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Sudden noises and other factors can cause a "repercussion" - a quick return to the physical body. It's the same feeling of sudden awakening after dreamed of falling. Repercussion is usually unpleasant, and in some rare cases, it may lead to physical harm. Right thought - avoid them.

Loosen tight clothing, or if you would be so convenient - do not wear clothes. Must be comfortable temperature conditions - winter is a good idea to hide the covers. Ideally, there should be no time pressure (such as in 4.30 I need in class) and not have to worry about anything else (like my neighbor will come and will be looking to pinning). Throw out the theme of the material of the head. If you are worried that you may interrupt, better wait until a more favorable time to attempt.

There are many ways to relax. Everyone has his own technique. Below are a few methods. Experiment with them and find the most suitable for themselves. The usual result of relaxation of the one that people are not fully pay

attention to the external world.

2.1.1. Borderline drowsy
This is probably the easiest and most natural method that provides simultaneous usually relax the body and mind. Lie down in any comfortable position, preferably when you are tired and sleepy. As soon as you start to relax and fall asleep, keep your mental attention on something, keeping my eyes closed. When you reach the border state between sleep and wakefulness, deepen your relaxation, concentrating on the darkness behind your eyelids. The trick is to keep the fine line between the conscious and drowsy state.

2.1.2. Self-Hypnosis
The most effective and quickest way to learn self-hypnosis - it's training with an experienced hypnotist. It can set the post-hypnotic suggestion, which will give an immediate effect. However, carefully choose a teacher. Reliable practices are rare, and kettles are numerous.

2.1.3. Meditation
It's also a good way to relax. Find a comfortable place. A common technique - keep attention on something specific. The basic idea - to focus the mind on one thing and take all the attention from the outside world.

There is another method of meditation is more suitable to our case. First you have to try to get rid of all the thoughts, introducing his mind, like a calm lake (it is the 1st difficult point here). After 1-2 minutes to think about what I and my body - not the same thing, and that I'm lying in the body, as if in a sleeping bag. Next, I suppose, that I and my feelings and desires - things are different, that is, it is necessary to abstract and from the astral body. After this you should think about is that the mind - it's not me, but my only tool, and I use mind (this is the 2nd difficult moment). So my I - it is something special, separate from all the bodies. First, at every moment linger for a minute, but then you can lengthen this time. In some people, this meditation will exit the astral body, although this side effect, and the goal of meditation is not the point.

2.1.4. The progressive muscle relaxation
This is one of the main techniques used by hypnotists and self-hypnosis. Physical relaxation can help achieve the desired state of trance. These techniques begin to relax the toes, and so gradually over the body.

Again, lie down in a comfortable place. Think about all the parts of the body, from head to toe and vice versa, and relax them, until they are relaxed, as far as possible. Relax your head, temples, eyes, jaw, and all the muscles, which you may have never thought of - all relax. It may also be a good idea to provide some peaceful and soothing scene (eg, as if to stretch out on the lawn on a sunny day). The human nervous system does not notice the difference between vividly imagined scenes and reality, visualization, relaxing scene will cause your body to relax.

2.1.5. The built-in relaxation
The body has a built-in mechanism of relaxation, which is opposite to the response to stress. It automatically adjusts to the relaxation of autonomic nervous system (low blood pressure and pulse alpha brain waves, etc.). What we need to do is breathe, using only the muscles of the diaphragm. Usually, when a deep breath, upper chest is rising outside (try it yourself). When diafragmicheskom breath you do not use those muscles at all if you do it right, the chest will not move. Once your stomach should move in and out. Make the most of a deep breath, and what can keep a few seconds before exhaling slowly. It takes some practice, but an invaluable skill, once you acquire it. Combine that with the gradual relaxation of the muscles, as described above.

2.1.6. Meditation on the Chakras
According to Hindu philosophy, the person has 7 major chakras or psychic centers of the body. Each of them - the bridge, the connection or power transformer, which converts pure (higher) energy into various shapes, and connecting the four bodies (buddhic, mental, astral and physical) together. The chakras are located along the Nadi - Online psychic channels - and follow the autonomic nervous system along the spinal cord.

The first chakra, located at the base of the spine, is the root chakra, Muladhara. The second, known as the sacred center, Svadisthana, situated above and behind the genitals. Third - is the solar plexus, Manipur, is near the navel and meets emotions and mental acuity (clairvoyance). The heart chakra, Anahata, is located above the heart and corresponds to the mental touch. Fifth - the throat, Vishuddha chakra, located at the base of the throat, where the thyroid gland, and corresponds clairaudient.

The remaining two chakras are very important. They relate mainly to the elevated state of consciousness. Front chakra Ajna (third eye) is located between the eyebrows (just above). Ajna - the center of psychic powers and can produce many psychic effects. Meditation at Ajna is designed to heal nervousness. Finally, the crown chakra, Sahasrara, located at the top of the head (pineal gland) is also called the thousand-petalled lotus and corresponds to the output of the astral body and enlightenment.

There is a special type of concentrative meditation, called Chakra meditation. Basically it Kundalini yoga - a practice that forces the psychic energy of kundalini flow up through the sushumna, filling their energy different chakras along the way. This practice is recognized by some dangerous, causes and physiological sensations and psychological effects if continued long enough. It should not be trying to apply epileptics and persons with an unstable mental or psychiatric condition, or cores. Certain medications, such as those used for epilepsy, can slow down the progress. Despite that this technique is very simple, it can sometimes produce significant results. The results may at first appear a few hours after the practice during sleep. As soon as each chakra energy is saturated with this practice should be added occult powers (siddhi), until it reaches the last one, the crown chakra. With that achieved full enlightenment. Sometimes the kundalini is awakened by itself.

To practice this chakra meditation, you just have to concentrate on the chakras, starting snizhney, moving slowly upwards, to the extent that, as you can imagine how psychic energy rises through the sushumna and animates each higher chakra. As we indicated, the chakras have special attributes associated with them, so that this type of visualization can "raise the consciousness" and provide astral output, as well as others, when you reach the Ajna, and sometimes the crown chakra. Usually can meditating manner 15 - 30 min per day. Kundalini is sometimes experienced as a 'vibration' or buzzing, or light, or heat.
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