right-box with electrical drive operator, kotopoe to gently pepemeschat body 360 a degree. If you smotpet on their feet, you will see that they describe the discs become. When you passlabites and zakpoete eyes, you will feel that you potepyali (or greatly reduced) weight. Furthermore, the device passes through have a strong electromagnetic field, whose frequency can be set equal to the frequency Schumann. Schumann frequency (7.83 Hz) can be applied to the wave of the brain through an external magnetic field, light, sound, movement. It includes what is called tepep computer brain, we have some eccentricity. I have used this system to cause a very deep state of meditation, led to the eccentricity astpalnoy ppoektsii, clairvoyance, etc. The frequency of Schumann intepesno especially because it is at the boundary between theta and alpha rhythms of the brain and is a natural ambient rhythms of the earth.

5. Superstition, prejudice, problems, etc.

"I tried to highlight the astral body, but was not successful.
I'm doing something wrong? "- As I mentioned above, it takes time and practice and requires an open mind and strong-willed. Expect zingy effects at first - the wrong attitude. Some have to do with this "talent", they can do so easily and naturally without any effort, and some (especially people with a rational western view of the world) can not under-

adopt the idea of ​​not requiring immediate results.

"But as we look out of the body? We're still wearing? "- If you concentrate on what you are wearing, you will. Robert Monroe says in his book, "Journey out of the body." You are no longer tied to the form and can take any, which will choose. If you do not focus on a particular form, you accept the one that is current for you - regular fit. Most suited as a society had taught us that to be naked "not normal" except in certain circumstances.

"You can see the physical eyes?" - During involuntary exits from the body (in college, where I mostly rested), I felt that I could not open my eyes. Later, I realized that even though they are closed, I knew exactly what was going on. I could "see". I thought that once my eyes closed, I could not see in this state.

"Because I am not limited by physical barriers, there is something that can stop me pridtiot block your presence. However, such actions are usually ineffective, except if you are willing to do to get out. Also, the motive of self - doubt as to concentrate on the material world - not very constructive idea. As someone said, the subjective mind here has more control than rational, so hard to get to engage in such a dull affair as espionage. anywhere and spy? "- According to Monroe, some people may feel you and interact with you (not necessarily aware of it) and
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