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The first three points were discussed earlier. The fourth point will require you to know the anatomy of the human brain. Given the small size of the book, we can not give you a full-scale anatomical description (other than that, as you have noticed something, we do not give information about the asanas that is conducive to the proper distribution of prana, about nutrition, about the correct pronunciation of mantras, etc.; it is assumed that the reader with this at least in a small way already familiar from other sources). It's better if you use a color encyclopedia of the human anatomy, visit prozekturu, in short, find the following sources of information that will allow you to visualize the brain, parts of it, to learn to feel them in my head, highlight the concentration of the attention of the whole structure, differentiated saturate energy .

To master such skills give a series of exercises. If you already have a practice of previous sessions, the following techniques will take you a little time. They can be performed anywhere at any time during 10-15 minutes. Your main task - to learn how to precisely locate bioenergy in different parts of the brain: the pituitary gland, pineal gland, and so on. The concentration of power in one place will be accompanied by his apparent (or real), slight fever, a sense of pressure.

Exercise 1. After examining the structure of the brain, learn to mentally (in front of your inner eye) clearly represent the image of the brain, small (cerebellum) and the medulla oblongata.

After this, try these mental images transferred to your brain and experience the listed parts of the brain in the head.

Feel your big brain. His performance must be accompanied by the appearance of a light pressure in his area, increase the temperature (it will happen, if you have completed most of the previous exercise).

Try to change the color (red, green, colors, etc.), size. Learn to feel its size. It is important to not felt the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata.

Imagine that a large brain is removed from your head to your hand, to the head of your neighbor, etc.

During the exercise may appear headache (often called a ripple in the temples). This is due to the fact that you do not own the techniques of self-confidence (in the pages of this book, it was not enough emphasis). Stop for a while training, the pain will disappear quickly.

A similar exercise with the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata.

Especially great attention to the cerebellum. From the ability to inhibit its activity depends on the effect on the movement of the patient.

Exercise 2. In this exercise, you face the challenge to learn to saturate all three sections of the brain of negative and positive energy.

When performing this exercise, be careful, because the experiments can result in self-hypnosis and, as a consequence, a dream that, for sure, scare your loved ones or friends.

Type in the left lung through the left nostril (as described above), negative (lunar) energy. Mentally select a large brain and translate it into the negative energy of the left lung to breath. Exhale through the right nostril do. Imagine that the air flow out of the brain of negative energy.

A similar experiment is carried out with the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata.

All heartfelt feeling better put them in a diary. We specifically did not mention some temporary conditions, as you thanks to previous exercises should have been worked out by self-regulation.

Charging the brain repeatedly negative energy, do the same for the positive vibes. If there are headaches, a little rest.

Exercise 3. Both of the above exercises, apply to the pituitary gland, pineal gland, the corpus callosum, etc.

Exercise 4. Find out where the centers responsible for hearing, vision, touch, sleeping, etc. Perform the above exercises with them.

Exercise 5. Learn how to produce saturation had polar energy. Example.

Type in the left lung of the negative energy and turn it into a big brain. On the exhale, let the negative energy in the brain.

Dial the positive energy in the right lung and breath-hold move it to the cerebellum.

Achieve Sustainable had polar effect of charging energy. Storing a sensation in her diary.

Do the same with the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, centers, etc.

Before you begin to conduct experiments with a particular person, you have to choose the patient's ability to hypnotize really. Best of all, if it's any of your loved ones, who do you use the authority for which your word is important.

To determine hypnoability patient, there are many techniques. One of them, the most difficult - focused view in the back of the nose or the patient at a distance of 2-3 meters. It is necessary to represent (and feel) that the powerful flow of energy moving away from you or to you, makes a test to fall forward or backward. But first, it will be difficult to have time to keep the patient from falling (although this is not a hypnotic state, he would be able "to think" just close to the floor when the strike will not be avoided), and second, the look is a less potent source of energy compared with hands and may be ineffective in the early stages.

It is best to test for hypnotizability done with the help of hands. Choose a quiet, peaceful environment. There are no spectators, strangers, random people should not be. Only you and the patient.

Stand up straight. Relax. Bent at the elbows, spread at a distance of 30-40 cm palms facing each other. Create an energetic connection between your hands. Within minutes, spend a set of energy and put it in the palm of your hand, thus strengthening energy ties. This connection can be tense and relaxed. If you feel pressure on the one hand (one-way communication) or the pressure on the two hands at once (two-way communication: a bundle of energy is placed between the hands and the "bursting" of the orders because of your strong-willed, it does not need any words, only one inner wish) a tense relationship. If opposed to each other's hands have just tingling, slight breeze, it is a quiet relationship.

Create a calm relationship between the hands. Without losing her and not releasing the hand, approach to the patient with left or right hand and place your hands in front and back of his head.

For example, if you went up on the right, the left hand is located at a distance of 10-20 cm from the back of the head, right - at the same distance from the forehead.

Imagine that the energy flux penetrates the patient's head (if strained relationship), or that his head is in the cloud, your energy (calm communication).

If the patient starts to worry, calm him. Warn that he did not resist or not think about anything, just looked at the palm of your hand in front of his eyes.

Begin to slowly move the hands forward or backward relative to the patient. No need to impress him aloud, "you fall." Look at it and make sure it goes to the body followed by your hands. If yes, then you will be able to hypnotize him. If not, then try to find another (no drop does not prove that he negipnabelen, it is possible that you are still not enough energy to act on it).

There is another way to test for hypnotizability. Stand in front of the patient face to face. Embrace his head (without touching it) pre-inflated energy hands so that the palms on the sides of the head and covered area of ​​the temples and ears, and thumbs up - in the area of ​​eyebrows and eye sockets. Imagine that the patient's head is in a cloud of energy that comes out of your hands. Start moving his hands, as if pulling his head down to hers. If the patient gipnabelen, it will fall on you.
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