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24.07.2013, 14:13
  Video course is a step-by-practical course for the development of the practice of astral exit. And above all, it is intended to everyone who decided this practice to master. I must say that for the development of the course does not need any "innate" abilities "divine gift" or special training. Astral mechanism laid out in the human body and it is only necessary to activate it, there are no restrictions, other than laziness and debilizma. If you do not suffer from this, then this course is for you. Maybe you do not even heard before about the astral plane, or not yet figured out until the end that he represents. It's even better. Too much confusion and misunderstanding on the astral exit.
      second category - those who are in the subject. This is the most difficult and sad case. In recent months, I have had several hundred contacts with people who believe that they have the experience of astral outputs. - With contactors, psychics, clairvoyants, "light", "dark", "gray", magicians, sorcerers, religious guides, and just with people not of this world. The sad thing is that 99 percent of them are not really even out the astral physics and, in fact, fall into an altered state of consciousness, called lucid dreaming. Many of them run their practice and have the students. I have repeatedly in his speeches addressed to the topic of proper understanding of the astral exit. It has nothing to do with dreams and a physiological process. We use the night time to exit with only one purpose - to reduce the traffic load on the physical world, because we do not live in a monastery, but in the real physical world, in a real family, and other options to be in a relaxed atmosphere - we just do not. I on the contrary, I ask my students - there is a chance - a sleep after lunch, after dinner, so you are in the classroom are not cut down to sleep. I am against glitches and dreams, even conscious. Sleep - even in Africa - a dream. A physics astral out is to activate the astral body, as the chakra energy structure and disconnected information links between the mind and the physical body. At its core, the astral output can not be considered a "gift", "unique ability", "is inherited from our ancestors." This is a set of interrelated physiological processes. You can only talk about a possible addiction to astral outputs, but no more. You can not just get or transfer by succession, for example, the ability to drive a car or perform in figure skating. If I have laid at least a small spark of doubt in their souls - this video is for them too.
      applied to the practice of astral outputs, it can be said that she had no idea - "this is mine" or "it's not mine." I have 4,000 students by Worldwide. They are people of different nationalities, different religions and concessions, different political and ideological views, all ages - from 14 to 68 years. Everyone in the astral plane finds.
   Unfortunately, our physical world - a world of stereotypes, many of which are related to our culture, education, education. But a significant role in shaping our and position play and stereotypes imposed on us movies, tabloids, neighbors across the courtyard - this group can be called "narrow-minded ignorance." Astral themes and is notable that there are no coincidences. That is in you, and then you will come across in the astral plane.
     Who and what to look for astral practice? Actually, I'm very happy for her students. They're different people, they will never become common and gray. As higher education gives a person a step in life, and astral is the key to understanding and awareness of the world, opening up new horizons.

   young people , of course, allows for Astral thirst for adventure, adventures, new meetings, unusual sensations and experiences. Many of them use it as a way to assert themselves in life, to raise their self-esteem, inferiority complex to resolve issues. Huge opportunities astral provides output in terms of self-development, and in general, young hunting just poprikalyvatsya and astral gives them that opportunity.

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