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24.07.2013, 14:48
METHODS hypnotic
As you may have guessed, in this last lecture will focus on the introduction of the patient into a hypnotic state on the basis of knowledge and experience that you have gained from previous lectures. We emphasize that the following statement is based only on the material passed lectures, which are significantly different from the official point of view on the mechanism of hypnosis. In no case do not undertake to refute all the theoretical arguments of scientists who share the materialist worldview. We're just in a few words describe the main points that distinguish proposed here and the official point of view.

If you read a few books on hypnosis, which lie in the libraries, you will notice that they are completely denies the existence of ether, magnetic currents, bio, etc., ie denying the fact that in this book assumes basic tool, a means hypnotist. For example, a typical (for targeting the materialist conception of hypnosis books) saying:

"Trying to explain to them (the hypnotic phenomena), ages 16-17, scientists have begun a fantastic and mystical teachings, known under the name of" animal magnetism. "Famous physician of the time, Paracelsus and his followers Van Helmont and Flyud claimed that one person can have an impact on the psyche of another by means of a special "life force'' allegedly flowing from the eyes, hands and other body parts. This alleged and fantastic strength, or emanation, was called "fluid." In the future, being perceived similarity "fluid" with the magnet, and the doctrine was called "animal magnetism" and the food is having the ability to transmit it were called "magnetizers."

In the second half of the 18th century, this is far from true doctrine was formulated and distributed Viennese physician Mesmer in the theses presented by him in 1774 to the Paris Academy of Sciences. However, Pyuiseger, accidentally discovered this phenomenon. It is quite clear that this mystery fiction theory could not disclose the nature of the complex phenomena of hypnosis. " honor of the phenomena of hypnotism he challenged another scientist -

Unfortunately, the denial of the existence of bioenergy does not bring clarity to explain the mechanism of a hypnotic state. Does not give a clear explanation that would capture hypnosis, and the theory of Pavlov, according to which a hypnotic sleep occurs as a result of suppression of activity of the whole brain with the exception of a hearth, through which the patient and liaison with the hypnotist. The fact that in order to achieve a hypnotic state to inhibition of the cortex of the brain, does not explain to us how to achieve this braking.

Further, most of the books states that for a dive in the patient's hypnotic sleep is necessary to provide verbal suggestion like: "Sleep," "Your hands are heavy, heavy head," etc. If it is overlooked that the deep verbal suggestion is only possible to a patient already in the hypnosis. Obviously, the main role is played by drowsing not words. (Try to tell your friend powerfully and clearly: "Sleep!." It is unlikely that this action has on him.), On the same is suggested by the fact of hypnosis animals who can not understand the meaning of words and still fall asleep.

On this occasion, all the previous material of the book claims that hypnotization possible without words, by pure thought.

But as long as we do not understand what you need to create a presentation: the dream state, relaxation, fog in my head, or maybe nothing at all to represent?

In general, by reference to the official theories and books is the impression that their main goal - to prevent the real mechanism of hypnotic effect. As the ancient Indian sources on yoga in full perfection confuse the reader and ornateness nebula their expressions, just and modern literature takes a direct answer to the question: how to master hypnosis.

If you have mastered at least partially read the above material, you can safely assume that passed more than half way. The entire path is composed of four elements:

- Differential deep relaxation;

- Inking guided imagery;

- A large supply of bioenergy;

- The knowledge of what to represent and what specifically should be directed to bioenergy.

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