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Exteriorization or access to the astral body (astrosoma)
A person can go out in the astral body from the physical body. Then the last resting as if in a dream, but the spirit and soul of man, being clothed in astrosoma are included in the astral world.
however astrosoma , although it can be removed from the physical body, but between them is always the thin fluidic communication through which astrosoma supports vitality and the functioning of the organs of the body. If you break this connection is death.
Exit human astrosoma may be unconscious during the usual sleep and during lethargy. In this case, when waking man does not remember anything of his communication with the astral world, and retains only a vague impression in the form of dreams.
When ordinary dream astrosoma barely removed from his body, so that people are not exposed to hazards that may be encountered at first in astrosoma and which will be discussed below. When the conscious exit in astrosoma human spirit comes out of the physical body at will, and is aware of all that he sees in the astral world.
Being somnambulism, the man on the influence of suggestion, can also exit the body in astrosoma : this output can be both conscious and unconscious.
When the conscious exit in astrosoma person controls astrosoma and can be carried away in a moment wherever you go, because in the astral world, our concept of time and space do not matter, the proof of which can serve as a speed of electricity and light.
When the in astrosoma person can manifest itself in the physical world, eg., appearing to others (telepathy), producing a knock, carrying objects, and so forth, but that he needed at least a partial materialization.
However , output in astrosoma presents many dangers to humans.
a sample of a condensed astral matter, astrosoma sensitive to shock metal sharp points , kotopye have the ability to evacuate the astral . This blow to the Astros rights, in view of the sympathetic connection astrosoma with (the physical body, and reflected on the latter. confirmation of this law, we have already seen in the experiments Roche over exteriorising wound inflicted in the life of the astrosoma , causes a person's death, but if the blows fall only on the aura (astral circle surrounding astrosoma ), and even then on . t can hardly remain a sign, and it feels the blow. As an example of this can be lead-known story of Austrian officer Boyano . which is in many works of occultists . Boyano spent the night in a deserted hall, and at night he woke up scratching at the door. Standing, he found no one at the door, but when repeated scratching, he jumped up and struck the door saber blow. Sabre went through the door and around the crumbled like electric sparks. Again, not finding anyone outside the door, Boyano Going into the woman's house B., Boyano found her in bed with a dissected the forehead and at the last gasp. police were at a loss about the perpetrators her wounds, as it was found that she sang that night at home, and to her no one came . Presumably, the woman worried B. Boyano during the exit in the astral body, and that the blow received her astrosoma , was reflected in her physical body pa lying peacefully in bed. Stanislav Gvayta leads another case of visiting astrosoma , drawn from the archives of the judges of Iervil (decision of 4 February 1851). shepherd Thorel , having a grudge against the town priest Sidevil , began to pursue his pupil, a boy of 12 years. latter, which has never been seen Torelli , begins to complain that it pursues a shadow. When the boy, strange things happen: knock, moving objects, lifting them into the air, which was witnessed by many residents Sidevilya . Once the boy exclaims, that black hand slapped him, and on his cheek appears imprint five fingers. According to one of the priests, he sees the boy even foggy column. Present strike blows with swords in the air, and one shot fired from a revolver. Finally, there is a spark, and diverges in the air like steam. Next day Thorel Toreli notice signs like smallpox. However, myopia Gvayta , strokes and shot had come only for larvae , which Thorel gave his astral fluid, and if touched astrosoma of the Torelli , the only laid low

sensitivity. quietly slept rest of the night. morning, however, he was informed that in the next village, a woman dies B., reputed to be a witch, and to treat it with some strange hostility. comes to the priest and the boy immediately exclaims that it is the man chasing him. When This on the face
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