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Spells and magic items
As we have said, with all the operations of black magic will play a major role and imagination.
Knowing the strength and certainty will be, first, expressed, and for this purpose are the spells, and secondly, to have a point of support, which is a sorcerer in talismans, the Pentacle , and similar subjects. All items employed a sorcerer to be made ​​or extracted by himself, with their preparation and extraction feature various heavy and melochnmmi conditions, at first glance, completely meaningless. However, the purpose of these conditions is excited by the will and imagination of the sorcerer and to concentrate all its forces on this subject, resulting in a sort of magnetization of the subject of mental strength. Eliphas Levi says that if a simple peasant, disrupting some grass, will be for a year of getting up every day at 2 am, go with this herb for a few miles and then pronounce spell something over the grass, it will be able to do wonders with it. So before magic actions are also required to fast and abstain from women. Magic Wand or striking the rod is a branch with two ends and must be cut off at the hazel, yet to bear fruit, at the very dawn of the sun, subject to various conditions and ceremonies. For some magical operations, such as, for example, to call the spirits of the dead, witches, according to Eliphas Levi, considered it necessary to have such horrible things like candles of human fat, nails torn out of the coffin executed man, head of a black cat, feeding on human flesh, the corpse of a bat, the horns of a goat, and so on. Spells always spoken out loud and with known intonations , are important not only as the embodiment of thought , but also because all the sound has tremendous influence on the astral and the astral world. To prove this, one has only to point to the powerful effects of sound on the human psyche (eg, music, bells, gong -ball to leading nerve agents in cataleptic state). Spells witches are often quite meaningless set of words, but that's the goal is achieved, because they are upset and. excite the imagination: the sorcerer .. , When you call the devil, that is, the principle of darkness, disharmony and absurdity, tricks and spells witch must be hateful logic, harmony and light. Here's an example of spells, driven by Peter Anonskim : "Hemen-ethane. El, Athy , Titeyn , Asiana , Hing, Tew , Minosel , Ahadon , wai , SBI , Ay , aah , Aix , and, el, hi , how , Island , havayot , aye , Saraya . " Different grimoires as Albert le Grand Albert le Petit, Dragon Ruge and others, cite numerous spells and recipes for magic, and all of them - one more absurd, dirty and badly other. Covenant or pact with the devil, in essence, is the establishment of a witch due to egregors evil or inferior inhabitants Astral , somehow - Elementals and Larvae . Astral beings usually mark the moment what some signs similar to those of spiritualistic phenomena, such as knocks, the movement of objects, touch and even the appearance of the spirit (materialization). Calling the spirits and the magician and sorcerer always delineate themselves magic circle, which is expression of his will, and serves to protect it from hostile inhabitants of the astral plane , bypassing his place on the circle made ​​by an adept drives the waves astral plane and emits its own astral rays which form to him as a barrier against the astral matter. Moreover, to reflect astral beings adept usually picks up a metal tip, which, as we have said, has the ability to evacuate the astral body. Magic Wand is used to condense the astral plane and its direction at will. From the point of view of physics, magic items are the same tools and instruments for Astral , such as insulators and capacitors for electricity. However , all the operations of magic for the inexperienced are a real danger, and we consider it our duty to repeat that the sorcerer is usually a toy and a tool in the hands of the astral forces caused by them, as the passion and bad feelings subordinate its larvae and egregors evil. Conversely, the magician can really rule over many inhabitants of the astral plane , but this is the first condition of purity of heart and motives and distraction from the ground, which puts it in connection with the higher spiritual beings and makes inaccessible to evil spirits

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