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24.07.2013, 14:35
In the Middle Ages there was everywhere a belief in werewolves, that is thought witches, leaving his body, as if in a dream, yourself wandering on the roads in the form of some beast of an ordinary wolf, and, attacking people, mostly on children, killing them. This phenomenon is called likant-ropiey .
Occult explains his withdrawal rights in astrosoma and subsequent materialization in the form of a wolf.
To prove this we note that all the stories about a lycanthrope agree on the following points:
1. People are attacked by werewolves, died from suffocation only, without injury and without the shedding of blood, that is, in fact, from the extraction of their nervous energy werewolf (it belongs to the category of vampirism , as will be discussed below).
2. Although werewolves applied and gunshot wounds and cutting, but they never were killed on the spot.
3. When applied to the wound werewolf, a man who was in the form of a wolf, always well turned out to be injured.
should say that astrosoma other people generally take the form of animal instincts which best suits the character of these people. Therefore clairvoyant Swedenborg saw many of his friends in the form of animals. lycanthropes by bloodlust, obviously, like a wolf.
But at first in astrosoma danger threatens not only last, but also the physical body of man.
At the astral there are lots of larvae , as well as elementerov (spirits deceased) who wish to extend their existence and to materialize, and they can take advantage of removing the host, ie, the human soul in astrosoma to get his inert body.
then presented three possible outcomes:
a Life in astrosoma , feeling taking your body, usually comes into the fight because of its possession.
If she could kick larvae , the person returns to normal.
Otherwise, fire and soul astrosoma enter the body and remain there with the larvae , forming a kind of condominium - then it's crazy, interrupted by flashes of understanding , or does the soul leaves the body and the larva is left in the sovereign lord: then it is complete idiocy and madness. Character Larvae are explained and a variety of mania: for example, if a person's body stuck lyarva ambition and vanity, he will have delusions of grandeur.
As we know, madness and stupidity are sometimes the result of concussion or brain or extreme emotional distress. This is because at such moments is easy access to the astrosoma , and the spirit of man, being greatly astonished, unable to prevent the larvae possess a physical body. Therefore, the loss of human consciousness should not leave him alone, but must love and care to give effect to the spirit and the Astros .
add that conscious access to astrosoma requires long and special training. Particularly adept at this Indian yogis and fakirs.
ancient sorcerers, for example, the priests of Egypt and Assyria, were familiar with access to astrosoma , but externalization has taken various precautions. The body of the adept is wrapped in a woolen blanket, and several priests were up over it, forming a magical chain as to reflect the larvae , as well as to maintain its nervous force and will go exterior adept.

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