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The same thing can be done while standing behind the patient. Compared with the previous version is more convenient because less distracting the patient, his mind does not wander from your face, and is fixed at an uncertain point in space. Hands in this case should be placed as if you squeeze between your hands round-liter jar (thumbs aimed in your direction), the oversight of the patient's neck. Formed between the arms pillar of energy that pervades the mind of the subject. Start your hands away from yourself. If the patient gipnabelen, it will fall on you. Time grab it and do not let hit the floor.

Do not forget to experience calm the patient, previously to ask him not to produce in the mind of any calculations, etc.

Selecting, so the subject, start experimenting with it. Your experiences will remind research. Analysis of the data will allow you to develop your own tactics introducing patient into hypnosis (each individual hypnotist it).

Exercise 6. Stand to the right of the patient, put his head between charged palms of their hands. Try to direct the flow of energy from the left hand to his right hand and start driving. And compare the result arising from this experience with those of other exercises.

Exercise 7. Do the same thing, but the left side of the patient. Find out what feelings he experiences: the noise in the head, dizziness, pain, etc.

Exercise 8. The same as in the previous exercises, but direct the flow of energy from the right hand to his left. Best of all, if you write in a diary experiment, carefully fixing all priskhodyaschie changes.

Exercise 9. Position as in Exercise 6. Try to drop the patient without moving the hands, only one's imagination and the selection of the appropriate direction of the flow of energy between your hands.

These exercises require large amounts of energy. Therefore, at first not to be engaged in more than 30 minutes a day. In the future, guided by their state of health.

After reviewing the possible impact of energy on the patient with the help of hands, try to drop his gaze. If the experiment does not work, then do not despair, come back to it later.

After completing the previous exercises, you will understand in practice what the hypnotist rapport with the patient. You will feel that your hands are like one piece with the subject. In the future, your task will be to create the same rapport between the patient and his brain.

By analogy with the usual bedtime, most scientists distinguish between hypnosis on the three degrees of depth: the first degree - small hypnosis, second degree - the average hypnosis and third degree - deep hypnosis. What is the difference between the depth of hypnotic sleep? This difference is quite substantial. Small or surface, hypnosis is characterized in that the human body is in a state of complete rest and muscle stiffness. But there is no way there is no way to open your eyes, the subject can only move his eyebrows. Raise your hand if hypnotized, he can it, though, and with a force lower. Human consciousness is fully maintained. After the release of hypnosis a person remembers everything that happened to him during hypnosis, memory is stored.

Average hypnosis is characterized by a complete relaxation of muscles, the consciousness of the subject partly broken. After

out of hypnosis there is a so-called partial amnesia: people remember what happened to him in a hypnotic sleep, but not all. Occasionally there is a partial analgesia, ie reduction in pain sensitivity.

In deep hypnosis, there is complete amnesia - the person does not remember anything about what happened to him in a hypnotic state. Hypnotized answers questions without waking up, can make a series of automatic movements. In deep hypnosis is usually full of analgesia and anesthesia, ie, loss of skin, pain and temperature sensitivity and sensitivity to touch. This is based on the use of hypnosis for surgery there ne anesthesia is contraindicated.

That's the difference hypnosis in depth. However, if you start to hypnotize a large audience, it may be noted that different people in different ways will fall into a hypnotic state: some will fall asleep instantly, the other in five minutes, ten, fifteen, and others - in forty minutes. And there are those subjects who in this hostile environment will be completely immersed in a hypnotic state. According to the modern hypnotist and psychotherapist, particularly quickly falls into a hypnotic state only 25% of the subjects, and then gradually decreases suggestibility and hypnotizability. Two percent of the subjects in terms of mass hypnosis session can not be perfect. Children under 8 years of age are generally not * uzhaketsya into a hypnotic state, as they fall into when trying to lull their B normal physiological sleep. Most mentally ill people into a hypnotic state is not steep.

With hypnosis have to deal with different types of hypnosis. Basically three known hypnotic state, the so-called lethargic, cataleptic and somnambulistic types of hypnosis. Lethargic type of hypnosis is characterized by the fact that when immersed in either the depth of the hypnotic state a person's body relaxes more and more. If a small hypnosis lethargic type of test to raise his hand up, you feel heaviness in the limb elevated. If you suddenly take away his supporting arm, hand hypnotized instantly fall down, as if poured lead. On average (in depth) hypnosis is burdened by muscle expressed even more, and in the deep - the body relaxes the test so that the back is positioned on a narrow stand or a chair is bent as far as it allows the bone skeleton. So great is the relaxation of muscles throughout the body. There is a phenomenon of the so-called lethargic arc.

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