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Note however, that envoltovanie represents a considerable danger to the sorcerer himself.
Astral lightning, which he sends to his enemy, must be absorbed in the body of the latter, but if it can not get into it, then return to the starting point and strikes in the sorcerer himself. This is called a reverse punch.
When strong envoltovanii kickback may even be fatal. Most witch speaks more than his enemy an animal, so that it has assumed the kickback in the case of reflection that person a deadly current.
Sometimes envoltovanie continues for several weeks or even more. If the magician wants to free the victim of a conspiracy, he must move the plot to someone else or an animal that most do not suffer from the reverse shock.
Stanislav Gvayta gives the following case of kickback: September 2, 1687 Court of P asi sentenced to the galleys shepherd Hawk for the spread of the epidemic among cattle. When Hawk was in a Paris prison, one of the prisoners on behalf of the prison authorities inebriated him and elicited from him the secret conspiracy and an indication of where he buried Gogh , after which Hawk was drunk wrote to his friend the shepherd Brass dig this Gogh . However, sober up, he began to shout that now he has sentenced himself to death in a fit of rage and almost strangled traitor. Meanwhile Brass performed his commission Hawk , but digging Gogh , discovered the confusion and sadness and said that, as he says, the spirit, now Hawk dies. Indeed Hawk died just at this time.
conspiracy to reflect the best means - self-confidence . b esstrashie, faith and prayer, purity and spirituality of the heart. Then the person is not only under the auspices of egregores good, but also the astral generation wizard are too material to enter into the fellowship and work on his astrosoma and aura, made ​​already of the finest and most, spiritual parts of the astral plane . especial force against envoltovaniya has a complete and sincere petition criminal; while the last remaining two outcomes: either repent and come under the protection of forgiveness, or be killed by kickback and from their own larvae, which, when reflected the spirit of the intended victim in height, back on him with renewed hatred. Lantselin attributes envoltovaniyu also all the misfortunes which befell the second half of the last century, the house of Habsburg, namely the death of the Emperor Maximilian of Mexico; madness of his wife Charlotte , the death of Crown Prince Rudolf, the murder of the Empress Elizabeth , an obscure death of Archduke Johann Salvator , and believes that the Emperor Franz Joseph escaped only because of special protection of Providence.

If envoltovanie made ​​using magic chain, the effect of its significantly enhanced. In one of his novels Peladan offers the following method of capital punishment church all believers unite in prayer for the death of the intended person, and at the time of lifting of St.. Communion the priest says spells against him. At the same moment the latter, wherever he may be, will fall dead as struck by lightning. Note that in the Middle Ages excommunication and damnation often did cause death excommunicated. In any case, a person who has himself against any society and which envoltiruyut with magical chains subjected to the real danger, and to protect it best to join the other company which is opposite to the first, in order to neutralize the hatred patronage of one another


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