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Yes, but if we are not perfect and often have a lot in common with our vampiriziruyuschimi partners. How to protect yourself in this case? Here are some recommendations.

Stay away from unpleasant places and large gatherings of people. Especially excited (rallies, demonstrations, rock concerts ...) or low self-control (drunks, drug addicts ...).

Try to avoid contact with unpleasant people you. And if forced to deal with them, do not look them in the eye - it's the strongest channel of energy. Calm, self-confident to the nerve, vampire gaze into your eyes - and went to drain your energy. Avoid these "visual duels."

Not disclose their energy "energopodozritelnym" people. When communicating with them, keep your arms crossed on your chest or connected to the castle in front of the solar plexus. Feet also desirable to combine. Thus, you "closed" its energy and make it inaccessible to outsiders.

So far we have talked openly about unpleasant people. Ho energy parasite is often a loved one - a relative, friend, lover ... More or less consciously, he draws his strength from the zhizennye his partner, sincerely attached to that with which it "good." Ho well when

good for both! .. However, where there is a similar "strange" attachment,

always easy to guess the victim - on a painful sight, paleness, weakness, and


Hatalya M. from Saratov writes that her daughter, a student, literally tortured classmate. "This friend is sitting for hours in our house and takes a lot of time with the daughter, and the main thing - force. After her visits daughter looks sick and miserable., However, point to the door girlfriend can not."

Yes. there is a type energoparazitov - "remora". Following you around, crouching, catering, anticipating, they, like their counterparts around the sharks are always full. They have amazing talent - can not get rid of them ... In contrast to the "aggressor", "stuck" can even be charming and at first does not cause irritation. Ho after some time the victim starts to feel completely devoid of inner freedom.

However, the way it is. "Stuck" is so loaded you with their problems and experiences that you are not free from them, even in his absence. From the point of view of bio-energy is as if your aura enveloping aura "remora". So the spider before sucking force of the caught flies, envelops her sticky threads of its web.

This class energoparazitov are "nerds" who tiring and irritating you in unnecessary detail or requests, too bad fueled your energy. A kind of "stuck" are also "whiners." Their main task - to find a "vest", which one would complain. The reason for the whining will always be: poor health disorders in the family, at work, inflation, incompetent politicians ... His moans about and no reason they literally paralyze the nervous his instinctive fear of all that is beyond their understanding. Similar in type, but the peculiar type energovampirov - "talkers." Their chatter with your attention and they pull your energy.

These are the most common types of "stuck." How to deal with them? Universal way - to avoid such people. And if that is not possible? Dealing with the "alarmists" - do not panic. Not ask questions

"Talkers." "Hytikam" try to cheer you up, inspire optimism. Ho does not

fall into psevdogumanizm - do not encourage energy vampirism, if you see that nagging becomes a way of life such your friend. Your compassion can be detrimental both for him and for you.

Still, the best way to get rid of biovampirov "stuck" - break pathological relationship. Ho be prepared for the tremendous resistance from bioparazita. To maintain a close relationship with his victim, he will begin to show true miracles of ingenuity. Be hardness. But if

so you people really expensive, learn how to protect its energy from its encroachment unnoticed by him.

How? Heploho helps psychological defense - the mental barrier that you surround yourself with. The method is quite simple - when dealing with a partner, imagine that you are covered with a large glass cup lavender hue. And glass - like a reflex points ("I see you - you do not"). If the you have the psychological feeling of detachment and even a few "care attitude", do not worry - you're safe.

An excellent psychological protection against any internal biovampirov is ironic and condescending attitude, even pity for these poor, forced to feed on energy waste and scraps. No fear biovampirami, mental setup does not obey their vain attempts - a guarantee against loss of energy.


Ho, there are natural ways of protection. Very effective "thermal protection". It's pretty simple. Try the morning before work and carve out 10-15 minutes

stand under a hot shower. Strong heating of the body aligns its

energy, resolves "clumps" of energy fills the "vacuum." Thereafter

- Quenching, is a cold shower, or better still poured from a bucket. Do not be afraid - do not guarantee you'll catch a cold. The mechanism of this extremely powerful tool is simple. Skin is compressed, heat exchange with the ambient air !

drastically reduced, resulting from the hot water energy as it accumulates inside the body. And most importantly, your aura will not only accept the most economical form (eggs), but also compacted, and therefore will be less punctured to external influences (biovampirizm, damage, evil eye ...).

On the way to work, especially in public transport, try not to let strangers close to his spine. Behind him, in a 10-15 centimeters, is the energy axis of the person most vulnerable to the impact of subtle energies. It is no accident, entering the transport, in cafes, where possible, we try to sit separately, away from people. Show on map our intuition tells us once again not to take any chances suddenly bioparazit next will be?

And what if we do not care and subjected to ill-effects of a foreign power? She "eats" all "ridges" and "divide" our aura, dissolve and carry away with them adhere to day energy "mud." Just do not overdo it, first of all, do not need very hot water (the temperature should be pleasant), and second, six or seven minutes is usually sufficient. No longer necessary - the water level the first, and then quietly begins to pick up our energy (decrease in the size of your "auric egg") ... And especially restores our energy Steam! Bath - a truly universal means: here you and the treatment and prevention here ... Once again, we will water. In the evening when we got home after a hard day's work and hassle with aura "Gnawed" from communicating with different people, it is very useful to take a warm bath. The water is very energy intensive.


And if possible vampirism in the family? T. Valentine writes about his friend, who after the birth of her daughter "just something older, become irritable. I understand that because the child she is called," difficult ". Helaskovaya is not of her - a fit suits . Screams that poison from the balcony jump. And something needs. And the money in the family from paycheck to paycheck ... She told me the story of women at work, I think, can anyone advise what. A one and says, "Yes, vampire she, this girl sucks energy from the mother. "So seriously told me that I was afraid. Now all think may be true - a vampire? Once a friend and said:" All the powers she pulled out of me, it would be better if I did not give birth! "I ask you to answer, whether the child can be a vampire, and if so, what to do?

The case is quite complicated. Ha person really "children's vampirism" which is usually accompanied by begging for expensive purchases, tantrums and blackmail. What to do? Let's try to understand the reasons for such behavior of the child. What makes the child away energy in adults? ? Physical exhaustion? Probably not. Girl "healthy, well-developed." Little care? Also there: "... Stretch the last effort that all she had ..." And yet something is missing child. What? Disease

Why immediately after the birth of her daughter, "cheerful, merry" woman became irritable? Fate of the letter, the child prevents her former way of life to lead. Now all the energy, time, attention she is forced to give this little man. Secretly, deep down, she hates it for her child. It does everything it should be: on time feeding, changing diapers, but ... the child is not satisfied, it is capricious and "everyone needs something." What? It requires LOVE! The mother pays off handouts: "Ha, just do not disturb ..." That's where the true cause of child vampirism: mother of his child deprived of the most powerful and the most necessary energy to it - the energy of love. If a mother is able to change its attitude to her daughter, the child ceases to be a little vampire. "Hachni with the senses! ..."

It sounds incredible, but sometimes we ourselves can cause a depletion of energy - if anything (bright appearance, clothing, demeanor ...) will attract attention. Large army of hungry alien energy biovampirov fly off from the entire neighborhood. The conclusion is clear: try not to be too conspicuous. (From childhood we are taught that "modesty adorns the man." It turns out that she is energetically favorable!) By the way, the habit of being constantly on the mind, strike the eye - one of the most reliable ways to earn destroy charms ...
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