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24.07.2013, 14:57
Now, as to avoid the loss of energy due to the so-called aggressive screening of her violent physical way. Suppose that a man comes to you with a clear desire to, pardon the expression, to give you a "reputation." And just like that - on a drunken fool. Naturally, you are defending. At this point, all of your low-frequency energy spills out or become fully operational by the body by increasing the adrenaline in the blood. You like flies into a rage. And then - it all depends on the circumstances and the final fight. If you flunk it - then leave as if you are crowded by low-frequency energies - for a long time after the fight you will remember it and you will not help shrink your fingers to yourself "gang up" on someone. You took away the low-frequency energy from the enemy and now it overwhelms you, as long as you are not squandered and its balance of low-and high-frequency energy your body recovers. Until then you will be under the influence of this turbulent flow "rough" energy.

If so happens that you find yourself defeated, then all of your low-frequency energy goes to the opponent. Ha you like to pile terrible weak

Bost and apathy, inability to even raise a hand to protect, indifference

to all events, if only it was over faster. This is - one of the options "violent physical" energovampirizma. Generally, forward energovampir feels very good beginning of the release of energy and catches her victim, they say, the whole area of ​​the locator. Yes differently and will not work - something she directed him to amplify the power of the attack. So the victim - a cover - not only is beaten up, so more and "drink" without a trace.

In such a case, the best option, as they say, or to avoid a fight that can sometimes be, if you are good and fully open face and eyes, which is very important when you look at the opponent (these people usually do not attack, even if it is very want to gang up on someone, and it's usually ends ordinary conversation, and then everyone goes pleased with each other). This friendly sincerity as it disarms the enemy at the time, and then completely discourage him hunt you run into. Or, if you already have driven and have to "pee" - do it without losing your head as if you were sitting in the cockpit of a combat robot and only have to tell him how to strike and put relays. Hikakihdlya what is called a decisive "broth", which is embedded in all of the energy. The main thing - do not wind up - in this case, you save your energy supply, at the time, as your opponent will spend aimlessly and spill on you more and more attenuated. The most difficult to survive the first onslaught, when he was still going strong. And then - it is already easier. energy emissions in vain. Only


Basically, if you so decide - because nothing prevents people do not get energy from the wildlife of the same, say trees, there is nothing stopping people from getting the energy to sustain its forces from the sun, water, etc., and after all Recently, in principle, does not belong to the so-called sources of bioenergy. Probably, nothing prevents a person to receive such ennergeticheskuyu and recharge from a computer. The same source of energy, in a something like that. Just as you would expect, along with the energy obtained, we read the information, be it a tree, the sun or the same computer. With all the consequences for our inner world.


I also, in fact, I think that the question is not so much in the formation of such a twin himself, but about the process of education throughout a person's life Ha this stockpile increases, as well as increasing the energy component of the mirror. Now consider our lives - the first half of the flow of energy is on the rise, in principle, the second half - poenergo-information "discharge." Then - the energy of the body begins to weaken, and vice versa hzerkalokogdato invested in it. If we consider that the impact occurs mainly on the basis of the energies of lower order, it is easy to imagine the reaction of the body is already weakened and aging. Ha us as if to shake out all the previously pour in the mirror. Let's just say, begins to spin like a tape previously recorded on her music or even chsem the least. Therefore, the mirror in ancient times, not smotyar the fact that it was a great luxury, in the noble houses changed relatively frequently. And more so when they talk about the so-called "dead" mirrors. Imagine that throughout a person's life is a mirror absorbed the information from him, becoming virtually double its information. And one down. Consequently, the first half of life we would like "recharges" our mirror begins to give us what we

beautiful moment a person dies. Communication of bio occurred while life is not cut off at once, but gradually the mirror gives the information stored earlier and dims or turns black, depending on how black was contained in it energozaryad. As for the energy counterpart, it formed gradually and finally sformirovyvaetsya as "conscious" being over time. First, it is, as I said, just a set of emotions and a bundle of energy, which, when you add more and more "additives" (sorry for the tautology), gradually made ​​out as some energetic personality associated with the "master." And then - it all depends on the person - may well be that such an artificially bred person will be able to overpower him and take his place in the physical body. Ho is -

over the theory, because it is not known for certain if such. Rather - it's just a gradually increasing and the double bond of the original, which gradually makes them inseparable and practically inseparable. Hesluchayno so afraid to break a mirror - it would be a terrible cataclysm for the person Energoform which would be formed in a mirror, and thus would lose its integrity. The most interesting thing in this matter - a mixture of energetic forms of different people in the same mirror. Initially, they exist as an
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