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24.07.2013, 14:54
Just want to reassure the conscious cases of vampirism are extremely rare, and therefore do not need to panic. Much more often (almost every day), we are faced with vampirism unconscious - energy parasitism. What is it? We all have periods of energy starvation (after illness, hard work, stress ...), we can pull the energy from where we can. Trying to make up for the dwindling force, ordinary people unwittingly become energy vampires, not even knowing about it. They are not villains, just their own little energy. Some people prefer to rebuild their forces of nature, someone - to go "to the people" ...

This was known in ancient times. So, the Bible tells of King David, who, to support his aging body, surrounded himself with young and healthy slaves. However, not only is it used this method of rejuvenation. Do not know whether to read Mao Tse Tung Bible, but in recent years, he extended his existence by the same methods as the biblical king ...


What is the mechanism energovampirizma?
Remember the lessons of physics? If we combine the two communicating vessels tube, the liquid levels in them align. Similarly, it is with the people. From a man with a high level of energy life force is automatically (!) Will flow to the weakened (low-energy). There would be a "tube" ... And it turns out to be not so difficult and organize. Haibolee obvious way - physical contact. Ho people are sharing energy, not even touching each other up. Touch only their aura - energy-shell. Aura - a protective screen which provide no stranger to the field to get through to the man. Ho, there it is another function. When a person shows to something interesting, his aura as it is opened, trying to reach, involve and understand it is something. (Incidentally, it is this property of the aura allows people to effectively fed with fresh energy from nature).

Intuitive feeling it biovampir his first goal puts capture your attention so that you do in your aura opened a "door" for energy leakage.

One of the most cynical of books on black magic, which I held in my hands, frankly teaches novice witches ways that excite human curiosity. "Arouse the attention of the subconscious, and you have won half the battle ... hints, intelligent mystery, the mystery is enough to pave the way to your victims ... raise their interest so that they will have to expend their energy on the emotion of impatience ..." So, remember: naiperveyshee ZHELAHIE EHERGOVAMPIRA - at least temporarily to attract VHIMA-HIE. Ho is not enough. Biovampirov to enter with us in power contact, that is, introduce us to the people close to him SOSTOYAHIE. The fact that there is a remarkable ability of the human aura: it can perceive only "related" to her energy. Therefore, people who molest someone's energy, is struggling to adjust to sacrifice their "frequency" - a low frequency of spirituality. He needs your temper, aggression, fear, anxiety, restlessness ... First, the states themselves cause increased leakage vitality. And secondly, the energy leaks, as we have said, - "native" to a vampire.

"I work in a small women's team. Love my work, cope with it quite easily. Horazbitaya, with a headache. Forces are not not that work out with her ​​son, but also to wash the cup. Over the weekend, like go hence, rest, though not sit back: laundry , cleaning, cooking ... Ho just go out to work again feel decrepit old woman. And to me it is only 34 ... Survey the doctors found that I'm healthy. reasons for my state doctors can not explain. Friends advised to go to a grandmother and, though I do not really believe witch doctors have gone. That said, this grandmother, amazed me. And she said that one of the employees of our firm takes my vital energy. And even described how this woman looks like. " terribly tired . I came home completely

Further, in his letter of Kaluga L. says about the behavior of women who described his grandmother. Apparently, this is a typical case-biovampirov "aggressor." Almost every team can meet someone who would like programmed for conflict. Wherever he appeared, he immediately becomes the center of attention around it once there is some sort of aura of irritation and aggression, which stretches from the surrounding vitality. With him uncomfortable to everyone, even to friends. However, his friends usually unavailable. Because live with energovampirom-"aggressor" can only really powerful donor or even more vampire than him.

Closely related to this type and other energoparazitov "tyrants," the fear of catching up on the slave and feeding them with energy, "hooligans" ... Despite the seeming diversity of all of them end up acting the same way - attracting attention, introduce future victim in a state of irritation or resentment and thus sucked her energy.

You want to protect yourself from such an aggressor? It is in your power. Not get involved in the conflict, even if you provoke hard: your irritation, anger away from you and vitality. Not revenge, do not respond to evil with evil. "An eye for an eye" - is a sure path to self-destruction. More often forgive, even if people openly in front of you are guilty.

Victor Hugo once said, "If someone has offended you, take revenge bravely. Remain calm - and this will be the beginning of your revenge, then I'm sorry - this will be the end of it." A good conscience, peace of mind, selflessness, high spiritual purpose and belief in divine protection - your guarantee of invulnerability! Remember, a high spiritual energy biovampir fed can not!

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