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24.07.2013, 14:56
1. Protection by egregor

And you can still do for energovampira so-called target-trap energy use egregor, if a person enjoys his support. Externally generated energy as a double-shell of a man covering his basic energy body (figuratively) as if such a "brilliant" coat of varnish. In this case, the main energoobolochka person while under the cover of such a target-like traps would tarnish. The main energoudar thus falls on that same target, built, as the saying goes - "response with desired properties." When injected into a target like a vampire falls in the energy, "bag", consisting of high-energy egregor, while the channels are configured energovampira reception at this point to receive low-frequency energy. The effect is similar to, as if through a wire or thin instrument to miss a lot of current. The consequence of falling into this trap is so-called energy burn, resulting in serious damage would be dealt to the subtle body vampire, and made a serious imbalance in its overall energy mix. It's like a singe plant - it will gradually recover, fresh green sprout through disfigured by fire "body", but it will take time and it will be hard "to suffer." So it is with a vampire. After such a "Searing" shock quickly recover hard. And then, when the vampire will approach the new victim, it will occur subconsciously fear of it, because of which the act of vampirism can simply not take place, except in the case of very strong willed vampire, able to overcome the resistance of your own body, fearing a repetition " energoshoka ". Ho, usually energovampiry vampires such a strong will not differ willows future, all their efforts are directed more than "exhaustion" of energy from the victim, and a smoothing, ie as if in revenge for his own sradanie tested, which is a consequence of the appearance of fierce hatred of people in general, in the course of the suffering endured by the Vampire "healing" their own energy. But that's already professionals or to, or for people who have such a target-trap maintained permanently, by the fusion of their essence with the essence egregor.


  the effect of "alienation." The highest expression of it is the stage when a person so everyone stops to notice that he seemed to be visible to others. There are two options - the option "ordinary" - that is, to be in the environment by transforming its own bio outward as familiar as, say, a table on which especially do not pay attention, because it is already used to it, but there is another option actually "alienation." The initial manifestation - in principle this can be seen in any company, which gets kind of man - he looks like the "black sheep" among all these people. He - a stranger in their company, so to speak - even seem foreign object. In the future, if we develop this effect further, - a man ceases to be a people's notice and can watch the "get-together", quietly standing in the corner, not getting with her hand on herself no effect. As if he was looking at the world from the helmet diver. So agree - under certain circumstances, no "noisy gatherings" can not affect the prepared person.


 I emphasize - a universal means in such cases do not exist, as well as I do not claim to his discovery. It depends on the individual victim and its behavior in the process as well as of the energovampira. Calm and confident look energopostuplenie stops only if, as it were, figuratively speaking, for your eyeballs - a brick wall. That is, on the road and not get out of there and get something - do not. The so-called opinion, "which reads infinity." Not a void, but it is infinite. Able to absorb all that is. Energovampir himself in terror stop contact in this case because I was scared of this bottomless able to dissolve his personality without a trace and consequences.

The second option - "lash" - briefly, very fast, burning eyes vampire eyes, coupled with the release of the compressed bunch of energy through his eyes. After such an option energovampira protection from a feeling of "sand in the eyes" and he just had to stop on contact "suck" the energy to bring myself back to normal. Maybe even a temporary partial vision disorders. A kind - as if next flushed bright-bright light, or he would have looked no protection to the flash of a nuclear explosion. With strong, "lash" can even make serious eye damage power of the enemy, which can lead to diseases of view.

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