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24.07.2013, 14:33
As we said in the department of astroideyah , every man's desire to live in the astral plane . Astral beings that are generated by our passions and bad feelings are called larvae . When once brought to life, larva larva hate somebody tries and of itself to cause him great harm. This explains why people feel nervous even physical discomfort if a hostile attitude toward them interlocutor.
The stronger and longer desire gave birth to larvae , so it is vitally, because life Larvae supported nervous strength of a man, then it sticks to the person who created it. Larvae , in view Plasticity Astral take various forms and may be compressed, expand and change its general appearance. Usually Larvae are in the aura of a person, that is, in the astral circle around his head, but the more powerful of them penetrate even into the astral body of man and greatly modify it, and through it the line of the physical body, especially the facial features. Thus, a person is usually on the face of the imprint of his passions and habits. Larvae included in astrosoma man called in occultism "crusts." If the desire, which gave birth to larvae , was extinguished, the larva and soon dies, but she clings to life and is trying hard to extend their purely ephemeral existence. To do this, it tries to maintain or kindle in man the desire that it has generated, and thus promotes the formation of human habits. So alcoholic or morphine is dominated disgusting Larvae that does not give him a moment's peace. The man, who gave hatred, also fell into the hands larvae , and it is hard to feed this hatred, and she fed it. especially dangerous Larvae sensuality. By sexual desire of man, they are constantly excite his lust, causing them to images of naked women. Note here that the sperm as well as the blood contains the life force that promotes coagulation of the astral plane and the emergence of larvae . therefore masturbation is far more dangerous than even in excess of normal relations with a woman. Indeed, during copulation male desire is extinguished, and larva dies as a result of this, while the seed is lost during masturbation, generates new larvae, and after that drain the man eating his nervous force. Due to the mentioned properties of semen and blood, Moses tells the Jews washing after every the outpouring of semen, and women cleansing after menstruation. One of the main breeding grounds larvae sensibility has always been the monasteries and nunneries, where suppression of nature is all the more from her reaction. During the Middle Ages in Western Europe, where religious fanaticism mixed with extreme promiscuity, sometimes as would be swept by a wave of sensuality monasteries, causing a scene of so-called ghost when the devil possessed nuns forgot all shame and vied with each other in obscene gestures and speeches. It's safe to say that no one reveler unable to call in his mind images of sensuality, contemplation of which are given to other monks and nuns. To see this, it is worth reading, for example, confession and testimony Magdalene nuns Bhavan in the Ursulines in Luvie . many nuns also claimed that they had had sexual intercourse with the devil. In general, throughout the Middle Ages there was a belief in the possibility for male and female to mate with the devil, and many women were burned on charges in connection with the unclean spirits. The devil, who took the form of man to master the woman called the incubus and the devil, which took the form of a woman to seduce men was called a succubus, from the Latin verb " incubo "and« succubo ».

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