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4. Controlled dreams

4.1. Lucid Dream
This term refers to the bed when you know you are sleeping. This is more so the clarity of consciousness than the liveliness of sleep. Usually this happens when something strange happens and you start to realize that you are dreaming. Most of those who remember the dreams that have experienced it sometimes wake up immediately after this realization. However it is possible to pursue a dream, while remaining fully aware of the fact that you sleep.

4.1.1. If the mind is clear, is it possible to control the dream?
Usually clarity brings some degree of control, which can vary in different people and different dreams. In the end, dreamers can choose how they will respond to the events of sleep.

4.1.2. How do you achieve clear dreams?
There are several methods. First, regardless of the method used, it is necessary to achieve memories to remember at least one dream per night. If you had a lucid dream, you'll remember it. You better get acquainted with their dreams, and so it will be easier to recognize them when they occur. If you remember your dreams, you can immediately begin to clear two techniques stimulate dreams. Dreamers have a habit of "reality check". This means - to explore the environment to determine if you are sleeping or not. Ask yourself several times a day, "can I sleep?". After that, check the stability of the current reality by reading a few words, looking to the side and read again, with the desire that it was the other word. If they have changed, so you sleep. The instability of dreams - the easiest key to distinguish sleep from wakefulness. You have to stay long enough to nap, to achieve a state of "rapid eye movement". If you nap, you have a good chance to achieve clarity than normal night sleep. Focus on your intention to recognize sleep, while you fall into slumber.

4.1.3. How to prevent awakening
In the beginning when problems start - how to stay in a dream, after achieved clarity. This obstacle prevents many realize the value of flush mount application sleep because their experience is limited to no more than a flash of realization that they sleep, followed by an immediate awakening. It will help to overcome two simple techniques. The first - is to remain calm during sleep. Emerging clarity exciting, but a state of excitement can awaken you. Put down your feelings and turn your attention to sleep. If the dream is showing signs of late, such as the disappearance, loss of clarity or depth of the image or "torsion" can help bring back a dream. Once the dream began to "fade out" while you still have not felt the physical body in the bed, twist your body sleep like a top. Cool as a child trying to get dizzy, but you probably will not feel dizzy during sleep, as your physical body is not rotating. Remind yourself, "This is the next stage of sleep." When the stop go round, it is not obvious that you're sleeping - make reality test. If you think you woke up, you may be surprised to discover that there are still asleep!

Waking up in the morning, remembering the dream that has just been let yourself installation: "The next moment I sleep, and I want to know that I sleep." Then imagine yourself in nedavishnem dream, but imagine that at this time you know you are sleeping. Then repeat the suggestion and idea, until you get it or do not go to sleep.

To make clear dream of an out of body experience, you need to realize that you are out of the body. Repeat this a few times myself, in order to avoid a relapse into a clear or normal sleep. Now you vnefizicheskom in the world. To fuck out of body experience in the physical world, tell yourself back into the physical body. If you want, you can visualize the physical body, giving the installation. If you ever managed to get back into the physical body is not awake, you can be back within the physical body, but will not feel the connection with him. You may feel like flying inside the body. This is the perfect time to fly out of it.

4.1.4. The relationship of dreams and astpalnoy ppoektsii. (From: Phil Hansford)

Cny - the door to the subconscious mind, which can be used for understanding the mental and spiritual truths, and sometimes to predict.

Contents subject to sleep outside events. For example, the loud sound of a passing train navepnyakaotpazitsya in your sleep (unless, of course, not pazbudit you). On dreams also affect events of the previous day, your mood, your thoughts. Usually a person has a dream about every 2 hours, 4-5 dreams per night. Camyevepoyatno do not remember the details of your dreams when you pposypaetes. To better remember sodepzhanie dreams, you can record sodepzhanie dreams, it will be pazvivat your memory for dreams. For this you can use a tape recorder or a pencil that are close to the bed. Before operating the way you go to sleep, a few paz say to yourself, "I want to remember the dreams upon waking." Waking up, write sodepzhanie sleep, and the next day pepechitayte their records and poppobuyte recall details. long dreams are closer to morning. You

Kontpolipovanie dreams - one of the most important techniques. It includes an awareness in the dream that you are sleeping. There are several methods. Oliver Fox pekomenduet Handle the attention nepealnye events ppoiskhodyaschie through while sleeping. One student of the occult, in bodpstvuyuschemvizualizipoval white horse on koto.poy he could go wherever he wanted. Chepez nekototopoe Quaternary when the horse appeared in his dreams, it was the signal that he is in a dream. Don Juan tells Castaneda that the latter should sleep on their smotpet puki to trace the moment of falling asleep. Dpugoygovopite yourself every paz when you go to bed: "I can fly." If you see yourself in a dream flying, you will be able to understand what sleep. When you realize that you are dreaming, you can uppavlyatppoektsiey) and poppobovat, eg, get out of your physical body, you will be in the right place, etc. state method is that you are my dream (

(From: Thomas Fruin)
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