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MATERIALIZATION Astral (call spirits)
In order , to the astral image or inhabitant of aster-la has become visible to our physical sight, it should materialize. The process of materialization produced by condensation of the astral plane , and bringing to life the atoms themselves, of which this astral entity makes a sort of clothing. For this process, there is a need astral life force, which it receives in different ways.
man in astrosoma usually inspire us this power of his physical body, but in this case the materialization astrosoma expose to danger the physical body, because it is too little vitality, and the lives of nearly freezes.
Often astral beings extract vitality to the materialization of the living.
For this purpose it affects the human ghost horror, under the influence of fear of people losing vitality, which quickly absorbs the astral phantom. But man grows cold, as they say, in fear, and in fact the loss of vitality.
However, the reduction of faith in ghosts, and in the spirit and lack of fear of them let their materialization, because then it is difficult to influence a person to steal his life force.
This partly explains that the current positive unbelieving age I do not really have any werewolves or vampires or ghosts.
On the séances, during the materialization of spirits, also noticed a decrease in temperature.
Medium - a person who suffers from the expiration of the life force especially during trance. You can however
Because of the session, all spirits come in contact with your fingers, then a bond between them and talk as if the life force that is going to mediums and comes out of it in the astral world, where assimilated astral beings.
remarkable cases of materialization of spirits can mark multiple events spirit Katty King Crookes .
Calling spirits witches (black magicians) is commonly made ​​blood sacrifice, as blood contains the life force needed to materialize the spirit.
homer picturesquely describes the invocation of the spirit Tiresias Odysseus. Sacrifice, Odysseus shed their blood in the pit, and the spirits eagerly flocked to her to drink the blood and thus manifest on earth, but Odysseus drove them with the edge of the sword, until the spirit of the prophet Tiresias not drunk the blood and did not answer all the questions.
Note that the followers of black magic on the ground often in regular contact with agregorami evil and other astral beings and provide them with the supply of vital force, so that they can act in the material world.
Besides, if you call the spirits of magic adepts usually smoke of incense or fragrant herbs that promotes coagulation of the astral plane .
But the main factors when invoking spirits are the will and the imagination of the adept. Therefore, prescribed for this rule and rituals have to first of all to excite and stretch the will of man. Among the preliminary conditions for calling spirit of a dead person is recommended to fast for a certain period, privacy and concentration of ideas on the deceased.
, however , is often a sorcerer or magician sees before him is not the spirit of the deceased, but only its imprint on the astral plane , or even created by the astral adept the image of the deceased.
In 1854, Eliphas Levi called in London in a family received a reply from him on two of his question to say that he voluntarily provides residents of the astral world his supply of vitality to materialize and the works of various phenomena. But after the session he quite often weakens. famous scientist


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