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Out of body experience

1. Introduction

Out of body experience (astral projection) - an idea popular in occult literature, it covers travel to other worlds or places, while the physical body is asleep or in a trance. astral travel is not dangerous - they are also safe, like a dream. Most dreams are somehow unconscious astral travel. Despite the fact that much has been written on the subject, out of body experience remains difficult for many people. The main difficulty

- A tendency to forget dream consciousness upon awakening. And accordingly, the successful practice of astral travel needs work.

Modern psychology has rejected the idea of ​​a real out of body experience (in which the soul temporarily leaves the physical body). Nevertheless, the idea is very old. The Tibetan people have a whole system of yoga (yoga sleep), based on astral travel. And here we have an important assumption - you are involved in an out of body experience (at least slightly) whenever sleeping. What separates you from the full body experience - this is a vague consciousness during his memories and weak at the end of it. Many people completely forget most of their dreams. The study of travel in the astral plane requires some mental clarity and alertness.

1.1. Recommendations
Diet - certain diets can help with this, especially in the beginning. These include fasting, vegetarianism and the general use of light food. Carrots and raw eggs are particularly favorable, but all nuts should be avoided. Overeating, too, should be avoided. And no food not to eat before attempting to exit the body. If you are going to practice during sleep, determine the 2 ¶ 4:00 before that no food or drink (except water). In general, here are the same dietary recommendations for kundalini yoga.

Yoga and breathing - yoga, mantras and breathing exercises help the same physical relaxation. The practice of Kundalini yoga is particularly appropriate, as it is connected to altered states of consciousness. In nature, raising the kundalini requires a state of consciousness similar to out of body experience.

And an open mind - think how great to learn new things and explore new worlds!

1.2. Starting points out of body experience
Most methods of astral travel - is the creation of certain conditions. Always involves some form of trance or altered consciousness. No one leaves the body consciously in a state of wakefulness (but some think it does). Despite that there are many techniques that are used to release the astral described in Section 2, they all have a lot in common. Although they may seem immediate, all require effort. Usually, astral travel trained. There are three starting points for out of body experience:

1.2.1. Dreams
They are divided into two categories:
a) Vivid dreams - this is when you know that you are dreaming and can go wherever you want.

b) Sleepy Association - is invented Muldoon. And based on the old theory that there is a connection between the type of dreams (when you fly, fall, drive a car, ride the elevator ...) and an out of body experience. You create the dream (the classic example - the rise of the elevator), and present it when going to sleep. You become fully conscious and are out of the body. You were the dreams several times previously.

1.2.2. Relaxation
You relax your body and mind, when lying down, and "forget" that you feel the body. After this it is easy to leave the body with the help of special methods (see Section 2).

1.2.3. Dream
You need to use the (sex will not help here) that you have not satisfied and that you can not live. Then you offer yourself to wake up at a certain place where you want to go to satisfy your need. The astral body leaves the physical in order to meet the need. At this point you will be fully conscious and notice that you are there outside the body.

1.3 Terminology - I missed everyone knows ...
2. Steps to achieve out of body experience.

There are a lot of methods to start an out of body experience. In the end, you can experiment and find out which is best suited for you. I should say so - to teach out of body experience - it's like trying to teach someone to fly a plane without knowing it, that actually represents the plane.
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