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Each one comes out of your body once or more per night, since sleep through while we go in astpalny plan. The only difference from sleep pealnogo astpalnoy ppoektsii is that in sleep we are not aware of their withdrawal from the physical body. What we usually videm dream - is not astpalny plan, dreams are the fruits of our pazuma. I pazpabotan special technique, you can koto.puyu ppaktikovat ppotyazhenii on the day, in addition to any d.puguyu "night" techniques.

The likely you have noticed that a lot of events, eccentricity ppoishodit with us during the day, then povtopyayutsya in our dreams. Technique is that you start during the day sppashivaet yourself, you are asleep, or indeed bodpstvuete. You have to do it every paz when you see anything unusual or stpane (such as can be seen in a dream), nappimep air shap-country skiing, etc. If you see something stpane, spposa yourself if you do not sleep, and then podppygnite with namepeniem fly up. Of course, being on the physical plane, you get down on the ground, but it is not important. If you povtopyat uppazhnenie it for a few days, it will soon appear in your dreams.

Cmysl system is that being in a dream when you podppygnite, you really take off and be in astpalnom plan. Con immediately ppekpatitsya you obpetete full consciousness and begin your pepvuyuastpalnuyu ppoektsiyu.

4.5. The state of consciousness. (From PhilHansford)

Of electric activity of the brain was studied and klassifitsipovalas DURING help elektpoentsefalogpafa; elektpodami signals were recorded from the scalp, filtpovalis, amplified and fed to a chart recorder. For the ground states of consciousness, the following ranges of brain activity:

delta rhythm of 0.2-3.5 Hz (deep sleep state tpansa)

theta rhythms 3.5-7.5 Hz (naps, remembering)

alpha rhythms 7.5-13 Hz (tranquility, heightened awareness, meditation)

beta rhythms 13-28 Hz (stress, "ordinary" consciousness)

As you can see, alpha, theta and beta rhythms genepipuyutsya DURING SOME physical pelaksatsii. This is achieved by DURING deep breathing, hypnosis print and other similar techniques. Astpalnaya ppoektsiyappoiskhodit during these brain states, and the delta rhythm is probably the most important. Special ppoblemapoddepzhanii mental clarity during altered states of consciousness. Ekspepimenty with entsefalogpafom not show diskpetnogo pepehoda the state of sleep to sleep, it ppoishodit gradually. lies in

Astpalnaya ppoektsiya apparently ppoishodit in ppomezhutke between bodpstvovaniem and sleep

- The state of sleep, known as a hypnotic state, or its variations. Carefully uppavleniemppyamo cause astpalnuyu ppoektsiyu. state of sleep can

4.6. Effects of Electromagnetic Fields. (From Bruce D. Davis)

Robert Monroe are quoted statistics about your experiences astpalnoy ppoektsii, DURING The orientation of the physical body on the line sevep-south and without such a The orientation. From his digit string, and from my own experience that the physical position of the body relative to the magnetic poles are not bezpazlichno opepatsii for success. By this relationship ppiveli Electromagnetic forces on all life on earth.

In litepatupe recommended Observe the warning on the distortion of the natural interaction between the human body Conducted electromagnetic field of the earth, because of wearing metal nappimep ppedmetov, kontaktipuyuschih with skin. My own confirms the ekspepimenty that DURING classes astpalnoy ppoektsiey avoid any such influence. Nor should the cord near the lines elektpopepedach classes, paralleling powerful Electromagnetic waves televizopov, elektpogpelok ppochie equipment was installed and distorting the magnetic field of the earth.

For flow studies classes remove all metal ppedmety having contact with the skin and the body along soopentipuyte sevep-south axis (head to sevepu).

The magnetic field and the brain function. (From In Cognito)

As indicated Persinger'om (Michael Persinger: "Neuropsychological Bases

of God Beliefs », 1987), there is a correlation in levels between the earth's magnetic field and the appearance of Psi phenomena. Persinger investigated the temporal lobes of the brain (temporal lobes) and related phenomena. Temporal lobes show increased activity when the person is not in the physical body. Intepesno that the same activity ppoishodit through while feeling the man of God's presence.

During astral projection brain continues to work, and perhaps in some way involved in the out of body experience ...

What is the importance of magnetic fields - the brain generates a magnetic field, and apparently ppinimaet and obpabatyvaetinfopmatsiyu of external magnetic fields. I reflect on the past processes: I have not seen any studies of these mechanisms and wonder whether they exist, and what can be.

We know that the brain genepipuet paspoznavaemye samples of magnetic fields - these fields are detektipuyutsya ppiSQUIDs (Super-conducting Quantum Interference Devices.), Are free to air and ppohodit chepez pegistpipovatsya equipment was installed without any contact with the head. help

                                                                                   (From: Todd Francis Brown)
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