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2.2. Typical physical manifestations.
The normal reaction of the conscious mind - to deal with these feelings. More productive - to surrender than to try and fight for control. The trap into which the majority, in fact, that they expect dramatic effects in a short time. And the other - it is unexamined fear that these events may be, especially if you are trying to rationally analyze what is happening to you. You should only move forward a little each time and get to know these feelings.

2.2.1. Vibrations
You reach it, sooner or later. It felt as if the electricity goes through your body. At first it scares most people. Further, it becomes like unconscious fear, as if you saw a snake crawling. You just want to kill it, and it does not matter that it does not cause you any harm.

There is a chance that for the first few times when people really fully relaxed, conscious mind

automatically cut off the vibration due to the nature of junk


There is a trick that is of some use to run the vibration when the state of unconsciousness. Tell yourself in advance that your consciousness is awakened, when the vibrations begin. Thus, you will find yourself in the center of the phenomenon.

2.2.2. Paralysis
This is also a common thing and often. It's as if your body has become as heavy as lead. And you can not move a finger, and even when trying with all his might.

I think so - when we sleep, the brain turns off the mechanism by which we move our members because we're not going to do anything physically, while asleep. Very few people have found themselves in this state of paralysis upon waking.

The first type, known as paralysis And - this is the state achieved by immersion in the deeper layer of consciousness from a state of light trance during the witchcraft out of body experience or lucid dream.

The second type, B - the opposite of A, and what happens when you return to the physical reality.

Type A is similar to the following:
"Mmm ... I know I woke up, I can think of ... But my body is asleep. " Robert Monroe called it the focus of consciousness 10). "Wait a minute, something is going on, I think I can not move, it seems the body is filled with lead, why can not I move? Hey! something has happened! (Karaul!) »

Typical paralysis B is something like this:
"Mmm ... I totally screwed up. It was just that there must be a dream ... So, wait a minute, what's that noise I hear? It appears from the door ... It is necessary to check, it may be a thief ... But I'm so tired, so sleepy ... I have to wake up, it might be important. E! It seems I can not wake up, why do not wake up my legs, my arms why do not you answer? Help! I have to wake up! I do not want to die! Hey, body, wake up, eyes open! Get up! Finally! I can not move, I woke up, the body was covered with sweat and sits on the edge of the bed. I wonder why I just could not wake up! Thank God, everything is over. I'm so glad to be back in the familiar physical environment. "

One way or another, but the paralysis of type A should not be resisted, and if people allow themselves to "float away with the flow", then

begin an altered state of consciousness, which anyway

man trying to achieve. Type A - which is mentioned in Robert Monroe, Sylvia Muldoon, etc.

2.2.3. Vote
According Ofielu in the "art and practice astral projection", starting to vnetelesnomuvnetelesnogo experience. The final noise may sound like an exploding the radiator. He says, however, that we should ignore all the noise - voices and not just because they are the only noise the subconscious and do not represent any entity, not even himself, in nature. state is accompanied by strange sounds. He believes that this is because the rumor is not transferred to the higher planes, and your mind is trying to recreate the input of information and already reach the subconscious state. These noises can take any form - including voice, malevolent, eerie, or even your mom, they got worse and worse and disgusting until it reaches its peak, then they fade to a constant background hiss that goes on during your

2.2.4. Fear
One of the main obstacles to learning - fear. Many are afraid that they could die, or they may be caused by any damage during their stay. Nothing could be further from the truth. Canterbury Institute, renowned for its occult studies, did an experiment with the release of the astral body, in which more than 2,000 people. None of them suffered from this, and now, three years later, no one has met with new challenges.

I think the reason that out of body experience frightening is the fact that it is - an unnatural state «ego», a threat to him. The best definition I've seen - is that the ego is a connection between your body and the higher the "I". (You've got to understand the ego as a person, or the lower the "I" - approx. Lane.) It is interested in combining both. Any threat to your body - a threat to your ego. If it takes out the astral as a threat to life, it is trying to prevent it. My sister (who is able to allocate the astral body at will) once went to some higher level, and felt like a very old. She said she remembered how ego felt uncomfortable, as if did not belong to it. This is not to say that in an out of body experience there is a real danger (I do not believe it). It simply means that the ego can not be focused anywhere but in physical reality and non-physical reality is frightening.

2.3. I think I relaxed. Now what?
Very good benchmarks showing the upcoming disembodied state - above the physical manifestation. But, it is necessary briefly to notice that they are not necessary to achieve out of body experience.

Once you feel that you are ready for some action, the first thing to do - is completely abstracted from the physical body. Note that the equipment described below overlap with a relaxation technique, but they are very special.

2.3.1. Lifting Appliances
It seems the easiest method to separate from the physical - lifting procedure. Think that become lighter and float upward. Be sure to think it must be very hoposho as subjective-oriented thoughts are most important.

2.3.2. Turning Technique
The second method - the technique of rotation. Try to slowly turn over, as if trying to turn around on the bed to take a more comfortable position. Make no attempt to help the rotation of the hands or feet. Begin the movement by turning your upper body, head and shoulders in the first place. Move slowly, showing a gentle but firm pressure.

2.3.3. Imaging technique
It affects the type of extended clairvoyance or view a remote environment. The more familiar environment to you, the easier it is to visualize the scenario in front of your "mind's eye", so to speak. Therefore a good idea in the early stages, to represent the place or the people with whom you are familiar with. If you can express a sense of being there, the better. For example, you may want to think about a remote friend or loved one, and how you will feel love for them, if there had been close to them.

Although this technique - essentially a mental projection, it can deepen into the astral through visualization. Crowley taught a similar technique - a) provide a closed door on a white wall, and b) provide a meditation symbol on the door, and c) to provide door opening and yourself entering there. And JH Brennan describes a similar technique, where the door has the look and coloring in

Daubney tattve or renders the selected card in the tarot and it


2.3.4. Performance under the guidance of
Much like visualization. However, there must be a leader (or a voice on the tape), guide you through the descriptions. As with visualization, there is not a more suitable astral and mental projection.

2.3.5. The light body
Old appliances Golden Dawn. Imagine double (mirror image) ahead. Then transfer your consciousness and feelings in duplicate (the "body of light").

2.3.6. Yearning
This type of creative visualization is experiencing now. This is when you express a strong desire to help the willpower to get out of the body, while you imagine yourself doing it.

2.3.7. Technicians Monroe
This is a series of steps developed by Robert Monroe
a) relax the body;
b) enter into a hypnotic state;
c) deepen this state;
g) develop a sense of "vibrations";
e) separate from the body.
The Monroe Institute has developed some tapes that can help with this. Some people think that this technique is superior to the other, so it does not require intense visualization, which many can not fulfill.

Relax your body. According to Monroe, "the ability to relax - this is the first prerequisite, perhaps even this very - the first step" to exit the body. This includes both physical and mental relaxation. Monroe does not offer a method of achieving relaxation, but it is known that the gradual relaxation of the muscles, combined with deep breathing exercises works well.
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