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When cataleptic hypnosis, on the contrary, there is a woodiness muscles. The human body as falling asleep and deepening of hypnosis is becoming more and more strong, the muscles of the human body tense up more and more. For example, if the rear arm hypnosis test in light up, the hand in the air freezes like. If you take away the supporting arm, it can be seen as an arm of the test is in the air "like a stick." On average, hypnosis, one can observe the phenomenon of the so-called "waxy flexibility" when the subject's body stiffens in those positions (sometimes very intricate) that you have given him. And finally, in deep hypnosis muscle tension is so great that laid down on the back of a chair, and head to the back of another person's body stiffens as a "cataleptic bridge." This phenomenon cataleptic bridge struck the imagination of scientists in the old days. On the chest of the subject could stand up, put a large stone, and man, as if nothing had happened went to sleep. After waking up the subject and did not remember any discomfort experienced. Cataleptic type of hypnosis is closest to hypnosis animals.

In the somnambulistic hypnosis observed a number of interesting phenomena of automatism. For example, if the depth of hypnosis small you begin to rotate around the other one hand, this rotation will be rotated and when the experimenter take his hands. On average, this type of hypnosis can be observed over a number of complex movements. So, for example, can be hypnotized to sleep sitting up, standing up. Make a number of very complex movements of a professional nature. Can sleep with open eyes, to answer questions, without waking up. The sensitivity of the test is reduced, he abruptly slowed down, reduced reflexes. Finally, the observed phenomenon of deep hypnosis sleepwalking when the hypnotist hypnotized by the inspiration moves around the room, makes a number of very complex movements, reminding lunatic. All the movements of the subject are flexible, smooth. He does not seem sleeper. Hypnotized can inspire a variety of illusions, hallucinations (when the subject sees what is not there in reality). For example, it is fishing, sitting on the bank of the river, and throws the "rod" in the imaginary water.

In another case, an elderly man told that he was not 60, but only 8 years old, and it begins as a small child, small voice say, to build houses out of the sand, writing doodle, draw pictures, and so on.

Especially noteworthy research in somnambulistic hypnosis to giving the subject of some non-food items:

chalk, wool, coal, raw potatoes, but with the suggestion that it is bread, meat, fruit. The test is with great pleasure begins to eat these things. Interestingly, as shown by laboratory tests carried out in the last century that the gastric juice and saliva stand these people both in quantitative and qualitative terms, both for bread and meat. Verbal stimulus coming from the hypnotist, is stronger than the natural stimulus of the outside world.

How strong is the impact of a voice in hypnosis somnambulistic type on various aspects of life of the human body can be illustrated by numerous facts. For example, the hand hypnotized, immersed in deep hypnosis, the hypnotist touching any cold object (pencil, coin, comb), but suggests that the red-hot rod it. "I have Immolation" - inspires a hypnotist, and what happens? The subject begins to experience severe pain, his forehead covered with sweat, changing pulse, respiration, blood pressure is rising, then falling. It seems that people do experience a lot of pain. Of interest is the phenomenon that, after some time on the touch position appears red, and then blister, brimming with tissue fluid. The word burned (second-degree burn). These studies were carried out and repeated several times by different experimenters with the same success. It should be noted that this experience has helped in their time to expose the "miracle" Louise Lotto), we conclude that the sick woman could hysterical neurosis at the time of religious fervor in the vast concourse of religious fanatics, through self-hypnosis to call in their skin so-called "stigmata of Christ . " In another fit of hysterics arose, she struggled into convulsions, foaming at the mouth appeared, she fell on the steps of the temple, and then the skin of the hands and feet of the rear of the blood spots appeared, in those places where, according to Biblical legend, Christ had hammered nails at his crucifixion. The Paris Academy of Sciences could not explain this phenomenon lean. However, even then there were the doctors and scientists who legitimately asked: "Excuse me, blood stains," Stigmata "appeared on the palmar surfaces and the rear of the foot at their base, and after all the nails were hammered in the crucifixion of criminals in ancient Rome, far below what Louise Latta , a simple peasant girl, did not know. Now riddle "stigmata of Christ" has long ceased to be such. First they started talking about the clergy in 1224, when the stigmata appeared at St. Francis of Assisi, then these phenomena become widespread: in the 13th century. - 31 cases in 14. - 22, in the 15th century. - 25. Total Church recognized the 321 cases. Announced saints and blessed of the stigmata are 61 people. interesting to note that among the subjects somnambulistic type can be observed and a number of other people. So for example, by hand hypnotized hit rolled into a tube with a newsprint suggestion that it was "hit with a stick." The subject cries out in pain, and then on the spot "hit" occurs linear bruise on the actual injury as a stick. Otherwise hand test somnambulist was lowered into the empty jar, but with the suggestion that it is placed in a jar with ice, and the person feels unbearable pain chilling. soon developed frostbite fingertips 1-2 degrees.

Now, on to the exercises on hypnosis selected by the patient's previous test.

Exercise 10. Choose a quiet, isolated room. Put the patient in a chair with a high back, but not above the shoulders. Reassure him, explain to the harmlessness of hypnosis.

Relax. Spend your energy rhythmic breathing exercises (you can do this just before contact with the patient).

Please try entering the test in an ordinary dream, that is, suppress the activity of his brain. For this it is necessary to recall the basic law: the connection of opposite poles of calms, a compound like poles excites him.

In order to suppress the will of another person, you have to work on him with the positive (eg, the right hand). This energy must be in the negative pole of the patient (eg, in the solar plexus or the bridge, depending on the sex of the test). Thus, a positive end dvupolyusnik you and negative patient. Exuding positive energy from yourself, you are charging people a negative energy through one of its negative pole, and thereby suppressing the activity of the brain.

For the introduction of the patient to normal physiological sleep treat the whole of his brain. Placing his right hand near his nose or neck (depending on gender), imagine how your whole brain is transferred to the patient's head, with his brain merges into one: your big brain coincides with the big brain patient, the cerebellum - with the cerebellum and etc. Enter into this brain through his right arm power. Imagine how he is "pumped" by it. The hand should make light passes up and down and clockwise (nose patient - dial).

If your actions are correct, then the patient should begin to sink into the normal physiological sleep. He closed his eyes, relax your muscles, that is, shows all the signs of normal physiological sleep. Since this is not a hypnotic sleep, to withdraw from this state can be lightly touching the shoulder of the patient or verbally.

Exercise 11. Try to enter the patient into a hypnotic state. To do so will make all the operations described in the previous exercise, except for one: saturate the negative energy (and with your hand, it is positive) do not need all the patient's brain. Center responsible for the hearing, should be saturated with the opposite in sign to the energy, ie, excited. (The variant: this center is not saturated at all, and no energy from the rest of the brain is excited). To do this, you must either change the entry point to the patient (ie, go through the positive pole), or to change your right hand on your left (if you are hypnotization hand, if eyes, the change takes place mentally) and saturate the center of the sign of the corresponding energy. If you intend to keep in contact with the patient is not through speech but through sight, touch, etc., it is necessary to leave the initiation of the center.

If the localization of the center of hearing you can hardly, then leave the active center on the general background of the brain can be suppressed by maintaining the patient's auditory contact, ie irritating his ear analyzer known formulas suggestion: "Do you sleep. Your eyes are closed," etc.

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