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In humans, there are two ways of communication with the astral world:
1) He can not even eksteriorizuyas , put himself in communication with the astral world through their bodies astrosoma - it's called psychometry.
2) The inhabitants of the astral world can materialize and become available to the senses of the physical body. First, we'll psychometry. When a person is completely abstracted from the physical world, then he can see the effects of the astral world. Then, according to the occult, he sees through translyusidu or Diafani. Translyusida is, strictly speaking, passive imagination. Active imagination man, as we have explained above, he creates images in the astral plane , and he understands the passive pre-existing astral images.
Examples of astral vision of the world we dream in telepathy, in somnambulism and clairvoyance.
formlessness and horror of other dreams and nightmares are explained the fact that at this time a man sees larvae Astral .
Telepathy is known to have a vision of a man in the distance. Usually when people see the telepathy of their loved ones at the time of their death, and often just in a situation in which there is a death, despite the fact that the dying is from them for thousands of miles. These cases, too much to be worth quoting. An example, only one fact, described by Flammarion . Ms. Suzanne Kubler , a teacher at Heidelberg, had a fiance who was on the Franco-Prussian War. She has long had no information about him, but on the night of August 23, 1870 saw the following dream: in the hospital on the table was her fiance. His right arm was bare shoulder and had a large wound. Next were two doctors and a nurse. Soon, Ms. Kubler received the news that her fiance was wounded at Gravelotom August 18 and died on August 23.
However , in other cases the phenomenon of telepathy can be explained not only by the vision of translyusidu
When clairvoyance and somnambulism person is able to read the letter through the impenetrable to light or tire see events for a thousand miles. In this case, he sees through translyusidu astral imprint. Samnambuly and clairvoyance are also able to see the aura of a person, that is, the astroid around it, or print in the astral plane all his thoughts and desires. Animals in general are sensitive to the astral world, and, for example, dogs growl and hide when a man in astrosoma even before it materialized. Villagers who live more instinctive Speaking generally, psychometry, ie, the ability to see the astral world, is given a long and serious training. psychometrics can see the aura of a person, that is, his thoughts and desires in the astral plane , and often also the astral clichés of his past actions or even its future. It is often, depending on the personality of psychometrics , these visions have a symbolic character: Since the snake in the human aura will portray his cunning, his sword hanging over him - the danger threatening him and others when psychometrics picks up or puts to head an object (even if wrapped in a cloth and unknown to him), then he sees the astral cliche past actions related to the subject. If this thing belonged to some person, that psychometrics sees the face and born to them in the astral plane namagnetizovan this person; particularly useful photographic cards or items that are worn on the body for a long time. Sometimes astral vision (or clairvoyance) are accompanied by an inner voice that explains the meaning of passing patterns, as can be very interesting personal experiences of psychometrics, of which we take a few examples. 1. Picking up his data items and focusing, Faneg saw a huge circus, filled with people. In the arena of wild animals walking around and lay mutilated people. In the middle was still a young man in a white tunic, but the lion attacks him and tortured apart. Then it disappears. This vision was caused by the teeth of a lion and the bone of the human spine, found during the excavation of the Coliseum. 2. Faneg first saw the Palace of Versailles in all its splendor. Down the hall, where a sentry passes lady with black hair, red lips and an aquiline nose. Then the scene changes: the night in a narrow street people in red caps, armed with pikes, pursue the same woman. scene changes again: the square rises Guillotine, stand around the soldiers, the same lady comes to the platform, gives one person precious jewelry, including a gold watch, and her decapitated. This vision was caused by just a gold watch, which, after said Fanegu their ruler, belonged to his great-grandmother , the former at the court of Louis XVI and died under the guillotine. 3. First Faneg sees modern rural landscape. Mountains, trails, village, villagers, a chapel by the lake. He is told that this landscape of Lower Austria. Then the scene changed several times, presenting the same place, but a more distant era, and finally Faneg feels he has moved in a very distant past. The climate changed, as if the glaciers were everywhere. People do not belong to the white and the black race. They are tall, smart and noble features. At this place stands still unfinished grand temple, reflected in the surprisingly clear sky. Around the enormous stone are twelve black men, forming a chain. In the middle of the thirteenth, with a tiara on her head, one hand on the stone, and the other on the shoulder of one of the members of the chain. Here he makes a gesture with his hand, and his heart to stone up into the air and is installed on a pillar of the temple under construction. then comes the darkness, and the scene is changing. Faneg see inside the colossal temple. The silent crowd, divided into three parts, fills it, and each person holding a bowl. At one end is a round altar, made ​​of a material with a greenish-golden sheen. On the altar is a large bowl. Around the altar are twelve people, girded by snakes made ​​of gold, and make strange gestures with your fingers. Suddenly a blinding light flashes, so Faneg for a moment even closes his eyes, and in a large bowl on the altar and in the bowls everyone present there serpentine flame. These visions were caused by the huge scroll of resources, ie, having tens of centuries, found in the mountains Lower Austria. Here is one of the emblematic paintings, seen Fanegom about unfamiliar persons with whom he established a connection through touch, sight or object belonging to them. On a stormy sea swims narrow boat, and the waves are strongly shake it. The tips of swords come out of the walls of the boat, in the middle is a young woman, apparently not being able to get up, with a resigned expression. When the boat is moving from pitching swords pierce her body and cause severe injuries, including bleeding profusely. Next to the boat without apparent effort floats another woman, his eyes and his unhappy friend. Finally, the boat was at the island with the column that says 25. Women come ashore and go to the other side of the island, and the wound has healed first seem. The excitement in the sea calmed down. Vision is concerned two twin sisters, one of whom is constantly sick, and the other had never left her. The number in the column 25 made ​​Fanega suggest that the disease is going to end this girl when she is 25 years old, and the future of this assumption is justified. Under the concept of psychometrics can draw some methods of divination, such as guesses on egg protein, water, etc . These items have the ability to absorb and condense the astral , and staring at them, a person hypnotizes himself, is a relationship with the astral world and sees these things astral images. Here it is necessary to carry on the magic and divination mirror, gazing at which a person can see the different images. Magic Mirrors come in various kinds: for example, you can take an oval flat piece of tin 12 inches long, and from the front cover of his dark woolen cloth. Baron du Potet just did soot circle on the floor and get excellent results. Cagliostro tried this crystal bowl with water and forced her to look at his somnambulist, or, as he says, his "doves." With tarot cards, change, or a combination of figures and gadalschitsy excite the imagination, and if it has inspired, such as Mlle Lenormand , in front of her suddenly torn the veil of the astral world. Notice here that when dealing with the astral world has always given us has been in the spiritual law of likes and dislikes, such as: "good attracts and repels evil good and evil attracts evil and good repellent. " So the experience and vision to the astral plane to a large extent depend on the nature and mood of psychometrics . Thus, a person with good and elevation of mind will attract egregores good, and the characters of his visions will wear a more spiritual nature, then as a man animated baser desires and evil, can easily be influenced by egregores and larvae of evil. Therefore, all occultists . put one of the conditions of communication with the astral world - a prayer, purification of the heart and soul uplifting thoughts.
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