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The development of bio
A set of energy-

The energy absorption as mentioned above, the body is continuously and without efforts by humans - through food, water, and physical exercise, mainly through the air. However, the energy absorption is performed in the quantities needed for normal functioning of the body, and in unfavorable circumstances the energy flow can even compensate for losses.

In this regard, to set a large amount of energy developed various techniques. However, no efforts in this direction will not succeed if they do without creating at least on a subconscious level.

A set of energy and its movement carried out primarily by thought. At a set of energy required to submit as it merges into the body, spreads throughout the body, enlivens every muscle, every cell and the figurative representation and brighter, more efficient energy gain. You can imagine the flow of energy in the form of rain, waterfall crashes down, rays of ethereal substance, etc. Everyone chooses the most affordable and figurative representations of a moving stream of energy.

But it must be remembered that in the early stages of training can not produce long-term energy gain, as this can lead to an overload of energy that carries the risk of mental disorders (especially who is not too strong).

Education presentation should develop in yourself and in your mind all the time, every day. This psychological stress has a rapid impact - people immediately feel the addition of vitality and health.

At a set of energy we must remember that the effort should be invested in the work of will. It is necessary to give an order to be executed, and then make a mental picture of what is happening. Calmly gave his orders, accompanied by mental picture of what is happening, much better than the will power. Last but dissipates force, bringing little benefit.

There are many methods of energy absorption, but necessary part of them is a figurative representation of the process of absorption of energy. With a well-developed imagination enough one serious submission.

Hypnosis is always accompanied by high-impact energy. In order to avoid negative consequences for their health it is necessary that the energy loss does not exceed the potential of the body.

Owning a deep breath constricting in some cases, require special training. Sedentary lifestyle, smoking and sedentary work lead to the stoop, underdevelopment of the chest, weak development of the lungs.

In these cases it is necessary to broaden and deepen the chest to restore the functioning of the lungs. Exercises to increase the chest, ribs and strengthen the excitation of lung bubbles Ramacharaka given in the book "Hatha Yoga". Due to the limited availability to the general reader of this book, here are extracts from these and other works.

Exercise on a set of energy rhythmic breathing. (Van Mess Stilman "Healing magnetism" printer Ter Arutoyakova, 1912god).

A set of energy produced by rhythmic breathing. During the first week of exercises to prodelyvat 3 times a day for 15 minutes each time. Be careful not to violate the guidelines.


Every morning drink 8 minutes to prepare for the next exercise. Focus your thoughts on the great work that you are doing, mastering the mysteries of human mental development.

The best time for such an exercise is the time immediately before or after each meal: in the morning, at lunch and dinner (for English groups). No need to do the exercises for the first month late. They first have a stimulating effect and in consequence has devoted himself to the study will not be immediately able to cope with the influx of energy.

Within 5 minutes, concentrate the mind on the development of its energy capacity, and then sit on the couch and relax all the muscles in your body so that you do not feel the slightest physical exertion as far as possible and forget about them. You absolutely do not need to pay attention to any of the members of the body. Quoting myself in such a state, unzip the suit to you to breathe freely and, as a consequence, the air because of the length of a breath, held under the ribs and into the chest. Breathing must go 8 seconds. Then you have to hold your breath for breath for 8 seconds and then start slowly for 8 seconds exhale of his breath.

The duration of each cycle is equal to 24 seconds. Using the expression of the East, you are doing your breathing equilateral triangle, each side of which is 8 seconds. In the performance of an exercise, you will see that this first step of respiration is not as easy as it reads on paper. You will be a tendency to rush, you will feel the need to breathe more often, may be weary, and you'll feel bad, but do not interrupt their studies. After a few sessions of all the unpleasant symptoms disappear and they will replace all uvelichivyuscheesya sense of power. This first exercise is necessary in order to learn to control your breathing, will develop and establish themselves in the decision to master the energy. Exercise should not exceed 10 minutes in time. The first 5 minutes of the 15 needed to use these to prepare.

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