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Before you start the exercises for the development of bio-hand, we advise you to get one effect. Best of all, if you'll get it from the beginning, to perform any of the exercises in this book. It is a light tingling sensation in the palms of their intelligence at a small distance from each other. Palm while starting to dry quickly and in 5-10 minutes become completely dry.

To achieve this effect, sit on a chair, relax, reduce hands folded hands at chest level at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other. Imagine that between the arms is a silver ball of energy. This exercise is best performed 10-15 minutes two or three times a day. Typically, after two weeks there is a feeling tingling, ie there is a sense of self, albeit small, bio-field. This effect gives a deep confidence in the learner, he boldly and persistently begins to perform other practical exercises, exploring the deeper theory and philosophical base of hypnosis.

If, within two weeks, you can not achieve this effect, it means that you either can not make even the slightest relaxation of the body, or have not yet sufficiently developed imagination (for the emergence of a small bio feeling just these two factors). Then we advise you to be patient and to study relaxation first, and then the development of their imagination based on previous lectures. At the same time continue daily exercises with the palms of hands. Do not doubt the success. There are no people who do not have biofield.

Once you achieve the described sense, proceed to the practical development of this book. Having a clear idea of ​​the aura, feeling it with your hands, you're a completely different start to look at many of the materials contained therein.

Most of the exercises for the development of bio-hand based on circular movements of the hands relative to each other. It should be remembered:

One hand remains stationary, circular movements are made only in a clockwise direction relative to the fixed arm;

with increasing sensitivity, the distance between your hands (fingers) constantly increases until full swing arms;

when exercising arms divorced from each other by a distance of skin sensitivity, and then are brought together, should never lose connection between the arms.

Under the bond between the hands should be understood sense of the energy of the bridge, canal, a ball, etc., which occurs as a result of the hands of the imagination, deep relaxation and proper breathing to recruit prana. This energetic connection have a stabilizing effect on the distance between his hands at a dilution hand it tends to pull them, and when they are brought - to push each other. Therefore, do not make sharp movements with his hands, as the relationship may not be able to react to your actions and burst. This will result in the loss of rapport with the patient and the hypnotic session is broken.

Treatment is carried out primarily for right-and left-hand turns.

- The workers are mostly the tips of fingers: index, middle and ring, which refers to the processing of special attention.

- When the exercise is necessary so to represent the motion of energy, focus on the sensations in the fingertips or palms (warmth, tingling, etc.);

- Speed ​​of movement of the fingers or palms determined empirically by the intensity of feeling of the fields, in the early stages of development it is small and growing with the development of sociability, finger sensitivity.

The first 1-2 months of training, it is desirable to exercise every day for 1-1.5 hours, and then for at least 30 minutes daily. With constant practicing hypnosis training sessions of hands is not mandatory, but temporary cessation of hypnotic effects gymnastics hands is absolutely necessary.

In the future, when you can have an impact on the patient's hands-free, eyes only, or even a mental representation, still can not leave the hands free workout.

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